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Our screened in porches, gazebos, sheds and other custom structures will help turn your normal backyard into a comfortable place to entertain friends and family year after year! The land was incorporated in 1645 as the town of Farmington by an act of the Connecticut General Assembly. The settlers formed a church congregation in 1652, and the first services were held in townspeople’s homes.
In 1673, a gristmill was constructed by the Farmington River, and then a fulling mill for processing homespun wool. We call it “Memento Mori,” that tree-shaded hill of grave markers visible behind a dark picket fence and Egyptian Revival gate with its papyrus columns. The first school in Farmington was most likely established about the same time as the church. Ancient Highways Town of Farmington Map showing location of ancient highways and land divisions. In 1704, news of the French and Indian massacre of English colonists in Deerfield, Mass., led Farmington townspeople to fortify seven houses.
The first homes of the settlers in Farmington were rough-hewn log huts, but as the town became more established the huts gave way to wooden frame houses. In 1774, Farmington’s population was the tenth largest in the colonies, after Boston, Newport, New York, Philadelphia, Charlestown, Salem, Baltimore, New Haven and Norwich. The town was one of the first in the Colonies to respond to the British blockade of Boston harbor in 1774.
Slavery was legal in the thirteen colonies before the Revolution, but antislavery sentiment grew after the war. Some of the African American soldiers from Farmington were free men, but others were slaves. After the British evacuated Boston in March 1776, the main route from Newport and Hartford to the highlands above New York City was through Farmington. Northeastern states gradually adopted laws abolishing slavery or leading toward emancipation. After the Revolutionary War, the town became a trading center, selling Yankee wares in the South and importing goods from as far away as China. The Old Stone Schoolhouse, at Red Oak Hill and Coppermine roads, was a schoolhouse  from 1790 to 1872.
As the number of industries grew in Farmington in the late 1700s, the town became increasingly prosperous.
Hidden deep in the second-growth hardwood forest of Rattlesnake Mountain is an inconspicuous flat ledge of traprock. Two early Farmington artists were actually engravers: Joel Allen (1755–1825) and Martin Bull (1744–1825). Here we must acknowledge a person who profoundly influenced the cultural life of Farmington, and helped develop a small-town intelligentsia.
Hartford Atheneum founder Daniel Wadsworth was the patron of the renowned Thomas Cole (1801–1848), founder of the Hudson River School of landscape painting.
Photo by Brooke Martin Farmington’s Riverside Cemetery lies above and beside the banks of the Farmington River, a tranquil oasis from the traffic on nearby streets.
From March through November 1841, Farmington was home to the African Mendi captives who had rebelled and overtaken the slave-ship, La Amistad. Photo by Brooke Martin A brown sandstone monument, erected in 1840 at Riverside Cemetery, honors the Tunxis tribe.
Eight years before the Town Hall was built, Julia Brandegee, the younger sister of Sarah Brandegee Barney (a Miss Porter’s School graduate) took a precedent-breaking step. When the new Town Hall was built in 1890 on Main Street (where the fire station is now), Julia Brandegee’s Tunxis Free Library merged with the Farmington Library Co. In August 1955, two separate hurricanes, Connie and Diane, inundated Connecticut with heavy rainfall and unleashed a devastating flood, the worst natural disaster in the state’s recorded history. The creation of the Farmington Quilt was an extraordinary community project involving 120 volunteers who donated their time and talent over a two-year period.
The Farmington Bicentennial Quilt, 1976   The creation of the Farmington Quilt was an extraordinary community project involving 120 volunteers who donated their time and talent over a two-year period.
The Connecticut Freedom Trail was authorized in 1995 by an act of the Connecticut General Assembly.
For more than 30 years, The Murray family has continued to expand on ABC Concrete's core product offerings. We make it easier for you to pour your own concrete with our computerized volumetric mixers. Having our own trucks allows us to save critical shipping dollars -- a savings we pass on to our customers.
Premium WordPress Themes with Single Click Installation, Just a Click and your website is ready for use. The Daily Journal newspaper in Park Hills, Missouri reports that 37-year-old Michael Gray of Farmington is charged with first-degree tampering with a vehicle. If I looked at my life from an objective point of view, I’d notice how I bring her to dance class every week and watch her dance from the waiting room with a proud, goofy smile on my face.
Add to that the extra layer of guilt that comes from running a business with kids underfoot. Let go of the worry that you are hurting your child somehow by spending time on your business. Like most people do at the start of a new year, I’ve been spending a lot of time reviewing my wins and losses of the past year.

It’s only by looking at the reality of things that we can learn the lessons we need to learn. Isolating yourself will make you feel like MORE of a failure.Over the summer, I landed and lost my biggest client to date.
Granted, I don’t regret that time at the beach with my baby girl but the rest of the time could have been much more productive. It’s funny how we can find examples from our lives to prove whatever we believe about ourselves.
Business owners need to be constantly learning how to improve their craft and their business. Last week, I took that time and attended (virtually) a 3-day workshop on how to Monetize Your Message hosted by Fabienne Fredrickson of Client Attraction. Not only will those items not make you money but they will likely LOSE you money by wasting your time and your energy. For example, let’s say you have determined that your #1 priority is spending time with and being present for your family.
You know the feeling when you make a decision and you can feel in your gut that it wasn’t the right one. I’m going to get personal and share a portion of my Priority Statement with you for an example. Please share in the comments below what your top priority is and how you plan to honor that priority in your life and in your business. It can be a challenge in a business-related blog to walk that line between being a real person and portraying too much. By being yourself, sharing your opinion and getting personal at times, you give people a PERSON to connect with. Tonight is the opening ceremonies and my “once every 2 years” sports obsession begins! Is the only difference between a world-class Olympic athlete and the average person just one decision? Olympic-level athletes decide that they are going to be the best at something and they focus and work until they get it. Another thing I’ve noticed with some of these athletes is that they are so good at their craft, that they can be injured and be dealing with poor conditions and they are experienced enough to adjust their course and still kick butt! In the 2010 Olympics, I watched an injured Lindsey Vonn successfully tackle the extremely rough and icy terrain to win her first Olympic Gold medal for Women’s Downhill Skiing. I’m adding an extra post this week on something that has been on my mind as this new year progresses. The 18 months between making this decision and getting my first client were a huge lesson in patience. The lesson I learned from these baby steps is that it’s more about the consistency of the action than the size of the action. I made a decision that I was working towards the long-term good of my family and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice the short term. It may take me longer than I’d like to get to where I want to go with my business, as it does for many mompreneurs.
Once you’ve set your goal, take time to list all of the things you can do to move closer to achieving it.  Once you have your list, TAKE ACTION! Don’t let this year be another one that will pass and leave you with a pile of unachieved goals and a heap of regret.  This year, take action and make your goals a reality! Learn 3 simple steps that will KICKOFF your content creation and establish YOU as an expert in your field! We welcome you to contact us to find out more about our custom construction services today! Allen engraved the first American book on musical harmony, and Bull did the Farmington Library’s bookplate. Farmington sites on the trail include Amistad sites and Underground Railroad safe houses where fugitive slaves were hidden by abolitionists. Government and private industries have come to us for special products and building requests.
He is suspected of stealing a 1990 Humvee that had been acquired through a Defense Department program.
Yes, I can’t believe that 3 years have passed since my little girl changed my life forever. Every minute you spend on your business, you wonder if you should be spending more time with your kids…and vice versa.
The extreme high of getting the gig followed by (3 months later) the kick in the stomach of being told that things aren’t working out, was more than I could handle. It does no good to listen to training on things that you can’t do for a year or more.
I’m shifting my business to reflect who I really am so I can help other people like me.
How much time and energy do you spend just thinking about having to do them or procrastinate about doing them? Now, let’s say you are presented with a business opportunity that is potentially very lucrative but will take you away from them an extra 15 hours a week.
There’s a good chance that you have that feeling because you are conflicting with one of your top priorities. You can minimize that nagging feeling that you’re neglecting something that is a part of your very being.

No other human on the planet possesses the same combination of personality, experience and knowledge that you possess.
I mistakingly thought that once I was only working in my business, I’d finally have the time to set things up the way I wanted right away and move more quickly towards my goals. Michigan Custom Deck Builders, Decks Michigan, MI Decks, Decks in Michigan, Deck Builders, Custom Decks, New Decks, Refurbished Decks, Rebuilt Decks, Custom Pergolas, Timber Structures, Outdoor Fireplaces, Gazebos, RainEscape, DekDrain, Unique Outdoor Spaces, Landscaping, Screened Porches, Southeastern Michigan, Oakland, Livingston, Ingham, Washtenaw, Macomb, Ann Arbor, Brighton, Lansing, Northville, Novi, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Royal Oak, Rochester.
Race day is the chance for runners to get together and celebrate this sport that they love.
The whole VA industry is built on people asking for help with things that they don’t know how to do or want to do. It’s important to take time out to learn new techniques and new ideas and gain a better clarity on how to move forward.
The goal, however, should not be to try to strengthen your weaknesses but rather strengthen your strengths and delegate the rest. Hiring help may not cost you as much as you think and will free your time and energy to spend on money-GENERATING activities THAT YOU LOVE! The test will generate the 5 areas of strength for you and provide you with a detailed report on what they mean and how you can use them.
You may decide that the money isn’t worth the sacrifice since it conflicts with your top priority. Getting very clear on what your priorities are is a great way to avoid making choices that you will live to regret. Include the reason why you place the greatest importance on that area of your life, how you will honor your priority, what changes you need to make, what actions are inconsistent with your priority. I’m not saying that I would ever want to strap on a couple of skis and fly down a mountain at 70+ miles an hour. Imagine what you could accomplish if you didn’t allow the next best thing to distract you.
She didn’t use her injury to psyche herself out or question her ability, like a lot of us do. Why try starting a business during the 15 years you were without kids when you can do it while working full time with a newborn? Doing 1 or 2 small things every day to move closer to my goal when I wanted to just quit and go for it, was incredibly frustrating.
A business coach I follow is always talking about taking massive action and playing a bigger game. Not to mention my husband, who has been amazingly supportive and patient himself, needed some attention too. People always asked her that and she felt like passed at just the right pace because she was there with her everyday. That guilt that comes from feeling like every decision you make has the potential to do irreparable damage to your children. It didn’t matter that I saw red flags all over the place from day one and that I was NOT happy working for them.
I felt torn between the business that I worked so hard to start and one that was swirling in my head just needing to get out. I highly recommend this if you are so involved with the minutia of your business that you have forgotten what you love about it. I’m talking about the setting the foundation so that you know which goals you should even be pursuing. I have felt like I have to appear a certain way in order to be taken seriously, especially since this is a new business venture. The thing to remember, though, is that they don’t want to be reading a textbook with no personality.
For me, that wasn’t always feasible, not without sacrificing what was important to me. The worry that you’re going to pass on all of the issues that you have from your childhood and they will be unable to function as adults because of it. I’m carving out my place in this Mompreneur world, and dealing with my own issues as I go (and boy does running a business AND being a mom bring the issues to the surface).
Things that will have the biggest impact on your life in this moment, and devote a period of time to learning about that and only that. I followed the advice in Lesson #3 and asked for help from people who are killing it in businesses where they are truly THEM! Not to mention, you will feel a huge weight lifted and you may even begin to LOVE your business again.
This is what will turn me into a delegating master and will make me more efficient with my time than I ever was in my childless years. I stopped going to networking meetings, avoided calls from other professional friends who would have totally called me out on my actions.
They have real businesses – not hobbies that take up way too much of their time and that they have begun to dread. Do you think it’s possible that a few hundred, maybe even thousand, could find you and be interested in your perspective?

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