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Don't see the shed you want?Email us a description or a picture of the shed you are looking for and we will custom design it for you.
Produced from the Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve’s sustainably harvested softwoods and milled here in our own sawmill, these exciting new products offer economical and durable structures to add more living or storage space to your property. Similar in size, but a very different style, the Glamping cabin is also available as a complete do-it-yourself building kit. Similar in design to The Micro House, these buildings are simpler structures yet as always offer the practicality and durability that EcoLog Concepts is known for.
Picture Of Luxurious Two Story Garden Shed Studio Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. As a teenager, I remember the growing pains as I tried to share our compact home with my two older sisters. No matter what your skill level is as an artist, being a creative artist or musician can be quite messy and noisy respectively. Many professional seamstresses and scrap-booking enthusiasts use sheds to complete their work. While the majority of people will simply use a shed for an additional means of storage, I wanted to help people avoid the pitfalls of my teenage years.

Natural Wood BuildingsYou can get any of Cumberland Buildings’ portable storage buildings with fir wood siding. We love new ideas and will strive to meet your needs for the custom shed or building you desire.Pictured here is the Pagoda Villa - a modified "Villa" shed we created to meet a customer's request. It seems more and more people are using Facebook and text messaging to communicate with others, instead of calling them. When they need more livable space at home, instead of spending close to $20-$30,000 to add on to their house, they are buying sheds for more usable space.
Finally, there is a solution for people to perform their artistic talents freely without the concern of harming something or someone. If you feel emotionally and physically cramped in your home and need more space to entertain your creative or business skills, there is help. LP® SmartSide® painted panels allows you to closely coordinate their color to your home or business. For those that do not have the space in their homes for a workshop or office, a shed can be the economical solution for you. Also, it can be quite annoying to be forced to listen to someone practice guitar in your house. Also, fir siding blends in well with wooded lots or rural areas so as not to have it stand out.

These engineered wood panels give you the beautiful look of cedar wood along with the incredible durability of engineered wood. Then, when I tried to relax and play my guitar in our basement, I would be kicked out because my sister had her friends over. We have heard of photographers that use their shed to process client photos, professional woodworkers who carve wooden masterpieces and even tax accountants that work right out of their building.
You will have your very own place to practice your craft without bothering anyone that you love. If your dreams are to have your own workshop or art studio in your backyard, we can help make them a reality. My parents were hard workers, but we didn’t exactly have the finances to move or add on to our home. To top it off, the manufacturer provides a 5-year 100% labor and replacement warranty and a 50-year prorated limited material warranty.
They can be used for other things such as workshop sheds, art studio sheds, greenhouses, home office sheds and play house sheds.

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