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Just got back from Maine and taking a ride on the Eastern Maine train from Brunswick to Rockland, a nice trip by the way, when after picking up some brochures we found some local train spots to visit on the way home and guess what I found in BoothBay?? But they did have a meter gauge engine on the property that does have some resemblance to the Boothbay engine. The train that used to be as a historical display at LGB (Saganer Strasse) came from the "Franzburger Kreiskleinbahnen" and yes, that was Meter Gauge..
Check them out and then browse through the POLA and PIKO line-up looking for the similarities.
No2 was christened " Stainz", there was a second engine on the Salzkammergut-Lokalbahn called "Meran"(No1) of the same type.
You can see the shed in the background here, we usually worked on the paving with one or the other sliding door wide open for access. Yeah, it is kind of two structures at the moment, the old shed up the back, and the new at the front. During high school I got into various forms of metalwork, mainly around building pedal powered recumbents that we race down here (24hr endurance), and fuel miser cars (around 2000mpg - in the 90s!). Once I moved out I went without my own shed for a while, but eventually had a place with a back yard, so built another little shed ? 24.6sqm (260sqft). My dad has since downsized, so for a while he was using my grandfather?s shed, where I have probably spent more shed time than anywhere else. My school entered both the commuter category (driver plus passenger, keep the engine running the whole time), and the single seater category (cut the engine and coast for as much as you can). Our commuter used a 50cc engine from a Honda (Cub???) and the single seater used a 12cc engine from a model aeroplane (with our own fuel injection!!!), direct drive through a belt reduction, sprag clutch, electric start etc. My sister recently bought a house 5 minutes away from me that had a dilapidated shed in the back yard. Next we need to move all of the contents of the old shed, into the new shed, demolish the last of the old shed, then erect the rest of the new(ish) shed ? sounds easy!
Only a small update, my Dad has been beavering away, and moved all of the contents across to the new half of the shed, removed the old half, and rebuilt the new half. When I was around yesterday, he's finished the right side sheeting, and was almost finished the left. And here is a quick mock-up of where we'll be putting some bits and pieces once we're done.
Probably won't be exactly to scale, but it is amazing what one can conjure up with a bit of kitbashing. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features.
A Sitting for me was pretty much out of the question as daytime temps werena€™t even reaching 0.
Is "Stainz" the name of #2 up a few posts there or is that the name of that particular class of engine or company? By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features.
A I spent the first weekend hunting my usual spots on the family hunting grounds and come Monday it was time to switch up my strategy a bit. At that time the DIF&W stood strong and refused to make any changes, being obstinate, not wanting to allow any deer into Maine that was not processed, a 100% nothing crosses into Maine whole law. A I opted to hunt with my neighbor in a spot he had been hunting in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. A Monday morning I was up and ready to go well before daylight, but the weather sure was not cooperating. But low and behold the law was changed in 2008, to allow NH deer and Canadian deer into Maine whole.
A It was 15 below with Gail force winds and as we split up to hunt I decided I was going to walk all day and try to find out where the deer were hanging out.A  A  A  The first half of the day I scoured the north side of the road as my neighbor Bill and his friend Glenn took a stand on the south side. A There was minimal deer sign, about the most noteworthy thing that happened was I found a fresh bobcat track in the snow and followed that for a couple of hours.
New England Hunters, what we call North Eastern Hunters (Some areas of Canada are included in our hunting range, simply because of it's likeness to USA New England hunting.) our footage and shows will always be everything from rough tracking video to great tripod mounted stand hunting footage! It allows animals from Canada that do not border Maine (IE: Newfoundland, Labrador) , but not States that border NH?? We headed back to Bills around midday to warm up a bit and have some venison burgers for lunch. A Maine's DIF&W has operated for many years as if Maine hunters are a million miles away from VT, or Mass..
A Ita€™s funny how a little break in the middle of the day can pump you back up for the afternoon hunt. Most States in the US require that NO deer can be transported into their State from any state that has documented cases of Chronic Wasting Disease. A The rest of the day Bill and Glenn took their same stands and I switched to the south side of the road and worked above where they were standing. There are very few "pre-photos" or sightings of this class of deer in New England, our deer do not funnel out into standing crops on a daily patterned basis as a rule! A Each step was like glass shattering on the hard crust so seeing a deer walking was doubtful.

A The closest state to Maine is New York and the last case in NY was 2005, which was domesticated cervids that caused their problem initially, then 2 wild deer in that same county were found to have CWD. A Around dark I made my way on to a nice hardwood knob that was covered in whips and deer tracks. A It had old and new tracks in it and it looked like a place where the deer had been spending a lot of time recently feeding on the whips and young growth. A New England hunting is starting to get the recognition it has long deserved by the rest of the USA! A I made up my mind that the following morning I was going to get up there before light and sit as long as I possibly could.The next morning I was on the hardwood knob right around daybreak. The difficulty level of harvesting an animal in New England is the challenge that many hunters have never seen!
A I lost my hot seat coming in so I had to use my facemask as a seat and I knew it was only a matter of time before the snow soaked through the mask and pants and got me wet. Maine needs to respect New England Hunters and at allow these states deer and moose to cross it's borders and be processed here in Maine on a return hunting trip!A Hunting trips to areas that can be hunted with a one day round trip from Maine, should be allowed to return home with the entire deer. A It was a bitter cold morning again and sitting for over 2 hours was going to about the max for me and my wool clothes.
I doubt if anyone that sits in the position of creating such laws as this one for the Maine hunter has ever traveled from their home in the morning and hunted in VT, or Mass., hunted all day and shot a deer at sunset, then had to spend the remainder of the evening getting the deer out, to a tagging station, stop off in New Hampshire to get the deer processed and then wake the butcher up at 9-10 PM, all to abide by Maine's absurd transportation of cervid law into Maine! A Hunters from the western and southern States are now starting to understand what it's like to hunt in New England!
A About a half hour went by and I was already frozen to the core when I heard footsteps coming up behind me. Most of these law makers live in Central Maine or north and hunting in NH is a far stretch for a days hunt even from Central Maine.
We have big bucks, big bear, big coyotes, and plenty of turkeys, but there is is aA definiteA twist to all of these game animals in New England, our animals live in terrain and habitat that requires a unique and often times difficult skill level to harvest successfully!
A It sounded just like a person, so I figured it was another hunter making their way through but I was on full alert just in case it was a deer. A The crunching gradually got louder and louder, and before I knew it the shape of a deer through the tangle of whips caught my eye. A I flipped myself around on the log I was sitting on and instantly the MDM smoke pole was up, cocked and pointed at the critter. A Buck or doe down this one would go as I had drew a doe tag that year, but as my scope zeroed in on the deer a set of antlers above the whips caught my eye.
But because of this inconsiderate law put on Maine hunters by those in control of writing the wording of this law, I am greatly inconvenienced when I harvest a deer. A The buck was a mere 45 yards from me when I picked an open spot in the tangle and sent the Hornady 50 caliber sabot towards my target. Two examples are, A One in 2007 when the State would not allow even NH deer into Maine whole, I shot a deer in Portsmouth, NH just at dark, I spent that entire evening finding a butcher.
A Smoke filled the scope, and as is the case most times with a muzzleloader confusion sets in on how good the hit was. A When the smoke cleared I saw the deer running full speed diagonally working its way towards my position. A I began to reload as quickly as I could throwing the 2 Triple 7 pellets followed by a jacketed Hornady.
A All at once the deer stopped and stared in the direction away from me about 40 yards away and I thought I had missed.
A I slowly worked the bullet down the barrel with the ram rod as quietly as I could, but as the bullet was seated and the rod came out it made a small metal on metal grinding sound to which the deer heard and jerked his head in my direction.
A I still had to put the primer in and I was moving as slow and quietly as I could all the while the deer was staring right at me.
A I finally got the primer in and was closing the gun when I noticed the buck was beginning to wobble. A It was then that I knew I hit the buck but figured I was going to give him one more if he was standing there looking at me. A Until any State has a known case of Chronic Wasting disease, no State's cervid animal should be treated like it has the plague. A I raised the gun, pulled back the hammer and lined up the crosshairs for the finishing shot.
A a€?Boom.a€? This time I saw the deer react and he took two bounds around a small hill and out of sight.
The list is easy to read, and very easy to see there is nothing wrong with a deer from VT or Mass, CT or R.I.? A  Alberta, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Saskatchewan, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, A and Wyoming. CWD has been detected in 19 states and two Canadian provinces.A My point here is that Maine could end up on this list, just as well as Mass, CT or VT. A He couldna€™t believe it as he said the shots were so close together that he thought two hunters must have fired them and it couldna€™t have been me.
In all actuality, I am a very rare case, I abide by the law as currently written and I am not implying that I am the only law abiding hunter, there are many more like me.
A The telltale red trail accompanied his track and three steps around the hill showed me the beautiful sight of him laying there. But I would dare to say, there are more not like me that simply do not and will not obey a€?thisa€? foolish Maine law!

A  I walked up to the buck and admired him; it felt really good getting this deer, especially with the conditions being the way they were. A Read this DIF&W Bulletin on the last page, it plainly states that hunters are not abiding by the law as written, they have confiscated deer this year (2011) from two States on the pre-mentioned CWD list! A It was 7:30 in the morning when I shot him and by 9 he was dressed, dragged and reported, and I had the rest of the day to celebrate. A So what does having a law preventing a€?ALLa€? deer from other states, except NH, from entering Maine accomplish? A I took the buck over to Topsham with my brother to show Grampa Williams as he always enjoyed when we would pull in during deer season with something to show off. A It was a memorable hunt because of the conditions, and because of the fact that I went into new woods and was able to get it right so quickly. When will the DIF&W learn that only law abiding hunters, follow the laws that are set before them!
A Often times the later the season gets the more a warm bed in the morning is harder to get out of, but if you stick with your hunting until the last day you will have no regrets heading into the long winter months. A Ita€™s always bittersweet when the end of deer season comes.A In some ways I am glad to see it because it saves me from myself, but in other ways I know I have to wait till next year to do it all again.
If they dona€™t tell you they see it, they are most likely covering it up because it will only hurt their business to do the correct a€?law abidinga€? thing, which is, to turn in the hunter to the game warden!
These businesses not only loose that particular business transaction, but the hunter looses his deer and probably is fined too. A Right or wrong this is another reason, the DIF&Wa€™s CWD law is not helping Mainea€™s deer herd as it proposes it does! A  A If Maine really wants to protect Mainea€™s deer herd, they would require all processors and taxidermists in Maine to dispose of any deer waste in a proper location. A I doubt they trucked them back to VA and NYa€™s border and put them back on the land they came from, now did they!?
A Seems simple enough for me, that if the DIF&W has a safe place to discard those such animals, then the remains of yours and my deer could safely be discarded there as well.
In the Statement below the DIF&W Saya€™s A a€? Deer with CWD that die will also infect the area where the carcass decays since the infected proteins (prions) that cause the disease may persist in the soil.a€? A May persist in the soil?
There is experimental evidence of environmental contamination of the soil through decomposition of infected deer carcasses as well as from feces or urine from infected deer. The transmission may be enhanced when deer and elk are congregated, such as around man-made feed and water stationsa€? A Giving the hunter proper direction to take care of the possible threat, is a better course of direction, then to make laws that are so easily broken and encourage improper handling and sneaking game in for back door processing! A Maine law as it is written for CWD is a law that will shoot the Maine deer herd in the foot!
If A CWD should ever arrive in Maine, hence putting Maine on the ill fated list, this will be because some person or persons were not properly educated in how to handle this situation, and I personally hold the DIF&W and lawmakers of this State accountable for their lack of proper guidance and direction to Mainea€™s hunters. Simply creating a law like they have is NOT the answer!On a side note: Since the discovery of CWD in two free-ranging deer in Oneida County, NY A in 2005, over 6,500 deer in the CWD containment area and almost 27,000 samples statewide have been tested. This goes to show the stigma that is placed on NY, and currently has no known cases in six (6) years of testing.
Only if NY starts bringing truck loads ofA manure,soilA and cervid carcasses to Maine, that might carry prions in it from CWD's past issue in NY back in 2005! The likelihood of this being done would have to be a terrorist attack by NY,on Maine's deer herd! A  It's ok to bring a deer in whole to Maine from Quebec, and parts of Quebec border NY, kind of a double standard in this law as written!! A It is not the problem it was in Colorado, Wyoming, and Wisconsin's CWD epidemics of years ago, here in New England ita€™s not that great of a threat to Mainea€™s deer herd. Prevention is the key to it arriving here, and prevention starts through proper education of those that are involved, taxidermists, game processors, hunters and captive cervid farmers,by A simply creating a law that everyone is goingA supposedlyA to abide by will not stop this disease from coming to Maine! That law does not stop the senseless shooting of another human being simply because ita€™s the Maine law to wear hunter orange! There is no difference in the law about cervids, it is a law in place to prevent an accident, we all know education and proper guidance is the key to becoming a safe, ethical sportsmen, not just making a bunch of laws and expect un-informed, un-trained, un-educated people to abide by them, because ita€™s a law! These deer were confiscated and destroyed.Since the fall of 2006, it has been illegal for hunters who harvest any cervid (members of the deer family) including deer, moose, caribou or elk, in any state, province or country to bring whole carcasses back into the state of Maine (except NH, QC, NL or NB).
This means hunters must have their animal processed outside of the state and can only bring back boned-out meat, hardened antlers, skull caps that have been cleaned free of brain and other tissues, capes and hides with no skull attached, and finished taxidermy mounts.Why has Maine enacted this law?The threat of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) being introduced into our deer and moose population is serious.
Chronic Wasting Disease is a lethal disease that affects the nervous system of cervids and always leads to the death of the animal.
Deer are most likely to contract the disease because they are social, group together, and travel widely to feed, to mate, or to wintering areas. Therefore the potential to transmit the disease over large areas is great.Deer with CWD that die will also infect the area where the carcass decays since the infected proteins (prions) that cause the disease may persist in the soil.
Maine and its neighboring states have been testing their free-ranging deer herds for CWD for many years, and have found no evidence of the disease to date.

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