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A collection of Adidas NBA Superstar shoes on display at the Adidas Store in Portland, Ore. Matt Halfhill in the kitchen of his office with some of his sneaker collection in Austin, Texas. It is an obsession that has been gaining traction in recent years, even as sneaker sales have grown only slowly.
Tips on buying running shoes If you're trying to trim down after all those holiday treats and toddies, you may want to hit the ground running. The question I would like to ask is "why don't we see a lot of granite or marble shelves in a home. Granite and marble shelves tend to be rather heavy when they span five to six feet in length. The problem with granite's heaviness was solved by incorporating a steel insert into the underside of the granite The insert has been skillfully inlaid into the bottom of the granite surface and camouflaged by colored epoxy. The biggest advantage to our mantel shelf collection is that we have done all the engineering to insure that the mantel shelf with marble or granite top can be fully supported by the clever wood cleat system.
These are truly self-supporting shelves and do not require the use of corbels to mount them.
There are Web sites, magazines, books, movies and radio shows dedicated to sneaker culture. To get the support you need for a high impact activity like jogging, you'll need the right pair of running shoes. Additionally when a granite slab is longer than three feet long the stresses from the weight put a large pressure on the unsupported span.
Both mantel shelves can be fabricated in selected hardwood such as hard maple, alder, white oak and cherry either finished or unfinished. Skilled craftsman hand-apply in multiple layers a secret blend of sealant and shellacs, and than finishes with a hand-rubbed natural waxes. The Absolute Black granite can come polished or honed with either a straight or chiseled edge.
The internal design of the shelf and rigid construction allows the mantel shelf to bear the full weight of the granite or marble top without separation from the wall. Many a modern kitchen features stainless steel countertops and appliances, and design enthusiasts are even turning to stainless steel paint and contact paper to get the silvery look.

There have even been television shows, like ESPN2's "It's About the Shoes" that included tours of collectors' enormous closets.
Fabrication of the granite shelf with a steel insert is an advanced process that requires the skill of expert stone fabricators and not everyone has the capabilities to get it done right. Your mantel shelf can be also made in Tiger Maple, mahogany, flame birch, walnut or any other exotic wood species of your choice. The skill of the finishers and natural products used gives your mantel shelf a furniture quality look typically found with period reproductions. Additionally, we offer many other granite and marble tops such as Galaxy Black, Volga Blue, Rain Forest Green marble or Carrara marble. He has charmed his wife with kicks, buying limited edition pink and red Nikes for her on Valentine's Day. Today we take a look at several different types of stainless steel shelving, and we explore where it can make a big impact in your kitchen, as well as how you can enhance its style by filling it with both functional and decorative items.
They work with artists to develop specialized pairs, such as Puma's electric blue and red trainers designed by Brazilian artist Frederico Uribe.
For traditional or contemporary decorative themes the most popular granite shelf is with a straight polished edge.
Ready for a little shine?!…Stainless Steel Shelving OptionsWhen it comes to stainless steel shelves, there are many options to choose from. This means you'll probably end up with running shoes that are a bit larger than your regular shoe size. In this section, we’ll highlight a variety of them, with a focus on wall-mounted shelving.
Collectors range from casual fans of sneaker fashion to those who buy and sell shoes like a cardboard-encased commodity. Shoe companies regularly rerelease old favorites and also market updated styles and limited edition shoes. Floating shelves are a popular choice, as they seem effortlessly suspended on the wall, making a modern statement. True fanatics will camp out overnight for the latest pair, buy multiple pairs (in case one gets scuffed) and sometimes even wear them.
In February the company will offer several player-specific shoes, like a Tim Duncan pair that incorporates his tattoos into the design and will only be available at the NBA All-Star weekend in Las Vegas.

You can purchase them in a variety of places, from Etsy and IKEA to online retailers that specialize in residential and commercial products. Nike celebrated the 25th anniversary of its Air Force 1 last month with a huge party in New York where there were 1,040 different versions of the shoe on display. One way to tell is to examine the bottom of an old shoe and see where the sole has worn away. Some sneaker designers have become celebrities themselves, such as Tinker Hatfield, Nike's legendary leader of the Innovation Kitchen, who is the star of sneakerhead events. Adidas has heard from university equipment managers who get calls from sneakerheads looking for shoes that are not available to the public. Even if it's the smallest niche, they'll buy all of them," said Terrell Clark, a spokesman for Adidas USA, based in Portland. This approach is unforgettable, much like the antique reels and cymbals on display in this contemporary Chicago kitchen. [from Buckingham Interiors + Design]Custom stainless steel open shelving in a contemporary kitchenWall-mounted slatted shelving gives the kitchen below an industrial feel. Not to mention, it’s well-used, holding a combination of decorative and functional items. Cutting edge "Nike gets really great fashion and trend ideas from these kids, who are really cutting-edge," said John Shanley, a clothing and accessories industry analyst for Susquehanna Financial Group.
They offer "quick hit" shoes, which might have a hundred or so pairs, and pop-up stores, which open for a day or week to sell a limited edition shoe and then disappear. If they're not comfortable, a reputable store that stands behind its products will let you exchange them for another model. Walking around barefoot is not going to come back into style." Shoe experts point to a mix of popular culture, nostalgia, technology and disposable income as drivers for the increased fascination with sneakers. Anything related to Air Jordan, which revolutionized the industry with its mix of style, technology and an iconic player, remains hot more than 20 years after its debut.
They say they could make a down payment on a house or pay off a car loan if they sold their collection — not that they would. Collecting sneakers is no different from collecting baseball cards or Barbie dolls, said Wang, who grew up watching basketball and worshipping Michael Jordan.

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