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You’re in luck!  These are my simple and straight forward instructions to add basic storage to any builder-grade closet- no demo required! So, that’s it!  It’s really that simple and now that you know how to do it, my guess is that you’ll get addicted like me… I’m in the midst of planning several more closet makeovers… whether Eric likes it or not! You are so right- closets are not very useful the way they are built, and shelves in those side areas would be great! Whether you are running out of room for winter clothes, or your kids don’t have a dry place to keep their winter gear, it’s time to get organized before the spring!
Spring is the time to gather and pile all the heavy winter clothes and other accessories and then placing them into closets.

In order to make impactful changes within a short time, you have to know which item to place at which part of the closet. Put your favorite items in front of the closet and push the less-frequently worn clothes toward the back. Taking the weathered short apple-picking ladder and leaning it against the wall, you can hang your proud catches of the sea by their heels. This makes for an easily accessible organizing unit that allows you to visualize all the shoes you own. So let’s keep our thinking in the box and stack our acrylic display boxes featuring yours truly, footwear.

You can integrate a pyramid with your shoe encased acrylic boxes, stack them in an orderly fashion or have each box as a separate work of art. Praise for your DIY endeavors, for you ingenuity, and just between you and me, your originality!

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