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This is a picture of his first shed, showing the outside, where the skin was swollen with puss and a lump.
The wound after this first shed reveals that the lump was most likely some of his own skin and muscle, not a parasite.
It took 4 or 5 years of hard saving but finally last year, I was able to put up a dedicated shed for the snakes.Before this, I kept them in a spare room in the house, but as the kids got older the pressure was on toconvert this room into a play room. Woops , Sorry for my last post - wrong thread lol A reptile shed would be a huge project with heating i presume?
Facultative parthenogenesis -- a form of asexual reproduction -- appears to be quite common among snakes. Virgin births, scientifically called parthenogenesis, may be more common among snakes than previously thought.

There are many forms of parthenogenesis, or asexual reproduction -- two of which include facultative parthenogenesis -- when reproduction can take place either sexually or asexually -- and obligate parthogenesis -- when reproduction is only asexual. It would seem that parthenogenesis provides a species with several advantages over their sexual counterparts, simply because they don't have to expend as much energy searching for a mate.
Recently, a virgin birth was observed in a yellow-bellied watersnake living at the Missouri Department of Conservation's (MDC) Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center for the second time. Understanding this sort of reproduction sheds light on the evolutionary history of vertebrates, researchers say.
While facultative parthenogenesis appears to be quite common among snakes, obligate parthogenesis is extremely rare, according to a news release. Warren Booth, study co-author from the Department of Biological Sciences and the University of Tulsa, explained in the release.

However, sexual reproduction is the most common form of reproduction among animals, suggesting there are benefits to this method -- such as increased genetic diversity -- that compensate for energy loss.
In this case, researchers suggest the female is reproducing asexually because she hasn't had a male snake around for a while. Although her first offspring are alive and well, her second virgin birth was not successful, which researchers believe is a result of an incorrect combination of chromosomes.

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