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There are several components to designing a Solar Powered stand alone power system and thus there are several ways to minimize the cost of the system! Each of these can be optimized to the resource available (the amount of energy seen by the panel) and if the resource is not enough things like maximum power point trackers and generators can be added to the system. It helps to buy products with low surge factors, this is something that you should be able to ask about when you purchase the product from a store.
Buying a bigger inverter allows you to leave room for new appliances that you might not have thought you needed at the time of installation.
Well it depends on a couple of things how much energy on average your household will consume given the appliances you will be using and then whether you want it to be totally solar powered or if you would like a diesel generator as back up?
If you fill out the form I am sure one of our agents will give you a ring once we have your details so that we can have a formal discussion of what your needs are and how they can be best met. I’ve been considering solar power for some time now, and would like to find out whether we have the option of installing a grid feed system that also provides me with the option of moving off grid onto a battery pack… Is this possible? If this is what you are interested in doing, however, the best option would probably be to invest in an inverter technology such as the PowerRouter, which enables you to use some power from your panels even when the grid is down, and when expanded with a modular battery manager pack, enables a home to have a battery backup. Hi, I have just spoken to Synergy, since I have solar power, Synergy tells me that now I need to invest in a new meter, so they can read this accuratly at my costs of being $275 for the meter itself. Everyone who installs a solar PV system has to upgrade their meter to either a smart or bi-directional meter in order to be connected the grid.
The cost you have been quoted for grid connection (the meter) is in line with what we would expect, so you are not being charged over the odds.
Battery costs are not included in our standerd quotes as they roughly double the cost of your system.
The common home solar power system, in principle consists of a roof-mounted solar panel, a charge controller and a storage battery bank plus direct or electronic inverter powered electric lighting units. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
Solar power facts tells us that we must adopt and use as much as we can this energy if we want to protect the earth and save the planet. The sun is virtually inexhaustible source of energy that can guarantee continuous pumping if we know how to use it. People since ancient times understood the benefits and importance of the Sun and its energy.
These days we use solar energy mostly for electricity generation, and this production of electricity from sunlight is made in two ways: indirectly, by heating a liquid or directly with photovoltaic cells. Photovoltaic cells are semiconductor devices that directly convert sunlight energy into electricity. In terms of producing electricity from sunlight, it is done with concentrated solar energy, where there are four concepts: parabolic system, Frenel’s reflectors, reflective plate system and solar tower. The problem with focusing is the large space required for the plant, but it is handled so that the power plant for example can be in the desert. The sun produces energy for five billion years, and according to current estimates of the energy production will continue for another five billion years. Secondary sources of energy powered by solar energy, like wind power, wave power, biomass and hydro power, make the most of renewable energy sources on earth.

At night and on cloudy days solar energy is not fully available and we need energy storage systems that are filled when the energy is available. Leonardo Da Vinci  (1452 – 1519) planned industrial use of solar energy using a concave mirror, which directed the rays on solar water heaters.
Solar energy is environmentally friendly, clean, and renewable without any harmful pollutants and emissions in faze of production. Economical because it saves our money and after initial investment the energy we get is absolutely FREE. Climate of a place and geographic location of place where you live can be a factor of advantage or disadvantage in using solar power energy. Usually there is a safety factor that designers and installers use but it is not very large and contracts will usually suggest what items they have accounted for in their design thus it might be useful in the long run to chose a bigger inverter. Unlike parallel solar module arrays this is a bad idea given the irregular charge and discharge cycles that residential usage forces on batteries. For the point of this article I can suggest that using a maximum power point tracker allows you to produce more power from your panels in low light conditions and in varying temperature. In fact, if the grid ever goes down, grid-connected solar arrays are rendered non-operational for safety reasons. Your system would be eligible for all the same incentives that a grid-connected system would be–Federal Solar Credits, and state-level Solar Feed-in Tariffs. Then Synergy takes my grid at being $0.80 but if I need to buy this back of them say in winter, I pay over $0.22, ok where is the fair deal here? A good installer will advise you of this up front, indeed the price of grid connection is set out in the Solar Choice Solar Quote Comparison so people who use our service are aware of all the costs associated with installing a solar PV system.
Although the new feed-in tariff rates are frustrating for many customers installing after the Premium tariff has ended you should be benefitting from far lower system costs.
You should contact your installer for more details on price and installation costs for batteries as we do not currently hold details on this. In some situations, the solar panel is mounted on a mast extended from ground and this may become an obstacle during night time. Just assemble the circuit on a piece of general-purpose circuit board and then enclose it in small ABS box. The solar power facts speaks that this huge, endless energy can be used for all human kind on many different ways as the main renewable energy source. Energy that the sun shines on earth is 15 percent larger than it needs to man, but unfortunately today very small part we can use. Not coincidentally in most ancient cultures in the world supreme deity is the Sun or any of his performance. In this way we get electricity, but water is heated by passing through the collector itself. Due to the high concentration of solar rays, the liquid rapidly is heated to high temperature. Solar energy can be stored in different forms, but most popular are the conversion of thermal energy, storage in batteries and accumulators.
Generally apply to stay away from large power grids , low voltage, sparsely populated, plenty of local wind and solar resources, the economic practicality of a power station.

Having low surge factor products in a home can allow you to have more appliances on at the same time or allow you to use a lower rated inverter. Thus using an MPPT can theoretically suggest the use of a lower number of modules but because the MPPT role is to regulate the charge flowing between the Solar Panel and the battery it would make more sense to down size the battery bank than to down size the modules, ensuring that your batteries are able to go back to full charge more often, a state of charge which is preferred in order to prolong the battery lifespan (especially because in most cases parallel battery banks are cheaper upfront than series battery banks).
First I lash out over 10K to get this solar installed and Synergy- the onlt supplier in WA- rieks the benefits after they milked me for the meter costs.
The days of viewing a solar PV system as a means of making money are long gone, instead we advise customers to consider the value of the solar they produce in terms of what they do not need to buy from the grid. The white clear glass type LED (D3) flashes only very briefly each time with a duty cycle near 10%.
The fact that every single hour the Sun beams on Earth energy enough to satisfy global energy needs for an entire year speaks clearly how big this source of energy is.
People benefits from its energy in the building of homes (for more light and heat), food processing (drying), and in war (it is known that Alexander of Macedonia always fought his battles at noon with the sun behind his army, or heat ray from Archimedes, who by directing mirrors managed to burn the sails of ships that siege Syracuse). When these cells are hit with sunlight, becomes reaction which triggers electrons to loose from atoms. Then, this liquid is used for steam, which still carries the turbine to generate electricity, similar to the thermal plants. The destruction of forests in the time of Da Vinci was also big because they were main fuel for humanity.
To make human living environment no pollution any more , wind and solar will be the inevitable choice for the world's energy in the future. Using appliances that consume less electricity or have higher energy efficiency standards also allows you to save money on the battery bank and the array of solar panels because now you don’t need as much energy to be stored or generated. So my question is, I now rather look into a solar battery pack as it hurts me being ripped off, how much will this costs? We also advise customers to find ways of consuming as much energy as possible when the panels are producing power, such as running washing machines during the day and turning the cooling system of their air conditioning off once their panels have stopped producing. This little circuit takes power from the 12V battery of the solar system and switch on a blinking white light spot, when dc power supply from the solar panel is absent, ie at night time!
The circuit is gated through diode D1 such that the flashing only begins when sufficient supply from the solar panel is absent. Inside the housing is a vacuum, in order not to lose heat collected inside (no air, no heat transfer). The tubes are coated with black paint in order to better absorb solar energy, and the base of the casing with white paint or made of metal or sets of reflective material that can efficiently directing light onto the pipes.
The reason for this is that collector actually uses infrared rays of the sun to heat rather than visible light. That’s way collectors can be used in winter or when it is cloudy, with reduced sunlight because infrared light passes easily through obstacles in the atmosphere.

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