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BT Wireless Battery Powered PIR, External Solar Charged Siren Strobe, Internal Wireless Siren Alarm System, all three with 130 Decibel built in Siren's, armed & disarmed using remote control from up to 50 metres away.
A very affordable and flexible Alarm ideal for applications such as Sheds, Garages, Boats, Caravans, Log Cabins & Holiday Homes (the list is endless).
This Alarm System comes supplied with both the additional External Solar Charged & Internal Wireless Sirens. The traditional battery powered shed alarms are designed to work as a stand alone Alarm with a single built in Siren, occasionally available with a secondary siren connected by a cable, but these are prone to an intruder simply attacking and breaking them before raising to much attention. The Siren is fully weatherproof and has a slow flashing strobe light during standby and rapid flashing strobe lights during activation.
The battery powered Internal Wireless Siren can also be mounted up to 50 metres away from the PIR Detector, which allows it to easily and quickly be installed into a location out of reach from a potential intruder, or simple inside a totally different building. Both Siren's have been designed to activate 15 seconds after the detector Siren has been activated, adding to the discomfort of an Intruder.
The PIR is powered by 3 x AA batteries, it has a built in 130 Decibel Siren and has a 30 second exit delay (plenty of time to leave the premises) and a 5 second entry delay (most customers will disarm the alarm before entering the building. The PIR is weather rated to IP65, therefore ideal for damp buildings during the winter months, it has a 8 metre detection range and can be operated from up to 50 metres away using the remote control. Additional Remote Controls (a maximum of 9) & Wireless Sirens can be added to this system at any time !!
Ideal Alarm for Sheds, Garages, Boats, Caravans, Log Cabins & Holiday Homes (the list is endless).
In a different building, up to 50 metres away (could even be inside your home, ensuring you wake up).

The Siren is powered by 2 x AA batteries and has a built in 130 Decibel Siren, it is designed to trigger 15 seconds after the PIR Siren has been activated, adding to the discomfort of the Intruder, very easy and fast to install. Additional Remote Controls (a maximum of 9) & Wireless Sirens can be added to this system at any time !!
This is the exact mind process that a potential thief will probably go through before carrying our any type of Crime !! The vent fan is set to draw air in through the tube at the bottom and exhaust it through the slot around the periphery of the large-diameter top section. By removing the corners of the square fan housing with a coping saw the fan would slide into the inlet tube and rest against the original fan mount. The tipping-bucket rain gauge installation is also shown in the left-hand view of the installation. Several people have reported a problem with the WS-2310 anemometer where there are occasional false wind readings. To record data 24 hours and upload it to WeatherUnderground requires a computer be kept on 24 hours a day. To maintain data recording during power outages the NSLU2 and fan aspirator are plugged into an APC BE325R UPS. Battery Powered BT Delux Wireless Door Alarm, supplied with 2 x Battery Powered Magnetic Contacts (for fitting onto Doors, Windows & Hinged Lids) a Battery Powered Internal Siren (for fitting into a inaccessible location) a Solar Powered External Wireless Siren (for fitting onto the building, or a nearby building up to 50 metres away) and 2 x Remote Controls which can operate the Alarm form up to 50 metres away.
The Battery powered Magnetic Contact would be fitted onto a Door or Window with the Magnet being fitted onto the adjacent frame, when the Door or Window is closed the both parts would need to be within 5 - 7mm of each other (in some installations you would choose to reverse the two componets making for a neater installation). The tranquil (Council approved) 2 bedroom solar active designed cottage is constructed from concrete block and is Hardiplank cladded with a metal roof and a north easterly aspect built in mid 1980s.

The areas of natural bush and spectacular views makes this property a beautiful and sustainable place to live well into the future that provides a low impact, soft footprint, unique lifestyle close to amenities and is situated at the foothills of coastal hinterland bordering state forest. If you wish to contact the owners via email please fill out the form below and click the submit button.
When the Door or Window is opened, the Contact will send a Wireless signal up to 50 metres away to all of the Sirens & PIR's operating within the same network. The balance of land is native bush with areas of millable timber, a permanent creek and 2 dams. It is powered by 240 volt hydro turbine and 12 volt solar system with telephone, internet and Austar connected. This property provides at very low cost, all your power and water requirements to live a renewable, sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle, with areas to graze stock, keep poultry and pigs, with 2 orchards, vegetable gardens, a beautiful tranquil BBQ area and dam stocked with fish. There are areas of cleared and fenced land suitable for livestock (currently runs 30 alpacas).
There are cleared areas ideal for grazing livestock plus the added advantage of saleable timbers (firewood and milling) offering a passive income. The remaining land is elevated with timbered ridges of unspoilt native bush and pockets of rain forested areas.

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