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Below are some examples of different color, siding, roof, and additional feature customizations that we are capable of.
A country living style steel garage building with double overhead doors and custom features. There are many reasons why more and more contractors are using metal and steel over wood for a variety of projects.
Environmentally Friendly - metal buildings leave a much smaller footprint, and most companies use 100% recycled materials for their buildings. Low Cost - you may see a little initial price benefit to buying a steel building over a wood one, but over the duration you will typically save more than 50% due to less maintenance and repairs. Stronger Materials = Better Warranty - steel is much stronger than wood, and customers will find steel buildings can come with warranties for more than 50 years. Quicker Construction - metal buildings only require a few workers to assemble the structure (which can save a lot of money), and building time is just weeks instead of months.
Metal buildings will range from about $7-$10 per square foot, with smaller structures costing more and larger structures costing less per square foot. Yes, as mentioned above, steel buildings come with outstanding warranties (up to 50 years) due to their high strength and durable materials.
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Prefab metal buildings take place in a significant variety of plans and will roughly agree with any need.
A prefabricated metal building is a building that is constructed offsite and then dropped at you location. Pre-engineering means that the elevated level of design, manufacturing and construction is completed in a plant prior to the structure is sent out to the assembly site. The basic roof lines of this building style are perfect for the working building, or even a home!
If you have something else in mind, please contact us and a representative will work with you to create your ideal steel building!
A standard metal building typically can be constructed with around 5 recycled automobiles, while a comparable wood structure would take around 50-60 large trees. With traditional wood structures you need to be worried about warping, fire, mold, termites, water damage and many other things. Here's a few of the questions we get asked often to help you learn more about metal buildings. It's important to know that this doesn't include assembly, which will usually cost around $3 per square foot. Many manufacturers will list preferred contractors on their website or recommend contractors to you during the purchasing process.
There are alot of assorted businesses and they have to store apparatus, equipment, materials and possessions.

One of the largest problems which possibly will swell your expenses is meeting local building codes. Ideal uses for this style are garages, workshops, warehouses, industrial and commercial facilities, self storage units, and more!
Office buildings, churches, storage buildings, sheds, carports, barns, RV structures as well as ship storage space are some of the types that are used in the present day. You as a corporation individual may perhaps eventually stumble on that you have run short of storage space. When pre-engineered metal building arrives at your assembly location, typically little work has to be fulfilled to put the structure together. Maybe you added a original merchandise line or maybe your business has grown quicker than you projected. If you live in Florida, you will have to have a building that will hold up typhoon force winds.
There are so many different types of steel buildings on the market, finding one that blends in with your design should not be that complicated.

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