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Thank you for your interest in the quality construction offered by Cardinal Buildings LLC. Custom Sheds, Vinyl Sheds, Hardi plank Sheds, Utility Buildings, Storage Buildings, Garden Sheds, Shed Moving for Raleigh, Garner, Clayton, Apex, Cary, Dunn, Smithfield, Willow Spring, Angier, Wake Forest, Knightdale & more!
Cardinal Rent to Own Sheds are great alternative to pods or packrat for self storage units at self storage facilities. Nearly 40 years after he wrote up that first order, Steve purchased Byler Barns and Backyards from his dad, officially taking leadership in 2009. Jerrel MillerVice President of OperationsJerrel‘s history with Byler Barns goes well back into his boyhood. Jason BeachyVP of Finance, Rentashed General ManagerJason has been a valuable member of the Byler management team since he signed on as CFO in 2012.
Wendell NislyDirector of MarketingWendell came to Bylers after having spent most of his life in academia. Coming to Bylers has been a significant switch in career direction, and yet there is also significant overlap. Loren MillerDirector of SalesLoren has worked in the storage shed industry for many years, but his career path has wound through a variety of scenic byways.
Loren‘s current position is a bit of a juggling act; it includes recruiting and hiring sales people, managing five retail lots across central Virginia, and overseeing detached garage design and sales. Dan MartonikDirector of Administration and InformationDan came to Byler Barns in March, 2013, after having worked with a private equity firm for over five years. One of Dan‘s favorite aspects of his work at Bylers is that his job is constantly changing. John LatimerDesign Consultant, Sales ManagerJohn came to Byler‘s in 2015, at the time that Mr. Mark PloggerDesign Consultant, Sales ManagerMark’s expertise in sales comes from many years of experience. Mark bought his first Byler Barn from Benny some 25 years ago, never dreaming that he would someday sell those very storage buildings himself. Bo RoseDesign Consultant, Sales ManagerBo has found a blending of different career streams in his present position at Bylers.
Bo came to the Valley from from Louisiana, hoping to escape the heat, an 8-days-a-week job, and the aggressive water moccasins that periodically came after him. Bo says of Byler Barns, "I’m selling the best shed out there." The quality of the shed, however, is only part of what he loves about Bylers. With his wife and son, along with numerous other Cleveland Browns fans, Bo lives in Harrisonburg.
Jeff BrunkDesign Consultant, Sales ManagerJeff, a Salem, Virginia native, came to Bylers in 2016, after having worked in the paint and coatings industry for over 10 years in Southwest Virginia.
Jeff has built a solid foundation of focusing on customer service, project management, and educating customers on quality products and their benefits.
Although he’s an enthusiastic sales manager, outside of work Jeff is one to tackle many projects around the home--from things like remodeling the kitchen or bathroom, framing walls, hanging drywall, building a deck to mowing the grass and doing maintenance on his cars.
Jeff and his girlfriend, Anita like to spend time together outdoors, whether working on landscaping or playing with their dogs or simply enjoying peaceful times by the backyard fire pit. Raleigh RhodesDesign ConsultantA native of Rockingham County, Raleigh comes to Bylers by way of a strong agricultural background.
A pastor and long-time resident in the area, Raleigh knows, understands, and enjoys the residents of the Valley. Sandy SnowDesign Consultant, Sales ManagerSandy has always been in touch with the public, but her work at Byler Barns is her first go at sales.
Sandy loves the sales process, talking with people, and introducing them to the Byler line of sheds. Service AreaWe deliver storage shed solutions to customers across the state of Virginia and parts of West Virginia.
The great thing about Cardinal Buildings is that all garages, workshops, and storage buildings are custom built to customer's needs.
Pricing shown is for specific style, size and options, but should give a good indication of what is available and estimated cost. VISIT OUR 2 ACRE LOCATION AT 2805 NEW RALEIGH HWY 70, DURHAM (GLENWOOD AVE.) TAKE I540 TO EXIT 4B, GO WEST 4 MILES PASS BRIER CREEK.
There is not another shed company in the Triangle that builds a shed the quality of the Heritage. Benny tells the story of how as a lad, Steve wrote up his first order for a storage shed--a mini-salesman all of six years old.
As CEO, Steve’s vision for the company goes far beyond getting sheds out the door and cash in the drawer.
Steve coaches his management team for the strategic implementing of the company’s vision, so that in every facet of the process--from sale to delivery--serving each client is the goal. He has a dream of going to culinary school, but since he can’t do that right now he finds ways to learn on his own.

Fortunately, he enjoys working with numbers, and so the invoicing and bills, payroll and sales tax are a great fit for him. Before he began to work in shed sales at Bylers, he had a growing business of selling and delivering--brace yourself--peanut skins (not the hulls, but the brown papery wrapping around the nut). He is frankly excited about the Byler culture, and is glad to be part of a business that nurtures innovation while maintaining a high commitment to friendly, personal interaction with each and every client. Every customer’s situation, needs, and concerns are different, and he enjoys the challenge of making sure they are each guided through the process (he is the only one in the company who talks to every single customer) and served to complete satisfaction. He learned to crab from his dad when he was a boy, and still enjoys crabbing at Kent Island, off the eastern shore of Maryland (his bait of choice is chicken). And he loves holding a sales job where, once the contract is signed, people are genuinely thankful for the help they’ve received.
Before he ever got into sales, however, he held a cutting-edge position in the technology industry. But that is what he has been doing since 2011, and he has become an advocate of the Bylers experience. As a youth he learned construction from his grandfather, so he understands the building of storage sheds.
But he is also delighted for the opportunity to get back into the artistry and drawing that he enjoys. His degree is a BS in Science, and he has used it much of his life serving the people who work the soil, or as a farmer himself.
Having been with the company since 2012, he is convinced that Byler sheds are at the top of the industry.
She is convinced about her product, and for those who are interested, she can talk for a while about 2x4‘s, double-plates, and tar paper. This shed comes standard with 50 year Smart Side Panel siding, a set of 60” wide double doors, a pair of gable vents and one level of concrete leveling blocks. Come take a look at The Heritage before buying a shed and you will easily see why this shed stands out as the best built shed in the Triangle! He acknowledges that in spite of the highest aspirations, Byler employees are human and will sometimes make mistakes. Benny (the founder of what was then Byler’s Storage Buildings) would call to see if Jerrel was available to keep him company and to carry concrete blocks for setting the sheds.
In operations, the buck stops and sits squarely on his shoulders: Once the contract is signed on a building, it‘s his responsibility to make sure it gets built to spec’s and delivered on time. Each weekend his wife lets him take ownership of the kitchen, and there he experiments with all kinds of food--after he has finished doing the family grocery shopping. As the General Manager of Rentashed, Jason manages the Rent-To-Own contracts, and personally answers questions from clients.
Jason and Barb love reading and traveling, although for now the demands of a young family are redirecting those loves in other directions.
These were leftovers from the Hershey factory in Stuarts Draft, and Loren sold them to farmers who valued them as a high-fat, high-protein feed supplement. Loren says, "Quality is a big issue--very important--but at the end of the day anyone can brag their quality, and tell you why they’re better. Dan says this is the most interesting job he’s had up to this point, and it’s not difficult to see why--from the time a customer orders a building to the time the building is delivered, Dan is at the center of the action. He attended Blue Ridge Community College for electronics, then began to work as a cable tech, and later began working for an international satellite communications company. People will bring him a dream and ask him, "Can you do this?" With a pencil and ruler, he will start sketching until they see their dream on paper in front of them. The annual company picnic, where all the employees sat down around the table and ate together, was a truly amazing experience for him. As someone who who cares about quality in his own purchases, Raleigh says, "I can sell them with a clear conscience." His perception has only been confirmed by the many stories of the Byler clients and friends who keep coming back to Bylers.
He and his family still enjoy doing a variety of outdoor activities together--gardening, hiking, fishing. She says, "I’ve worked since I was 16, and this is honestly the best company I‘ve ever worked for.
If you stop by her retail lot in Orange, she‘ll be happy to show you what she’s been working on lately. Never one to hang back from a challenge, Steve delivered his first storage shed at 15 (with a learners’ permit--he had to invite an adult friend to sit in the passenger seat!). That happens initially through the design-consultation process, in which clients are personally and professionally led to discover what they really need, in order to create exactly what they want. When this happens, the commitment of the company is to do everything they can to put it to rights, so that every client comes out of it happy with both their shed and their Byler experience. Steve cares deeply about community development, and has been personally involved serving in a number of non-profits, focusing particularly on education and the arts. His inspiration comes from watching cooking shows, or experiencing the creations of other chefs in top restaurants in Virginia.

As he grew older, he took increasing responsibility for many different components of feedmill operation. It is important to him (as you will find if you speak to him on the phone) that each client receives personal and personable treatment.
A fire at the factory shut that down for a few months, and Loren came to Bylers to work in shed delivery and installation. He keeps information flowing smoothly between every department of the company, from sales to production to finance. He recently completed his fourth time swimming in the annual Great Chesapeake Bay Swim, a 4.4 mile jaunt that benefits the March of Dimes. Ask him--he’ll be happy to fill you in on all the savory details!) If you stop by the Mechanicsville sales lot on the right day, you may find his mother sitting there keeping him company, an arrangement they both enjoy. Eventually he started a company of his own, traveling nationwide doing satellite earth station installations and repairs, along with the sale of many home satellite systems in the Rockbridge county area. He comments about Bylers, “Big difference is here, we are not simply going to set buildings on the lot and expect you to choose from what you see.
Sales is familiar turf, as well--he crisscrossed the entire state of Louisiana for 8 years selling large equipment for Vermeer. That makes sense, considering her history: she’s been in customer service all her life, including running a convenience store for 15 years. You want to buy a building that’s going to last, and not six months from now it starts falling apart. From working in sales to sweeping up sawdust with a push broom, from hand-painting trim to developing the company-wide accounting system, Steve has been involved in almost every facet of the company operation. It continues through the follow-up communications, through the timely and courteous delivery of the building, all the way to a decade down the road when the building needs service. Jerrel’s vision for Byler is to be at the cutting edge of the industry, and to provide top-notch customer service. Jason had always been interested in airplanes, prompting him to train to get his pilot’s license. He was hired to help with sales in 2013, working as a salesman before becoming Director of Sales in 2015.
Dan interacts with customers to schedule delivery times, and to address the many questions that surround the delivery of the building. Byler had been long-time friends, and were both committed to quality buildings and top-notch service, so it was a natural decision for Mr.
After seven years, Mark made the move into full-time sales, working first for an electronics company, and later in sales management for an office equipment company. We are going to ask you questions that will cause you to actually think about what problem you are trying to solve.
And as an artist at heart (he was, after all, a professional cake decorator for 10 years), he gets the concept of beauty and the barn.
His longest stint as a volunteer was in Thailand, where he spent three years in hands-on agricultural training.
Born in Madison County, she‘s been a resident in Orange for over three decades, and she raised her three kids here. For a number of years, he alternated between building sheds in the shop, and delivering them. His appetite whetted, he left the feedmill to study at Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, where he earned a degree in Aviation Electronics. You might just find the six of them occasionally (although they‘d probably rather you wouldn’t) tenting at night in their back yard, roasting marshmallows around a fire. We are then going to point out options which may provide you with a long term solution that will not only solve your storage needs but also look great. This shed can be built with Hardiplank(cedarmill) siding, Vinyl siding or SmartSide panel siding.
He gradually kept picking up more pieces of the entire process until 2012, when he became Vice President of Operations. Jason worked in that field nine years, installing and repairing communication and navigation radios in the cockpits of planes.
He deeply enjoys his "church family," as well; on the weekends, one of his delights is studying and teaching in the church the family attends.
John came at an opportune moment to help make the transition smooth for the many loyal customers who had come to value the Crowder’s experience.
But he had also had an ongoing interest in accounting, and when the opportunity for a full-time accounting position came up, he jumped for it.

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