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This DIY custom build furniture was actually quite simple.  The overall length of the living room sitting bench with storage baskets was determined by the length of our dresser room divider from part two. Next cut the nine 15” 1x3s that will form the slates to hold your storage baskets.  Kreg drill two holes in each end using the ?” drill guide.
Secure the slates to the bottom frame members using Kreg screws.  Use a spacer to ensure equal length between each slate. Until next time when we finish the Living Room Sitting Bench with Storage Baskets by painting piece to match our decor and adding the foam cushion and wonderful burlap fabric.

Please kindly note that our ideas and creations are not to be copied for retail purposes and are to be given appropriate recognition where used. The Awesome-Storage-Bench-With-Baskets-And-Cushion-Decorating-Ideas-Images-in-Dining-Room-Transitional-design-ideas- provides a transitional concept, smooth design, straight legs and wonderful color scheme that ensures to enhance any sort of decor Make use of as an emphasis piece in the living room, or as a dining chair in the kitchen. Then I used successive passes of the saw to remove the require material.  It worked like a charm. Also drill three Kreg holes in the three top frame pieces.  This will secure the sitting bench top to the frame.

Our blog is all about making beautiful things for our homes and gifts for our friends and families. The pieces fit to each other like a glove.  For the inevitable gaps, a little wood putty covers any blemish.

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