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One of the first things to consider when looking for self storage Johannesburg is how much space will be required.
Most of the smaller options such as cloth covered vehicle spaces have the same self storage Johannesburg prices.
Considering how secure self storage units are in South Africa, there should be no concern when trying to decide where to store large items or basic household overflow.
Safe and secureOur facilities are monitored by CCTV cameras and 24 hour security that does a perimeter check every hour.
Affordable PricesAt Lock-away you can be sure to find the most affordable prices for short or long term storage of your goods. Self storage space from Troopie Self Storage provides safe, secure and convenient storage units for all your belongings whether it is from your home or office. Store Some More is able to provide a flexible self storage service, and our advanced storage units are able to hold a wide range of objects, from furniture and business storage, all in the greater Johannesburg area. Storage units are also able to be controlled and can decrease or increase in size depending on your requirements.
Our premises are guarded 24 hours a day, and are equipped with a professional, armed response service. We offer a wide range of unit sizes and you only pay for the space that you require – no more. We offer no long term contracts and this means that you pay for the time you need your unit for.
We offer competitive low monthly rates and have designed a cost-effective service just for you. We are able to offer a hassle free, self-storage experience, complemented by our experienced and professional staff members. Are you looking for a trustworthy and secure place to store items that you will need to access infrequently? For flexible, secure, affordable, convenient and personalised storage solutions, look no further than Store Some More!
Thank you to all the staff at StoreSomeMore for making my move and storage of my household contents so simple. I have recommended StoreSomeMore to several of my friends after the care & service I received.
Cedar Storage Park design, operations and systems are in line with similar storage parks in USA, UK and France.
Our affordable self storage facility is conveniently located in the Kya Sands area in Johannesburg (Jhb), only a short drive from Sandton, Bryanston, Broadacres, Chartwell, Fourways, Randburg and Northgate Shopping Mall and easily accessible from Witkoppen and Malibongwe Road. We will be launching the units online in batches so we keep a selection of units available at all times.
Once you have secured your online booking with us one of the amazing Cedar Storage team will get back to you in record time. Bavenda Transport will transport your goods to and from your storage unit whether you are moving in or out of your self storage unit. Please enter your cellphone number and we will call you back ASAP (Between 08h00 - 16h00, Mon - Fri). When a person needs boat storage, they often do not want to leave their vessel on the water. WHY USE SELF STORAGE?There are always occasions when you do not have enough space in your house, office, or business premise to store the material you have got and you wish if you could move some material, which is not going to be needed for quite some times, and store it to some other place safely. T-shirts and shorts will soon turn into large coats and long sleeves, and the sanctuary that is your bed will welcome an invasion of blankets, duvets and fresh linen.
One of life’s simple, yet thoroughly captivating pleasures, is taking in the scent of sun-dried, fresh linen. Below, we take a look, feel and smell, at why human beings love fresh, clean linen so much.
Scent is a very powerful thing; it can lift us up when we’re down, draw feelings of nostalgia from deep within, and lull us peacefully to sleep. We might sound a bit superficial here, but, when something looks good, you can’t help but just gaze at it, in absolute appreciation. When you lay your linen out for the first time, after a successful visit to the laundromat, and witness it in all its glory; the vibrant colours make you fall in love with it all over again.
After gazing upon the marvellous vision that is your fresh, clean linen, it’s only natural that the next thing you’d want to do, is touch it.
Lured by its spell, allow the soft, fleecy-feeling surface of the linen to caress the ridges of your palm.
If you’re looking for the best laundry service in town – for all your linen, blankets and clothes – Corlett City is home to Betta Laundry Service; the answer to all your laundry, and fresh linen, needs.
After all, this is the space where you’ll make new memories and money, the space where your dream will become a reality, and you want it to be perfect.
When thinking about price, it is important to consider whether the space is priced in line with other similarly sized offices, in similarly priced areas. At Corlett City, we account for all of the above, because we understand that your office is your home from home. So, if you’re on the hunt for new office spaces, check out some of the amazing spaces Corlett City has to offer. Storage Wars offers some humorous insights into the weird and wacky things that people put into storage. If you thought that storage was only made up of spare beds and dressers, get ready to be proven wrong!

Louis Botha’s sanctuary in Bramley, is attractively bright and colourful, making it impossible to miss. Corlett City offers storage space, office and retail space, and has 24 hour security access. Whether you need hard-to remove stains vanished for good, a new cell phone or contract, or affordable and central office, retail and storage space, Corlett City is easily accessible from the eastern, northern and southern parts of Johannesburg. In the past, office spaces were static – even if one worked from home, you would most likely be accustomed to the idea of doing your work in your pyjamas while other members of the workforce got dressed and spent eight hours a day at their respective employers.
You may have your perfect storage solution with Corlett City, but that does not mean you can place your items for holding and forget about it.
If anyone has the authority to dispense tips on spring cleaning, it would be Martha Stewart.
Divide whatever is left into two zones: one for things you’ll need to retrieve in the next six months, such as clothes, and the other for objects that may be there for years, such as furniture.
Whether storing for a week or several months, storage units will keep personal items safe and out of the weather.
There are storage options as small as covered spaces for a vehicle or as large as fully enclosed units to fit furniture and household items. However, for larger units self storage Gauteng may differ slightly in price from self storage Joburg or Johannesburg. Always remember to choose the size carefully and go with the larger option if the amount of space needed is not quite determined. Contact Troopie Self Storage and get fast, effective and friendly advice on how much space you will need for self storage purposes.
This gives you the opportunity to give 30 days notice when you decide to end your agreement with us. Will be overseas for a year and i can say I feel safe and happy to leave my goods with StoreSomeMore.
Thank you for your help with the storing of our office goods and furniture whilst we are moving to our new premises. Self storage, whether it is for personal or business use, it is fast becoming more of a demand. We have built many more small units as the cost of the larger units where a lot of space is wasted is an unnecessary cost to you our loyal clients.
Our online booking system is still the one and only in the South African self-storage industry. We offer all packaging materials and accessories, quality padlocks, a variety of boxes, bubble plastic, carpet tape, markers, dust covers and other materials at wholesale prices. You will soon be able to get your own gate access pin, which means that you will have fast access to your stored goods whenever you need. I hope you all had the best Valentine's Day ever and are looking forward to the year 2016 to be the best year.
Whether a person needs to store large items or small, there are generally storage facilities to accommodate their every need. This can sometimes lead to damage, especially if the boat is not going to be used for a long period of time. Instead of parking a car in an open garage where it can become damaged or experience vandalism, these storage options are preferable. This frees up full closets so people can more easily find the clothing items they are looking for.
This can allow them to be better protected from theft and can keep them from being damaged. Before deciding on a facility, it can be beneficial to take a tour and meet with the owners to ensure the facility is a good fit for the storage services needed. When you soak in the absorbing aroma of fresh linen, for a moment, everything stops, and your body is at peace. You quit your job, gave your cruel boss a piece of your mind, and said ciao to the life that was weighing you down. It is important to ask yourself a number of questions, and consider a host of varying factors, before signing on that dotted, lease agreement line. The size of your office space could, very well, be determined by the size of your business, and your complement of staff.
Pay too little and you might find yourself in a dodgy area (in which you may not ever feel safe).
The show also makes us wonder how people can forget that they owned a massive wooden owl that seconded as an alarm clock or an entire bin filled with stuffed animals. In an area that has ample foot traffic, Corlett City, on Louis Botha, is one of Johannesburg’s hidden gems. Renting office space can be a complicated process for those who are unfamiliar with the process, leasing language and legalities. However, some freelancers have come to find a need for a more professional office space – or even a space allowing them to associate with other freelancers. University of Michigan business professor Gretchen Spreitzer has devoted her time to studying what helps or hinders people at work – including how spared spaces facilitate this. If you have in the past considered it too costly to bear the full expense yourself, why not consider if a shared rental office space is for you?
Place washer and dryer on elevated pedestals (made by the appliances’ manufacturers) to prevent electrical shock during flooding.
Some people may also need self storage in the country and the surrounding areas because they are moving but unsure of the amount of space in the new home, so they store their large items.

Some of the larger units come with equipment for loading and unloading items from a truck or trailer into the storage unit (and back out). We will help you calculate your required storage space according to what you have to store. Need storage space for your furniture, or just need extra storage space - Contact SA Self Storage Today!
We have simplified the process of booking a storage unit online so that you can get busy with life. Our environmentally friendly facility situated in Kya Sands, Gauteng has a state of the art security system. These facilities can allow a person to safely store their belongings without being fearful of theft or damage.
Many storage units offer storage options for boats so they can be safely stored away until they are needed.
The concept has picked the wave and has developed in a full fledged industry in most of the parts of USA today. It acts as a sanctuary from the busy, taxi laden street of Louis Botha, and offers convenience, a place to store your life’s treasures and several businesses.
She affirms that people who seek out shared office spaces are “people that want more stimulation than sitting at home and being very productive working in your pyjamas all day” – and the additional allure of high speed internet, artisanal coffee and superior technological equipment certainly helps this.
Remember that with every seasonal change you will probably need to pack away the things you no longer need and unpack those that you do. Others need space for a short time while construction is occurring at their home or while visiting for a few months. With proper security, customers do not have to worry about visiting the unit to find their things missing. Choose one that is conveniently located and that offers the best price, ideally with loading and unloading equipment included, and the most space to fit any needs.
If you are looking for a dependable and prominent self storage solution, Store Some More is the right company for you! Local storage available that is secure, easily accessible, reliable and ideal for the storing of your valuable assets like your motor cars, furniture, office items, sporting equipment and garden tools to name a few.
We will take care of your goods and you get peace of mind knowing your items are secure and safe in your own personal storage garage unit. Those who are considering using a storage facility can benefit from learning more about the most common items in storage. You’re taking that entrepreneurial leap of faith, and you’re going to make a success of it! Just when we started to think that there was nothing spicy about storing our valuables, Storage Wars came along and proved us, oh, so wrong.
Regardless of the reason, self storage units are available in the area for unlimited time frames. However, even with constant security, owners can of course access their units at all times. It is always wise to choose a size larger rather than too small if unsure of the amount of necessary space for self storage Johannesburg or the surrounding areas.
Also consider the options such as loading and unloading equipment that may be included in the price. It is not uncommon for customers to rent a small unit to store just a few items and soon find themselves needing more space. Store Some More Sandton, offers the most secure and affordable self storage solutions in Johannesburg.
Our box shop is conveniently located within our storage park providing you with all you need to safely and securely store your valuables. These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself when you’re on the property hunt.
And finally, ensure that there aren’t any hidden costs, and that it doesn’t leave a massive hole in your pocket. With the code and key, owners can add or remove things from their self storage units at any time of day or night.
There is no harm in having extra space but if something does not fit in the unit there is no way to expand the area. This equipment is certainly handy and often recommended but the companies offering it will likely charge a little more for the service. Renting another unit or upgrading and moving everything again can end up costing more money and a lot more trouble than choosing the larger size in the first place. Our storage units are available in a variety of sizes and have been designed to accommodate all your storage needs.
Store Some More is well aware that all of our clients have individual needs when it comes to their storage solutions.
We have recognised that a personalised service is imperative, and this service is what has made Store Some More Johannesburg, the leading self storage provider. With us, you can be confident that your possessions are kept safely, in a highly secured and trusted environment.

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