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Marengo Warehouse in Southern Indiana is one of the largest underground facilities in the country. Oil storage facility in Rotterdam Harbour, one of the largest private storage facilities in the world. This article is about content that is either unreleased or only out recently that may be seen as a spoiler. The Containment Unit (also known as as the Ecto-Containment System, Storage Facility or Protection Grid) is located in the basement of the Firehouse. It is a large, laser-confinement grid that holds and restrains all the vapors and entities that the Ghostbusters trap.
Eventually, EPA inspector Walter Peck visited the Firehouse due to concerns about the presence of dangerous and potentially harmful waste-chemicals that the storage facility might be producing. After the Gozer incident, Egon Spengler decided to not only rebuild the Containment Unit but build a much bigger version.
In the earlier Activision Ghostbuster video games for many platforms, a portable containment grid could be purchased for use on the Ecto-1 vehicle, eliminating the need to return to HQ to empty traps. The Containment Unit, six months after the Gozer incident, resembled the version seen in The Real Ghostbusters. At some point after the Shandor Incident in November 1991, the Containment Unit was modified into a much larger version. A new group of Poltergeists possess a unique energy signature different from a standard entity. By March of the following year, a biometric security measure was added to the Containment Unit and could only be accessed by senior staff. Weeks after being released, Idulnas emptied the Ghostbusters' Containment Unit of every entity being held inside. There seems to be a limit to the amount of ghosts that can be contained in the Mark l Containment Unit, as evidenced by Egon's statement that the facility was "getting crowded". In the Realistic Version of the 2009 video game, the Containment Unit is shown to have incorporated some visual elements from the cartoon version. Loaded traps are emptied into the Containment unit by way of an apparatus whose operation resembles that of an airlock.
1) Unlock and open the system - The locking handle is rotated 90 degrees and a large access panel is rotated down to the horizontal, exposing a "dock" for loaded traps to be inserted for emptying.
3) Close and lock the system - The opposite of stage 1, the access panel is closed and locked.
5) Neutronize [the] field - Another single button-push operation, the effect of which is not made clear. 6) Empty the trap - Initiated by pulling down a mechanical lever, the traps contents are "flushed" into the Containment Unit.
There also appears to be a red access panel or door built into the wall of the unit, to the left of the trap-emptying machinery.
The Containment Unit was originally set up in a deserted Sunoco gas station in northern New Jersey taken over and converted by the Ghostbusters.
In the August 5, 1983 and October 7, 1983 (Also referred to as "Final Shooting Script") drafts of the Ghostbusters script, there is a camera inside the Containment Unit which allowed the Ghostbusters to monitor incarcerated spirits via closed-circuit television.

The video monitor was deleted from the first movie because there wasn't any time left for another major effects sequence and there was concern the audience would feel sorry for the ghosts. In Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular, when Winston is first introduced to the Containment Unit, he peers through the view slit. In the Ghostbusters II August 5, 1988 draft, page 44, Janine mentioned Egon and Peter were building a new storage facility.
In Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions), at the start of Welcome to the Hotel Sedgewick, the seventh message on the Firehouse answering machine is prank call substituting the refrigerator for the Containment Unit.
On page 2 of Ghostbusters: The Board Game's Operations and Field Manual comic, the original Ecto Containment Unit was defined as a storage facility that safely compressed and neutralized the psychokinetic energy and autonomy of most classes of supernatural entities.
It’s a repurposed limestone quarry with 30ft ceilings and a two-lane road big enough to drive semi tractor-trailers through it to each section. It took up most of the basement, which was walled-off to create a space in which the captured ghosts could be incarcerated, leaving only a relatively small portion of the basement accessible. At the beginning of the Thanksgiving holiday in 1991, the Rookie accidentally hit the unit with a Proton Stream, which allowed the Sloth Ghost to escape.
One noticeable feature of the new unit was that it transported the ghosts captured to a containment dimension where they are free to roam around. The Player can dump a fresh trap into the Containment Unit after each level by interacting with the lever on the right side of the screen. Parts from the previous version were re-purposed and integrated into the side of the new unit as a set of controls and safety measures. Over a year later, Janine's security clearance to the unit was a determining factor in her remaining a member of the New Ghostbusters team. After an earthquake, rocked the neighborhood, a horrid smell of sulfur and vomit and burnt flesh wafted up from the basement to the second floor. This takes the form of a large, red piece of machinery which is mounted on the retaining wall and has apparently been designed for ease of use; the procedure is demonstrated to be "quite simple" by Ray. The outer case and carry-handle assembly can then be released and set aside, leaving the trap in the dock. The red status light also goes out at this point and the green one illuminates to show that the system is now secure and that the trap can be removed, presumably to be used again. One ghost "drifts to the viewport and stares back, like a grouper in an aquarium." The Unit is also described to have three slots or airlocks of different sizes for each of the custom traps that Ray Stantz put together. Areas can be used for warehouse storage, or broken down into private vaults, refrigerators, office space, and other special needs structures. As well as the main power supplies and monitoring equipment, the most prominent feature of the Containment Unit was the "air-lock" through which the ghosts were transferred into the Unit from Traps.
Venkman to show him the storage facility, he returned with a search warrant and police escort. The dimension seems to vary at times from a brightly colored realm with card tables to a dark realm of destruction.
With no other choice, Ray and Egon manually vented the Containment Unit to prevent a catastrophe.

The storage facility appears to work in much the same way as a ghost trap does, in that it uses an energy field or grid to act as a barrier which prevents escape. Spengler first theorized when they gathered data during their first close contact with an actual ghost.
A red warning light also comes on above the airlock at this point, indicating that a "live" trap is now in the system.
A few weeks after the Ghostbusters was founded, the newly-hired Winston Zeddemore was taken down to the basement to empty Traps into the Containment Unit. After ignoring Egon's repeated warnings about the dangers of shutting down the Containment Unit, Peck ordered a Con Edison electrician to shut down the power supply to the grid.
After Egon jury-rigs a zombie radar to track the Zombies, he decides to move it downstairs into the basement and connect it to the grid's generator for more power. During the course of battle with the Ghostbusters, Gozer remembered they had imprisoned some of his essence in the Containment Unit after their last battle a few years ago.
The venting worked but Ellen Gold, along with the Crybaby Ghost, were released and recaptured.
Assuming that the ionization rate for all ectoplasmic entities remained constant, they calculated that it would be possible to trap and contain a ghost "indefinitely".
Ray Stantz briefly informed Winston about the unit and taught him the proper procedure on how to empty a Trap into it. Almost immediately it became apparent that Egon's warnings were not exaggerated as the whole unit began to rumble and cracks began to appear in the retaining wall before entire blocks were blown out, prompting all present to flee.
Stuck in the Old West era, Peter Venkman made his own Containment Unit, as close as he could jury rig, to hold the ghosts suddenly appearing.
Since Ray was possessed by Gozer and Tiamat, the unit's biometric security panel registered an invalid reading from Ray's palm print and refused him access.
After learning about the Turtles' Interspatial Teleportation Unit, Ray realized the Containment Unit's power source would be able to power a jury rigged unit and get them back to their proper dimension. Ultimately, the vast amount of psycho-kinetic energy released from the system was enough to punch through all three floors and the roof of the Firehouse.
It is a sad and frightening limbo and a most unholy makeshift asylum." Even Venkman declared that it was "too depressing" to watch the goings-on inside. Once Tiamat assumed total control of Ray, she punched the hull of the unit and threatened to cause a physical rupture that would overload the grid, set off a chain reaction resulting in a massive explosion and lastly release all captured entities. As Egon and Donatello worked on the Interspatial Teleportation Unit, they compensated for potential power surges but it still caused an intense drain on the grid's power supply when turned on.
Egon wasn't so sure the Electromagnetic Pulse Emitter affected it despite the psychokinetic energy signature.
They successfully prevented catastrophe and Tribeca was once again spared from being turned into a smoking crater.

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