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The Home Storage Dubai is also your one stop shop for boxes, tape, padding material, locks and more! Located at the cross-roads of Asia, Europe and Africa, Dubai is well positioned to attract tourists looking for somewhere new and different, a destination combining the traditions of the east with the comforts of the west.
Both business travelers and tourists find that Dubai offers the highest standards of comfort and luxury.
The United Arab Emirates are home to virtually all the self storage facilities in the Middle East, with the majority of them being located in Dubai. Big Yellow Self Storage’s Dubai facility itself consists of 5 buildings on a 280,000 square foot (sq ft) site in the International Media Production Zone, a tax-free business park in the heart of the city. Self storage is a growing business in Dubai, fuelled by a lack of alternative options for storage.
These include fairly large numbers of people from rich countries – over 100,000 Britons, plus other Europeans, Americans and Australians – who are wealthy enough to afford self storage, and are used to the concept of self storage from their home countries. 2)      Any warehouse or self storage facility in Dubai (or anywhere else in the Middle East, for that matter), needs to have air conditioning to protect the goods it contains. Despite the slowdown in Dubai’s economy caused by the recent recession, continually high oil prices caused by ever-increasing demand bode very well for the self storage industry’s long term future.
For a free rate quote or more information, call, email or instant message one of our friendly storage specialists.
We understand how difficult it can be to part with your belongings, whether they're your grandmother's porcelain doll collection or your old rock and roll records, so we want to provide you with clean and safe self storage facilities you can trust. So quick and resourceful- things are fixed around the house that had been bugging me for half a year in no time at all.
With hundreds of locations nationwide, The Home Storage Dubai is taking the hassle out of storage and making it simple.

As befits a dynamic and prosperous business centre, Dubai's ultramodern hotels offer every luxury. Six different companies have emerged there in the last decade who offer self storage space to consumers. Big Yellow Self Storage have opened two overseas franchise stores in the Middle-East, one in Dubai and the other in Bahrain, by teaming up with local partners who build and run the stores. It is ‘one of the most advanced warehousing structures in the Middle East’, according to Ryan Cornelius, the head of Big Yellow FZ, the franchise which runs it. Many of the new homes put up during Dubai’s property boom in the last decade lacked enough storage space, while rapid economic growth has led to a shortage of warehousing. It is one of the few countries in the world where immigrants outnumber citizens, with over 80% of the population having been born overseas. The temperature outside is regularly in excess of 400C throughout the summer, when it is also extremely humid.
One of its firms, Sentinel Self Storage, leases 100 sq ft for 1,000 AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham) per month, or 19,200 AED a year. When you factor in the size of this self storage unit, it means that the price is over ?35 per square foot for twelve months. This self storage unit would be 192 AED a square foot per year; by contrast, property website Better Homes offers a 3 bedroom apartment in Dubai’s trendy marina development for just 79 AED a square foot per year. Whatever the reason- different closing dates, construction delays, or something else, Dubai Truck has the storage solution you need. The best part is that our self storage facilities save you time and effort, as well as money. With the click of a mouse, you can choose your space, reserve a unit, make a payment and more!

In both of these ventures, Big Yellow Self Storage has provided technical expertise and licensed its brand in return for a fee and a percentage of the revenues they generate, meaning they make a profit without having to invest capital. These are mostly short-term, migrant labourers drawn to the country by the huge manpower requirements of the oil, construction and service industries. Abughazaleh’s firm, Storall, actually offers a traditional 3PL (third-party-logistics) warehousing and transport service on the same site as their self storage business. By comparison, ?25 a square foot per year would be considered a lot for self storage in the UK, and is about the ceiling of what the biggest companies charge in their central London facilities. I found that their flexibility and willingness to help an outstanding quality and very rare today. As one of the UAE's best independent storage operations, you'll always find a storage facility that is convenient and clean.
It means that many people may not expect to remain in the country long-term, and so choose to rent instead of buying property, giving them greater storage needs.
We also offer portable storage services nationwide to provide our customers convenient storage solutions.
Many of our locations have heated and cooled spaces, video surveillance monitoring, secure gated access, RV and boat parking and moving truck rentals.
We supply the moving professionals, truck and all the essential tools and moving equipment to make your storage seamless.

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