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Lightweight versions for boats and RVs are available, and you can get a matching ottoman safe if you like. Secret Compartment Furniture has one of the widest selections I’ve seen of attractive handmade furnishings with hidden compartments for your firearms or other valuables. LedgeLOKR shelves allow you to hide items in a locking compartment inside a high quality, good-looking wood shelf. New Jersey Concealment Furniture lists quite a few products on their website, from peg board coat racks to wall shelves, hutches, night stands, and more. A lifelong hunter and shooter, Russ Chastain has made it a point to learn much about hunting, shooting, guns, ammunition, gunsmithing, reloading, and bullet casting.
SOCAR, the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic and Aurora Progress, the Swiss based commodity trading house, have announced today that they will partner in the development of oil storage facilities, including the new 641,000m3 oil products storage terminal being built in the Port of Fujairah, in the United Arab Emirates. SOCAR Trading may itself rent some of the capacity in the terminals under development, but first and foremost these are going to be tank storage operations that will be providing first rate services to customers. There are a number of places which embody the ideas of Long Now thinking: nuclear waste repositories, historical sites, and other long-term structures are all excellent places to look for Long Now inspiration. Welcome to the underground bunker where the Mormons keep their genealogical backup data, deep in the solid granite cliffs of Little Cottonwood Canyon, outside Salt Lake City, Utah. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been collecting genealogical data from all the sources it can get its hands on, from all over the world, for over 100 years. While the Mormon Genealogical Archives don't give public tours of the granite vaults where all the original microfilm is kept for security and preservation reasons, in special cases -- in this case to Steward Brand and Alexander Rose of the Long Now Foundation -- access is granted. The largest contaminant of their microfilm is, in fact, blue jean lint brought in by the workers!
Upon entering the gate, the first question comes up… "Why doesn't anyone park near the entrance?" There is a good reason.
Past the front lateral tunnel one steps through double doors, and a large bank vault style door, into one of the 750-foot-long tunnels going back into the archives.
Regardless, the Mormon Genealogical Archives are an inspiration for Long Now thinking and in showing the Archives the Church was both helpful and open. Subscribe to the Atlas Obscura Newsletter and get our latest, delivered straight to your inbox.
It often keeps firearms conveniently stored in the areas where you spend most of your time in case of emergency.

Here are a few products that may give you an idea of what’s out there for hiding your stuff in plain sight. Their products are handmade by Amish craftsmen and are built to order so you can easily customize any of the items you see on their site.
Several sizes are available, and they also offer non-mechanical versions that look the same so you can balance your decor without breaking the bank. The development in Fujairah is in a key trading hub where volumes are increasing substantially -- clearly this is a strategic asset for the future development of the SOCAR group," said SOCAR Trading CFO Zaur Gahramanov. The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic is responsible for managing all oil and gas assets and activities for the Republic of Azerbaijan. SOCAR AURORA will be an independent terminal operator offering storage capacity to third parties. But there is one facility, though hard to gain access to, which is an amazing example of long-term thinking, and it is not what you might expect. The Mormons have become the largest such repository, and the data itself is open to anyone who uses their website, or comes to their buildings in downtown Salt Lake City.
The archivists use microfilm mainly because there is not yet a longer-lasting digital equivalent.
It turns out that boulders occasionally cleave off the rock face above, caused by the freezing and thawing of water in the cracks of the rock.
The only thing giving away the strangeness of the location was the curved corrugated metal ceiling and walls.
These are all connected by lateral tunnels holding impossibly long rows of skinny microfilm drawers. In the deepest tunnel, through a door, is the only part of the facility where one can see exposed rock.
It has already had to relieve water pressure under the floors and walls, and allow it to drain. Drawing attention to your guns by hanging them on the wall or displaying them in a glass case may cause them to become targets of theft.
They’ve got shorter ones as seen in the photo, plus longer ones for storing rifles or shotguns. The company holds a direct stake in the Azerbaijan International Operating Company, which operates the giant ACG oil fields in the Caspian Sea, as well as in the 1 million barrel-per-day BTC crude export pipeline between Baku and the port of Ceyhan in Turkey.

In recognition of the partnership we will be renaming this facility the 'SOCAR AURORA Fujairah Terminal," he added.
The Port of Fujairah is commissioning this year a new multi berth facility for the receipt and loading of oil tankers.
However, they are also digitizing their holdings and collecting more and more information digitally for easier dissemination. Another difference from an average office building is that the design life of the archive is said to be "1000 years." The facility was built in the '60s (likely a product of cold war fear) so it is now about 45 years into its intended design life, and roughly sixty full time workers currently bustle about with microfilm, scanning in the front lateral tunnel near the daylight. The infinite repetition and forced perspective reminds one of the "we need lots of guns" scene from The Matrix.
A small cement wall is built up here to trap the water dripping from the micro cracks in the rock above. Having them out in the open allows them to get dusty and may let children or other untrained people handle them. In addition, SOCAR is responsible for marketing all State volumes on the part of the Azerbaijan State Oil Fund SOFAZ, and holds participations in a range of other onshore and offshore fields and projects in Azerbaijan including its large new gas fields like Shah Deniz and Absheron. Ammar Kutait has been appointed as CEO of the Joint Venture with the appointment of the CFO to be made shortly.
Each drawer is numbered with a simple set of digits, the film number, given in order of collection, and is indexed "in an Oracle database" according to the lead archivist, though this begs some questions about the long-term viability of such database software.
The long, narrow hallway filled with water from a slow drip reminds one of the Fremen water caches from Frank Herbert’s Dune. Also, concealment may save you from losing valuable firearms if your home is burglarized when you’re away.
The water itself, having dripped through the huge filtration system that is the mountain, is cold and quite tasty.

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