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These clear property storage bags offer efficient storage for inmate belongings while they’re in the juvenile detention center. These efficient, reusable personal property bags are constructed of lightweight mesh to keep cost down. The reusable soft-sided bags provide secure storage for personal property and evidence and work great for organizing items stored on shelves. These solid nylon mesh garment storage bags include reinforced vinyl at the top and bottom and have lockable zippers to secure entire contents of the bag. Find more personal property storage bags for your juvenile detention center at StoreMoreStore.
The post Inmate Personal Property Storage Bags for Juvenile Detention Centers appeared first on The Store Blog. New: Economy Box Lockers It’s important to offer your customers or employees personal storage options to keep their items secure while still staying within your budget. Artwork & Painting Cubbies with Dividers When it comes to storing valuable artwork and paintings, not just any type of shelving will do. Keyless Locks for Wood Laminate Lockers As businesses and technologies expand, the demand for keyless and electronic locks is also growing.

Wire Supply Storage Racks & Carts Supply storage racks and carts with wire baskets are now available to facilitate improved organization and access to stored items. Hospital Bed Lifts One of the fastest ways hospital space is used up is from the inefficient storage of unused or broken hospital beds, gurneys, and stretchers. Stackable Locker Cubes: Customization Without Customized Price Why pay more for custom locker configurations when you could make your own?
With the open carry law taking effect in Texas, many businesses and government facilities may be considering pistol and small firearm storage more than they had before. Storing Sports & Athletic Equipment Wall mounted steel racks provide an easy way to store athletic and sports equipment easily while keeping everything organized and properly stored.
All welded mesh ventilated equipment lockers provide high visibility, ventilation, and security for whatever you store. Locker room benches and pedestals are available for changing room seating in rec centers, gyms, country clubs, fitness centers, pools, and more.
When you’re in a hospital or healthcare facility, the last thing you want to worry about is seating.
Storing Rolled Cables, Reels, & Wires Incorrect storage of wire spools and cables can cause them to become deformed and damaged.

Inmates arrive with property that needs to be stored while they are incarcerated, and they also keep personal property in their cells. The clear bags are designed for maximum efficiency by standardizing size and quantity of inmate property. They are also an excellent alternative to hard-side in-cell units that can be broken and fashioned into weapons. StoreMoreStore offers a variety of personal property storage bags for juvenile detention centers. It's that easy!Store All Different Sizes of Bikes in One Bike Storage RackOur Bike Storage Racks will house small bikes or large bikes all in the same rack.
They are modular to fit your space requirements and easily adjustable for various bike sizes.
For more information on law enforcement bike storage racks for property and evidence, please send us a message or call us toll free at 1-800-803-1083.

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