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Does the game’s music and sound effects get you involved or do they make you resolve to always play with the volume down?
The BuzzNav is basically a 24-hour Pokémon news network, which you can keep open on the bottom screen. The DexNav and AreaNav are less peripheral, as they offer details about the world and its features in the form of an overhead map and a scanner looking for nearby Pokémon.
Email the author Kyle Hilliard, or follow on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Game Informer. Of all of the various installments in the Pokemon game franchise, Ruby and Sapphire are easily my third favorite.
There are several people walking around the inside of the ship, but nobody within the two halls is a Pokemon trainer. After dealing with the Ancient Pokemon in the Cave of Origin, return to the Sea Mauville to deal with two more optional quests. Enter the interior, surf and dive to the east side of the ship, and enter the first door on the left. Dive into the dark water spot at the south side of the interior of the ship, then swim down the stairs to reach the engine room. Sea Mauville (Japanese: ?????? Sea Kinsetsu) is a decrepit research facility in the Hoenn region located to the north of Route 108. Sea Mauville includes both the decrepit platform itself as well as the water area and sandbar outside of the facility; the northern exterior can only be accessed by travelling underwater inside the platform using Dive. Sea Mauville takes the place of the Abandoned Ship from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.
In Omega Ruby, a portal appears at the end of the beam that extends a significant distance west and upwards from the platform if the player has the Clear Bell; interacting with this portal will initiate a battle with Ho-Oh. Sea Mauville was a facility commissioned by Greater Mauville Holdings and led by Wattson to extract the natural resources of the ocean. The bookshelf that the player examines in order to fight Spiritomb holds papers describing that Raizoh Cozmo was held responsible for losing an Odd Keystone that was donated to the Sea Mauville by the Oreburgh Mine in Sinnoh. Due to the rotation of the camera upon stepping on the platform from the southern exterior, the player needs to press left on the D-pad or circle pad to move north, with all other cardinal directions rotated accordingly.
Sea Mauville cannot be accessed without Surf, so all items located here require Surf to obtain.

The storage hold can only be accessed from the northern exterior of the platform, so Dive is required to access the room. A colored background means that the Pokemon can be found in this location in the specified game.
You make your way through a saccharine story about balance and nature while collecting creatures to battle with others who share your hobby. I was even allowed to capture Pokémon before being formally instructed, showing Game Freak recognizes many players picking up these remakes are already familiar with the basics.
Forgettable distractions like Pokémon-Amie and Super Training also return, and are best left ignored.
It is surprisingly successful at making the Hoenn region feel alive with updates happening in the world.
You have most of your badges by the time you finally get to take off and fly above Hoenn, but it’s worth the wait. Inside the room is a Dive Ball and two Pokemon trainers who will challenge you to a double battle. The second part of the structure can only be accessed by using Dive and contains the Scanner. In Alpha Sapphire, a portal appears at control desk in the submerged control room if the player has the Tidal Bell; interacting with this portal will initiate a battle with Lugia.
If the player then stands in the top-left corner of the room and opens a menu such that they cannot see the overworld, upon returning the screen to display the overworld the Odd Keystone will appear, enabling the player to battle Spiritomb. Members of the staff included Captain Stern, Dock, Professor Cozmo's father Raizoh, and Cap'n Salty.
The text of the document differs depending on whether Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire is being played. It was so fun playing together again and going to see the star show, too, even if it was just the two of us. While the camera is not oriented this way while the player is in the southern exterior, it is while in the northern exterior.
Thankfully, the changes in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are quite good, and these titles (remade from their original Game Boy Advance versions) also bring forward many of the best lessons learned from X & Y. Building your army and watching them grow and evolve continues to be rewarding, and the addition of new and returning Mega Evolutions offers extra incentive to explore.

That attention to pacing continues throughout; I never felt slowed down by text or unsure about where to go next. I laughed out loud when I saw quotes I had written for a pair of newscasters (who I had battled earlier) appear on the channel. It gives players of the original Ruby and Sapphire a new perspective on the world (alongside the 3D upgrade), but even for those visiting Hoenn for the first time, seeing and controlling Pokémon in the air is exciting. It scratches the Animal Crossing itch of organizing a home, but in the middle of an RPG about collecting and fighting monsters, I didn’t feel particularly compelled to inspect and re-organize my room every time I found a new piece of furniture. The online performs well and the similarity to last year’s systems is a good thing as it brings back the enjoyable Wonder and Global Trade systems. This ship has multiple levels, and can only be fully explored after learning HM07 Dive and earning the Mind Badge. There won't be anything in the basement unless you return after Sootopolis City, and if you're playing Alpha Sapphire. He'll take the Scanner off your hands and give you the Clear Bell (Omega Ruby) or Tidal Bell (Alpha Sapphire).
The Odd Keystone will also appear if the player saves at that position and loads that save; in this case, this effectively means that the player cannot continue without battling Spiritomb. I even got automatically transported to the next story section on a few occasions to avoid excessive backtracking. It’s a handy tool for completionists, and a delightfully dangerous one for aspiring completionists who were never quite able to go all the way.
Having a better sense of which creatures I still need and where to get them is something I’ve been craving, and it makes this iteration in the series my personal favorite. After its closure, an environmental survey discovered that the ruins had created a unique habitat for Pokemon and plants, such as mangroves, which only grow there and in Mossdeep City.
There are also some Pokémon you will only find in one game and not the other to encourage trading. Because of this, its demolition was canceled, and the ruin was revived as a natural preserve.

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