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Quirky bus and soldier wallpaper with Union Jack accessories create a fun feel in this bedroom. Like most first time buyers, I’m slowly but surely putting my mark on the place with a pretty limited budget and not a whole lot of experience - but bags of enthusiasm. I’ll be sharing the highs and lows of redecorating and renovation on The Relaxed Home – a place for inspiration and shared experiences on the wonderful ride that is homeownership.
If space and light are high on your priority list (and aren’t they for everyone?) take a look at this beautiful South London townhouse for inspiration.
Feature image: The Guardian Gone are the days when searching for a new home in London meant scouring dodgy estate agent windows and booking a viewing with no idea what awaited inside. Living Room and Hall interiorsAs the living room is a room in which you spend most of your time it is essential for everything to be created around you to fit you. Exciting Ideas for Your Living RoomWhen starting off designing your living room you may of already have an idea of how you envisage it to look already.
Working through the customer’s requirements, we created a specification list (as noted below) as well as some additional items, including flashing beacons, emergency exit lights (including battery back-up) and push bar fire-exit door. The container was re-sprayed in a RAL white colour and internally insulated and lined in our white finish.  As the images show, the conversion works were carried out to a high standard.
In terms of the electrics, we fitted the container with bulkhead emergency lighting, which would activate in case of a power-out (i.e.

FREEPHONE 0800 0285 634 (landlines only) or 01707 648 400 with your requirements and we will give you a quote immediately. GalleryView more photos of the containers, site offices, welfare units and canteens, toilets and container conversions. I'm Liz, Editor of Housetohome and proud first time homeowner of the smallest two up two down south of the river (a Wendy house, if you will). Expect lots of ideas for making your home - whatever size and shape - a relaxing place you can't wait to spend time in. Is it when the daffs are out, the birds are doing their thing, and the big yellow ball in the sky seems to be producing a bit of warmth? These days, we’ll have surveyed the area via Google Street View and enjoyed a 360-degree virtual tour from the comfort of our sofa before we send our first speculative email.
Designed to hold Bose woofer with sky and blu ray player, storage cupboard for blu rays etc has touch open doors with mitred edges. At London Bespoke Interiors we understand the importance of having bespoke living room furniture, as it can create the perfect place to relax and unwind. As the focal point of the house you will want everything to be perfect, with all the characteristic points of the room having style and usability, whether it is a bespoke TV cabinet, alcove cupboard or a coffee table. The decor is relaxed and simple and the whole space is deliciously uncluttered thanks to clever storage solutions.

The great thing about having all your furniture tailor made around you is that you have the say on every design aspect on how everything turns out.Our Design Team Are Here to HelpOur designers will work with you to use the space that you have and make sure that you can achieve its full potential by creating bespoke furniture.
Having new and unique ideas when designing your living room can be extremely exciting, with the design team from London Furniture you can be sure to create the perfect for haven for you.Create and style the Space Around YouYou may use your living room as a place to chill out and read a good book in front of the fire, or you could base your whole room around your TV system in which we can create incredible bespoke media units for you which can create a very stylish and neat image. Whether you are going for a contemporary, traditional or modern look, our designers have the experience and the skill to make sure that it is up to the highest of standards. For those who enjoy a book or two, we can create beautiful shelving units which are tailor made to the style and design of the rest of your house.A Wide Range of Finishes for Your FurnitureWhen you have all your ideas in place of how you would like your furniture styled and designed it is important then to decide what type of finish you would like it in.
The same goes for fitted furniture, if you are looking for classical tables and units or exceptional and distinctive pieces of furniture designed for you, we will be sure to deliver.Look through our previous work and see if you get any inspiration for bespoke living room furniture.
At London Bespoke Interiors we have so many choices to choose from, when dealing with our sprayed finishes we have a huge selection of colours to choose from varying from rich, fresh, warm and clean meaning you will be able to find something perfect to match the mood of your house. Two other finishes we have which can make your bespoke furniture that little bit more tailor made for you, is by picking one of our veneered panels or melamine faced chipboards.

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