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This bookcase rolls in and out of the doorway to allow access to a secret gun closet behind. Possibly the most important part of the build is figuring out how to hinge all the weight a bookcase will carry. It wasn’t about hiding a shotgun or anything for that matter, just a fun project to do.
I found castors were a pain though, so I just let the bookcase slide on the carpet, which worked surprisingly well. A lot of people let their hidden whatevers come into contact with the floor which leaves marks.
Looks like a beautiful build; this is the style I plan on going with when I build my private library. I have a bookcase door in my house that was built by the contractors with all OTS parts, sorry I don’t have more specific info but it IS doable with commercial parts.
I can’t take all the credit, me and my buddy (seen hooded in the video lol) did it at his house. I would have used small stool sized ball bearing turntable, availability biggest box store or online. You could reduce some of the hinging and balance problems by putting a turntable directly under the center of the bookcase. Does this meet the requirements for legally storing firearms or do you still need an actual gun safe behind the hidden door? Apart from believing that civilians should be be allowed to own guns, let alone store them loaded in their home, I also don’t think the mechanism for opening will prevent the guns from being stolen, which is one of the biggest reasons not to let civilians own guns. It is not uncommon for a burglar to ransack the place, trashing everything including the book-shelfs. Well, If you look at the argument that people need guns to protect their families and homes, then you need to ask the question : do guns really protect or just provide the illusion of protection?
The odds that you will ever use your gun for protection is statistically smaller then it being stolen. In a society where guns are arbitrarily available and accepted, which is really a culture of violence, it is nearly impossible to root out the gun existing in illegality due to the sheer number and the difficulty in recognizing them. Custom EngineeringYou can purchase predesigned structures or our engineers can work with you to fully customize a solution to meet your unique needs. Friendly SalesOur experienced sales engineers will be happy to help you find the best safety structure, or safe room for your needs and budget.
Peace of MindOur life safety and security structures provide peace of mind to you and your family in the event of a home invasion or severe weather. Fini le temps ou l’espace sous escalier prenait la poussiere inutilement, desormais cette surface est completement utilisee ! C’est un veritable espace qui peut etre amenage pour le rangement des chaussures, des vetements, des livres et meme des velos  sous l’escalier c’est possible ! Un rangement sous l’escalier fute puisque double emploi grace a sa porte etageres et son interieur spacieux. A l’origine on ne voyait que des etageres, pratique pour y entreposer des affaires au vu et au su de tous. Des placards verticaux de plusieurs tailles sous l’escalier pour ranger efficacement la maison. Une grande etagere bibliotheque sous l’escalier un rangement ideal pour les lectures de toute la maison. Vous n’avez plus de place dans vos penderies et vous ne savez plus ou mettre vos effets personnels ?

Des velos suspendus sous l’escalier pour recuperer de la surface dans les petits espaces ! Des etageres pour la cuisine sous l’escalier, une facon originale de ranger casseroles et autres bols. Un rangement de chaussures sous les marches de l’escalier, une solution intelligente pour entreposer les souliers.
Des marches d’escalier tiroirs remplacant le meuble a chaussures, c’est le pied ! Comble du rangement sous escalier avec ces marches multifonctions a la fois tiroirs lateraux, faciaux et petits box de rangements. I updated this because the download link expired a long time ago and I lost the world since I made a total reset of my computer.
Otherwise the perp simply needs to wait for the person with the combo to show up and convince them to open it.
This isn’t at my house, but I can assure you the guy is more than responsible with his firearms. Some are illegally imported, some are straw purchases, a certain number are embezzled and sold by dirty gun shop owners and a certain amount is stolen out of legality.
So for every X guns legally bought, you put Y guns on the street which you have a very poor chance of protecting yourself against. I would expect sensible and honest people to give up the guns before the idiots who are more likely to do harm, but soon enough these will be located due to the mentality change and, like in Australia, crime will go down. Safe Room is proud to work with residents, business and local government agencies in providing safety solutions that can protect you, your family, your employees, or the entire residents of a community. In fact, many schools these days have at least one or two liaison officers that actually work at the school.
Etageres, bureau ou placards, la place disponible sous les escaliers s’optimise pour amenager un espace fonctionnel.
De quoi optimiser l’espace et trouver une solution rangement maison d’une facon originale et astucieuse !
Une multitude de solutions rangements pratiques et spacieux pour entreposer un bon nombre d’affaires.
Leur hauteur permet de conserver la surface de rangement au sol utilisable de differentes manieres. De petites cases permettent le rangement d’un grand nombres de bouquins pour eviter d’encombrer la maison avec un immense meuble bibliotheque. Pratique pour les sportifs qui n’ont pas de garage ou pour les parents d’enfants actifs sur deux roues, ce systeme de rangement sous escalier constitue une reelle bonne idee pour entreposer des objets encombrants ! Loin de cacher les accessoires, ces etageres les mettent en valeur tout en permettant de gagner de la place dans les tiroirs des meubles de cuisine.
Directement incrustes dans l’escalier, ces tiroirs trouvent leur utilite en se transformant en stockage de chaussures.
Then again I have seen a grown man, drunk as all hang off a fridge door and nothing bad at all happened. The Safest safes are always concealed (and to actually get used by the owner, they need to be easily accessible). That number, however isn’t nearly as high as legal guns being used for domestic violence and suicides. Essentially everybody is stacking up the arsenal to protect themselves form them self, which only aggravates the problem.

With guns being less acceptable and all guns being illegal, the removal process of those items out of society will be a reachable goal.
Our safe room and storm shelters are designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. These officers need quick access to the right tactical gear and firearms in the event of a shooting. Un gain de place non negligeable dans la maison qui offre un reel espace de rangements et un recoin tranquille pour travailler. Ces etageres sont en realites integrees dans une porte qui cache un grand volume de rangement interieur. La surface sous l’escalier est completement utilisee et pensee pour un rangement optimal. Fonctionnel, il permet d’ordonner vetements et autres chaussures sans prendre de la place dans le placard.
Grace a l’installation de rails pour creer des espaces tiroirs ou encore la pose de charnieres pour inventer de petits box de rangements sous l’angle de la marche, cet escalier se mue en veritable meuble de rangement XXL !
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By welding the brackets on in place of the wheels he has a sturdy way to mount both the frame and the bookcase. Safety lockers are specifically designed to securely store weapons and gear so that school liaison officers have the access they need to protect students in harm’s way.Features of the Safety Locker Ensure Protection from Unauthorized AccessThe safety lockers have two compartments on top for storing small firearms, additional tactical gear, or evidence. Fermes ou ouverts, les  rangements sous escalier s’adaptent a l’infini a toutes vos envies ! Decorer dans un style comme ici en duo noir et blanc, le coin bureau sous l’escalier devient comme une vraie petite piece cosy, ouverte et deco.
Sous les marches sera alors bien cache tout ce que vous voulez garder secret et stocker a l’abri des regards indiscrets. So I made this super safe storage room thing with a Combination lock hooked up to a Piston Door. The lower compartment is for storing assault rifles, and is equipped with a special keypad lock that records an audit trail of each time the safety locker is accessed and who accessed it.
Une optimisation originale de l’espace sous un escalier peint en blanc pour ranger a volonte !
This adds an extra layer of security to ensure only the police department’s school liaison officer has access.Why Do School Liaison Officers Need This Storage Solution?If there is ever an active shooter on school property, officers need to quickly access the right firearm to protect endangered students. As you’d expect, just find the right hard-cover and tilt it toward you to open the hidden storage behind. Timing is everything in these situations, and having security lockers to store weapons saves valuable time.
Without safety lockers for assault rifles, an officer would have to leave the building to access his or her rifle in the squad car if there is an active shooter in the school, and in many cases will not make it back in time to stop the assailant before someone is injured.Contact Us for Safety Lockers for Your SchoolSouthwest Solutions Group® designs and installs safety lockers for police department school liaison officers.

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