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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This modular tongue and groove storage shed is perfect for keeping garden tools and machinery safe and dry through the year.
The 6' x 2'6" Tongue and Groove Modular Pent Garden Storage Shed is a practical and affordable building designed with space and accessability in mind. This durable vertical shed from Suncast is able to withstand temperature extremes and is designed to keep contents moisture-free. Suncast warrants to original purchaser only that the enclosed product is free from material and workmanship defects under normal household use at time of purchase. No, but then not much is unless you pay thousands of dollars to build a county permitted shed.
I believe it is hurricane resistant, BUT you should construct a platform and if possible, secure the sides to existing structures with brackets.. The pent roof design allows the shed to be erected in front of other outbuildings, as well as underneath trees. The exterior of the shed boasts high quality Shiplap cladding and to ensure the roof is fully protected, heavy duty sand felt has been included. You might also like to see the top 20 storage sheds currently on sale in the UK by visiting the WhatShed storage sheds awards league table. Considering this is building comes at such a low cost, it benefits from some pretty magnificent features.
This is a small, but deceptively spacious mid-range storage shed, ideal for light and medium weight tools and equipment. The doors are also unique in the fact that they are wider than they are on a lot of other storage sheds. It’s not uncommon to see a building of this size feature solid sheet materials on the floor and roof. This storage shed does need to be treated, but the good news is you may not necessarily have to treat it every single year. The reason spirit treatments don’t always need to be applied annually is because they penetrate within the timber, forming an excellent interior barrier.
If you keep up with the treatments in accordance to manufacturer instructions, you’ll benefit from the shed’s 10 year anti-rot warranty.
For us, the doors are one of the most exciting and unique features of this great little shed.
This shed doesn’t have windows and thanks to its size, this won’t cause a problem with lighting. So if security is one of your main concerns, we’d recommend getting rid of the pad bolts and instead opting for a hasp lock. No matter which Walton’s shed you look at, you’ll find there are almost always three customisation options available.
As for the extras, the 49mm weatherproof padlock, along with free hasp and staple, is worth considering. A couple of Draper accessories are also available though we don’t really see the point of these. Purchase this kit which will aid all shed building and installations.Features Brushes for painting and timber preservative treatments. I wanted to be able to store a snowblower and lawn mower without on the side of my house without taking as much space as a traditional shed would. The shed is made from tongue and grooved cladding which in addition to attractive looks provides a capable exterior for storage.
It is recommended however that you treat the pent storage yourself with a high quality preservative for maximum protection against the elements. Is it also possible to secure the back or sides to an adjacent structure (using angle brackets or something)? If you’re looking for something a little different with easy, efficient storage space then this is an excellent option.

Providing you meet the treatment requirements, the shed also comes with a great 10 year guarantee against rot.
Waltons have even thrown in a free 5L water based Golden Brown treatment, helping to save you even more money. We often find buildings with a pent roof don’t offer the same height benefits as apex roofs.
All three doors come with the same measurements and they give you the absolute maximum amount of space available.
As they offer a limited amount of storage space, it’s assumed you will only be keeping light to medium weight items in the building. If you do opt for a spirit treatment, you can always add this free water based one over the top.
Once the doors are open, natural light floods into the building and you’ll easily be able to see everything without the need for an additional light source. The first is numerous treatments which enable you to alter the colour of the shed, as well as providing weather resistance to the cladding. We do think the heavy duty felt that comes with the shed is a little thin, but it has been designed to withstand the test of time.
If on the off chance you could do with new DIY equipment such as the cordless drill or spirit level set on offer, then these are obviously going to be pretty useful. The Shiplap tongue and groove clad walls come with extraordinary durability, but the floor won’t last if you store anything heavy. However, compared to sheds of a similar size, this one offers a much better use of the space provided. It will take just a few hours at the most and we like the simplicity of the instructions provided. It’s one of the best quality small sheds we’ve seen and its range of impressive unique features really help it to stand out from the competition. If you only have a small amount of storage, you’ll find this offers more than enough space to accommodate it.
This treatment produces a stunning Red Cedar finish, allowing for a garden style to be continued.
Produces a all round great resistance to weathering as well as beautiful Light Brown finish.
Double doors provide optimum accessibility and these are framed for further support with a side access door allowing for quick and easy access when needed.
Since I live in hurricane-prone south Florida, I want to make sure that the rest of the shed won't blow away, leaving only the floor behind. It means you can get to all parts of the shed quickly and easily, making storage retrieval easier than ever. Whilst it only comes with solid sheet materials, you should find this sufficient enough to support medium weight storage. However, you can increase its storage potential by upgrading the floor, making it more capable of holding the weight of heavier items.
So with this in mind, solid sheet materials are more than adequate to support the weight of whatever you choose to keep in the shed. Known to be the most superior form of cladding, it offers an exceptional level of water resistance and adds incredible longevity to the building. This stops rain from soaking into the building; automatically directing it away from the timber and onto the floor. Already armed with a great weatherproof design, if you use a spirit based treatment on the shed you could potentially get away with treating it every two years. As rain and heavy winds wear down the outer barrier, they then have to break through the interior one which inevitably takes more time. Not only will this provide even more weather protection, but it will also ensure you still benefit from the attractive Golden Brown finish. At the front of the building, large double doors open out to almost the full width of the building.
A free treatment is included with this shed so technically you won’t need to buy another unless you fancy a different colour.

The superior duty felt will simply give you much better peace of mind due to its tough fibreglass construction. However, as the building isn’t really designed as a workshop and it would be too small to work in, we feel these accessories by this well-known manufacturer aren’t really needed.
We do feel improvements could be made there, but for the price you are paying we feel you’ll be really surprised just how great the quality actually is.
So you do need to spend a small amount upgrading this to really benefit from decent longevity. It can easily accommodate the same amount of storage as some slightly larger 6×4 buildings. I'll also be able to put more in as the interior was more spacious than I thought it would be. I realize there's probably not much that can be done to make it hurricane-proof, but I want to be sure that the sides won't get blown off the base too easily.
For better peace of mind you can also upgrade the floor with the Waltons extra strength support pack.
What makes it stand out from a lot of other small storage sheds is its impressive height, making it an ideal place to store tall equipment. What’s more, the back is higher than the front, giving it a unique style and making it suitable for installation in front of other buildings. The roof’s board measures 8mm thick and the floor measures 10mm thick which is exactly what you’ll find in many other buildings. It benefits from a fantastically tall design and what’s more, the pent feature means you benefit from great height throughout the entire building, not just centrally like the apex roof design. Of course, not all spirit treatments are created to the same high standard so we do recommend choosing a well-known, reliable brand.
Just be aware that the colour won’t be as prominent when placed over a spirit treatment, as it would be if it was simply applied to the wood.
Without a padlock, pad bolts won’t do much in terms of keeping thieves out of the building, though they can help to stop young children from getting inside. The main treatments available are ‘Duck’s Back’ branded which come with a wax enriched formula.
It’s straight forward to add on to the building too thanks to its self-adhesive installation. So if you want to expand the sheds storage potential, upgrading with this inexpensive extra strength floor kit would be a good idea. Offering excellent value for money, you’ll find it hard to beat this impressive little shed.
You might also consult with local Home Depot hardware specialists on what tie-downs they suggest and offer.We appreciate your concerns and thank you for your interest in Suncast products.
It also offers excellent water resistance, draining rainwater down the front of the gentle sloping roof, straight onto the floor. This gives it an interlocking structure, further increasing its protection against the weather and ensuring it has a more stable structure. However, even if you invest in the exceptional quality padlock on offer from Waltons, there’s still a small security risk in the fact the actual padlocks wouldn’t take too much effort to remove. The pent roof and 3 door entry give it a more unique design and really help it to stand out from the competition.
Ita€™s fashioned with double-wall resin and is outfitted with adjoining door handles to attach a separately-sold padlock. So if you’re looking for a shed that has more than ample storage space, won’t take up much room in the garden and which offers something most other sheds don’t, this is definitely the right choice for you. So in terms of getting your equipment and tools into the building, you’ll have an enormous level of space to work with.
We really like that you can access the building from two different angles, ensuring you can get to different tools and equipment without having to move everything.

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