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TUFF SHED has been America’s leading supplier of storage buildings and garages for the past 30 years.
Every TUFF SHED building is constructed with high-quality materials and includes free installation, innovative engineering and design, and industry-leading warranty coverage. TUFF SHED Denver provides a variety of storage solutions including storage sheds, installed garages, specialty structures and custom buildings.
What makes the Ranch Style Shed one of the most popular sheds in the country and one of the biggest selling sheds at A-Shed?
Height a€” 7a€™ Sidewalls (6a€™9a€? inside measurement) makes it less intrusive in the yard and to neighbors where height may be a concern but still allows for windows and our larger than normal shed door to be installed in any of the four walls. Roof Line a€” Matches most typical home construction and is customizable with different roof pitch options as well as larger than our standard 4a€? Overhangs.
Appearance a€” We have the ability to match it as closely to your house as you would like or set it off as a a€?Stand Alonea€? with ita€™s own unique character. Fully Customizable a€” We have seen hundreds of Ranch Style Sheds become Playhouses, Pool Equipment Covers, Mancaves, Craft Rooms, Out housesa€¦ The only limiting factor is your imagination. With the Ten Year Warranty we provide, we must use the best material and the best building practices. Our obligation under this warranty shall be limited to the repair or exchange of any paint or parts of your A-SHED product which our examination shall disclose to our satisfaction to be defective. THE WARRANTIES SET FORTH HEREIN ARE EXPRESSLY IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR USE. THIS WARRANTY SHALL NOT APPLY TO ANY A-SHED PRODUCT OR ANY PART THERE OF WHICH HAS BEEN SUBJECT TO MISUSE, ALTERATION NEGLIGENCE OR ACCIDENT OR WHICH HAS BEEN DAMAGED BY ANY ACT OF GOD OR VANDALISM OR THEFT OR OTHER EVENT WHICH IS CUSTOMARILY COVERED BY HOME OWNERS INSURANCE. THE BUYER SHALL BE LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF THE RESPECTIVE MANUFACTURES OF MATERIALS WHICH EXCEED A-SHED WARRANTY ( BUYER MEANS ORIGINAL PERSON TO WHOME THE A-SHED PRODUCT WAS INSTALLED.
We are an online distributor of nice quality kitchen and bath cabinets that are available in under 2 weeks in any style. What is a Shed?A shed is a simple, usually single-story structure generally located in a garden or backyard that is used for storage, hobbies, or as a workshop.
Smaller sheds are typically used to store garden tools and equipment such as lawn mowers, lawn tractors, and gardening supplies. Domestic sheds are commonly constructed of wood and include features typically found in house construction such as windows, a shingled roof, and electricity.

Sheds are completely customizable across the board to match features such as trim, siding, roofing, and design of the main home. Sheds can be built to specific uses such as Gardening, Bike Storage, Boat Storage, Agricultural, Farming, Playhouses, Home Offices and much more.
If you have a need for an outdoor building, A-Shed USA can help you from a standard configuration, to a completely customized building to meet your needs.
Whether you are looking to start or expand an existing space, A-Shed USA allows you to tap into the know-how of our knowledge and experience and help you design and build it. Many of our customers only know us for our quality custom storage sheds and top quality garages.
We are committed to providing quality products and service to our customers across the country, including those in the Denver area. TUFF SHED also caters to the specific needs of customers in the Denver area and constructs quality buildings that are built to withstand the elements and meet local building requirements. We offer a wide variety of garages in the Denver area, helping to protect your vehicle with both attached garages and detached garages. In order for this warranty to be valid, all siding must be painted within ninety (90) days of installation (proof of paint purchase required). These buildings are located at Rollin Stone Auto Sales in Strasburg and next to the old NAPA in Conifer. Our Super Barn towers over other barns providing you some serious cubic footage for all of your storage needs. The New Oxford American Dictionary defines a shed as a€?a simple roofed structure, typically made of wood or metal, used as a storage space, a shelter for animals, or a workshopa€?. From small open-sided structures such as a lean to, to large wood-framed sheds complete with shingle roofs, locking doors, windows, and electrical outlets. Sheds are also great for storing items that are not suitable for indoor storage such as gasoline, pesticides or herbicides. Larger sheds provide more space for hobbies such as gardening, engine repair, or other forms of tinkering.
As well as matching the home, a number of decorative features can be added such as dormers, shutters, finials, weathervanes, and flower-boxes. When you build a custom building A-Shed, we provide you with flexibility and the most economical and efficient construction process available so that you get the building you want for less money, and in a shorter timeframe.

A 10-year warranty accompanies every product we build, to prove our resolve to provide you with more for less. Sometimes they are surprised to find out we build highly customized structures such as small commercial buildings, living quarters, and even cabins. As a Colorado based company, TUFF SHED knows the importance quality construction and durability. So whether you’re looking for a quality constructed tool shed, garden shed or garage, TUFF SHED Denver has a building to meet your needs. DOES NOT ASSUME AND DOES NOT AUTHORIZE ANY OTHER PERSON TO ASSUME FOR IT ANY OTHER LIABILITY IN CONNECTION WITH TTHE SALE OF THIS A-SHED PRODUCT. 12x12 base barns or sheds are priced at $1600, 12x24 base barns or sheds are priced at $2800. Some sheds have small porches or furniture to allow them to be used for relaxation purposes. Practical options can also be added such as benches, ventilation systems, ramps, and electric heating and lighting. Each building is designed to be customized to the size and style you have requested and is engineered to handle specific wind and snow loads of your buildings location. Although carports and garages are our bread and butter, we've custom built many different structures for many different uses.
TUFF SHED Denver serves the entire Denver, Colorado area, including Littleton, Boulder, Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley. In some cases, sheds are used as a€?home officesa€? for teleworkers, and other people that want to work from home, but have a separate office outside their home. Sheds that are designed for gardening often have features such as windows, skylights, a pottera€™s bench for mixing soil, and ventilation grilles.
That's why custom features like roof pitch, shingles, paint colors, and exterior surfaces typically don't pose any problem.
Also select from these differant options such as feeders,dividers,windows,doors,skylights,waterers and runs.

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