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There are many things that we need to consider when it comes time to weigh up the many different types of water storage solutions on the market.
If you are heading out into an arid region such as the Simpson Desert, you are going to need considerably more water than you would need to carry in a place like the High Country, which is full of reliable water sources. Wayne Thomas from Mangali Tours is a veteran tourer who has logged up hundreds of thousands of kilometres all across the country. One popular method of storing water is the do-it-yourself PVC tubes that you see commonly mounted to the roof racks of 4WDs. It has been widely reported that fungi and mould can grow very quickly in these tanks due to the constant and broad temperature fluctuations, and of course this is the last thing that you need to be dealing with in an emergency situation.
Another thing to consider with homemade PVC tanks is the nasty taste that they impart on the water. There are many methods for storing your drinking water safely, from bladders that sit on the floor of your 4WD, to elaborate stainless steel purpose-built containers that offer the ultimate in protection and capacity. A handy tip from Ash Jolley at Perth 4x4 is to keep your water supply in at least two or more separate containers.
Poly-plastic units are great because they're lightweight, extremely durable and kind to your 4WD's interior. It's hard to go past a 20L jerry can of water, because it's easily transportable, offers a great backup to your main tank and – presuming you're using a plastic, water-specific jerry – is able to be transported within the vehicle. The key to smart and safe water storage is to keep it positioned as low and as central as possible.
A popular solution with a lot of touring 4WDers is to mount an underbody tank that doesn't encroach on your cargo area and has the added benefit of keeping the centre of gravity low. Where possible, it is advisable to avoid storing your drinking water on the roof of your fourby. Perhaps the most important thing to consider when you are planning your big trip is how you are going to keep up a steady supply of safe drinking water. If you do find yourself in a situation where you have to take water from a source where the quality is unknown, there are steps you can take to lessen the risk of illness from impurities or bacteria.
I'm not heading to the Outback anytime soon, but these tips for carrying and bringing water are good for anyone getting away from civilization for a while!
Spaces are allowed; punctuation is not allowed except for periods, hyphens, and underscores. Bars N Racks is able to provide a complete vehicle fitout service, with a full range of options to utilise the available space in your 4WD, van, or any other suitable road vehicle. We can install a host of storage systems - including our rak-a-van storage system (see separate page on this site), as well as a range of under floor systems (as shown here). We can tailor a range of storage systems to suit your vehicle, and are only too happy to provide you with an idea of what options are available to maximise vehicle storage space, specific to your needs.
Bars N Racks has joined forces with Forest Glass Tinting to bring you the ultimate options in window tinting for your vehicles. Forest Glass Tinting uses Suntek film, giving the biggest choice, a large range of great colours and many different shades, with over 30 years in the industry. Please feel free to contact our team at Bars N Racks in regards to any questions you might have in relation to vehicle storage systems, and we would be only to happy to assist. A greater range of vehicle fitout and storage options will be provided on this web site in the near future, but in the meantime, again, we urge you to contact our helpful team . Originally Posted by Xavie I'm just having a look around currently too and although I'm not sure what I'm going to do I recently saw my neighbours draws which are by OffRoad Systems and were much cheaper then most others on the market. If your a bit of a handy man and have a circular saw, mitre saw (with aluminium blade) and drill then you can knock up a set on your own.

Originally Posted by p38arover The drawer cabinet is 900mm wide (plus extra for mounting tabs which could be removed for an overall width of 1070mm).
Hi all,I'm looking for a bit of inspiration to get the ball rolling on building a set of rear drawers or storage for a touring type of set-up. Timmo I'm looking at the OFC units, to date they are the only company i've seen that list units for the challenger although no photos on the web site. Hey guys, here's a few pics of the storage unit I'm in the process of finishing for the challenger.
Coming along nicely.I've since discovered Drifta which do 4wd fitouts as well, they have some great concepts like a carback kitchen. There are not too many other places on earth where you can travel just five or six hours from almost any major capital city and be in remote, unforgiving terrain that has the ability to kill you if you are unprepared. Questions like how much water you will need to carry, how you will carry it, how you will keep it safe from contamination, or even how you will keep your chosen method of storage free from damage all need to be answered. We asked Wayne just how much water people should be carrying if they are heading into remote territory.
These tubes are a very efficient way to store water from a space-saving point of view, but they do have a couple of unpleasant side effects that you may want to consider before building your own.
Vomiting and diarrhoea can dehydrate you extremely quickly in the desert, and it is a problem that is multiplied if it's your drinking water that is the source of the problem. While the water itself may remain quite safe to drink, the taste may deter kids from drinking it, which is the last thing you need to be dealing with in an emergency situation. Our very own outback touring veteran Fred Wright reckons the best containers are the ones that suit you and your vehicle's needs. Ash says, "If you are heading away for more than a couple of days, it makes sense to keep your water in at least two different containers. Stainless steel tanks, on the other hand, are better suited to being run under the vehicle, and either on or under a ute tray because they're even stronger. A good place to start (in a wagon) is behind the second row of seats, because it is as close as is practical to the centre of the vehicle, and it is low enough not to have a negative effect on your fourby's handling.
If you do go down this road, it pays to buy the best water tank you can afford because it is sure to cop a tough time on our outback tracks.
Not only are you raising the centre of gravity (every 20L of water equals 20kg of weight!), but you are also putting your water in the path of things like tree branches that could potentially damage your containers. As such, I always try and position it as low in the 4WD as possible to try and avoid increasing the centre of gravity.
Decant from your larger storage sources into daily drinking requirements and place in the fridge or easy reach.
Seawater is perfect for cooking (salt is already added) and washing (soft water soap works wonders).
Experienced tourers will actually plan their itinerary around where they know they can replenish their water stocks rather than hope they come across a water source that is safe. Boiling your water will give you the best chance at ensuring your water is safe to drink, but for this method to be effective, the water must be kept on a rolling boil for five to seven minutes. You can generally get them from any chemist, and they're ridiculously cheap – try about $15 for a packet of 50, with one tablet treating about a litre on average (but check the packet for brand-specific instructions). No-one's silly enough to rely on natural sources, and to do so would be a death sentence in the outback.
All tint is Carefully and accuratly fitted by the highly skilled staff who have many years of experience in all makes, models and range of window tints and colours. Not a chance in hell I'm going to try and get them shipped across though, unless already fitted to a 90 I import.

At this stage i hope to fit them in the next 2 months (off to the cape in Septemper) will post some photos once fitted for reference. Was under strict instructions from the handbrake that it had to be removable, so with this instruction under my belt the right side storage box is removable but fridge slide will be staying in position. You don't need to be an experienced 4WDer to know that the key to survival in any remote region of the country is staying hydrated. Let's take a look at the options you have when it comes time to not only store enough water, but also ensure it stays safe and clean.
If you are heading into a tropical or desert region at the end of the dry season, chances are the temperatures will be creeping up to well above 30°C, so you will need to drink more water more often just to stay hydrated.
The best way to avoid these problems is to use containers designed to be used for water storage, and that are mounted in or under the 4WD. Fred told us, "There is no point having a great big 80L water tank if it is going to take up all of the storage area in your 4WD.
They're able to withstand pounding by rocks, and since a typically thin sheet of metal is used, they're surprisingly lightweight for the volume they offer. Get the 5L kind with the screw-top lid, because they're the perfect size to store under seats, down in wheel wheels and anywhere you can find the room. While roof racks look like the perfect location to store a few extra litres, equate that back to roughly 1kg per litre and have a think about what that would do should you find yourself sideways at speed or on an off-camber angle.
Now, one springing a leak means no more showers, but it's not a life-threatening situation. Hygiene is important, but there are other methods of washing rather than using valuable water supplies. It certainly pays to do your research before you leave home, and never assume that the next stop you have planned will have reliable water, especially in the more remote regions of the outback.
Consider your options carefully, break your water storage up into multiple options, and you'll stay nicely hydrated out in the bush! I would imagine it's a lot more dire to bring water with you to the Outback since there are so few sources!
The e-mail address is not made public and will only be used if you wish to receive a new password or wish to receive certain news or notifications by e-mail. Sure, you may survive a couple of weeks or more without food, but just a few days without water, particularly in any of Australia's desert regions, can be a death sentence. If your chosen method of storage hinders your ability to get out there and back in any way, it isn't the right one for you". Ash went on to say, "The outback is a harsh place and it certainly takes its toll on gear that isn't up to scratch. With proper planning and equipment, you shouldn't have to resort to tempting fate with water from a questionable source, unless it is in an emergency situation.
Still waiting for draw runners to turn up but pics still show how it works, food prep bench is part of the slide so you can pull the fridge in and out with out having to move your gear of it! The poly units that we sell a lot of stand up to punishment really well, but we still recommend two smaller units over one large one every time". Never go past a water source without thinking how it can be used to save your on-board water.
Still trying to deciede if the spare space is for a 3rd battery or my ARB Compressor.For me the Engel sits in the rear seat area when needed.

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