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They are storing more and more than just their cars and tools in their garages and are forced to find practical solutions to maximize the storing possibilities. Some have so many things that their garages have become a dumping ground and there is no room for their cars.
Some people struggle to find the right shelving unit to fit their storage needs and others have more things than their garage can hold. Overhead storage racks come in all shapes and sizes so you need to carefully plan installation. When fixing overhead racks to ceilings and walls check with a professional or the supplier if it’s safe. Make sure the system or materials you use can safely hold the weight you wish to store on them. There are many online retailers and hardware stores that can provide you with systems to create overhead storage.
Utility shelves made from a strong frame of either wood or steel are great for garages and if coupled with cardboard or plastic storage boxes you can organise and tidy up all your things onto the shelves. Clearly label your boxes on both ends so you can easily find exactly what you are after each time.
Don’t forget to also check which storage containers you wish to use to get the maximum use out of your utility shelf. There is nothing more frustrating than having to rummage around a messy tool box or cupboard looking for those teeny tiny bits and bobs you need for a home repair or a handyman project.
The Family Handyman shared this great idea, which calls for a piece of plywood and  re sealable plastic sandwich packets. By sawing some neat slots into the plywood and fixing it to the wall like a shelf, you can slide in the sandwich bags (int0 the slots), so your nails and crews are hanging neatly in a row.
Another cool idea is using old glass jars and fixing the lids to the bottom of a sturdy shelf. All you have to do then is to sort your nails and things into individual jars and when you are not using them, screw them back to the bottom of the shelf by their attached lids. Make sure you don’t weigh down the shelf as the weight can eventually loosen the brackets or fixtures.
Here is an idea which utilises a space not many people think to use in their workshops or garages… the backdoor!
Why not fix some storage racks; hooks and magnets to the back of the door to help tidy up your tools and garden gear. If your door has an uneven surface like brackets, or you are worried its not sturdy enough why not screw a large piece of plywood to the brackets or directly to the door to add a sturdy flat surface?
Pegboards would also work great but be aware of its weight, what your door can hold and the space between the wall and the door before using one of these. Michelle Sperinck is a young and outgoing professional who has worked across many industries and contributed in many ways to the community through her work. Growing up with a large family, her fondest memory was the countless hours spent in the backyard having adventures in the Garden Shed.
Its only natural that with Michelle's professional background and passion for backyards that she is now a valuable member of the Cheap Sheds team.
One of the oldest space-saving storage tricks in the interior design handbook involves making use of that leftover area underneath the stairs, the awkward extra space that does not always lend itself to cheap or easy storage solutions.

While not a new idea, turning stairs into drawers is a relatively simple way to get easily-accessible storage space out of a staircase.Along similar lines, there a number of other clever but more technically advanced ways to hide under-stair storage or even an entire hidden room or secret passage.
Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! So since this magazine is something we’re all sure to love, we managed to talk our friends at Paper Crafts Magazine into giving us a copy to giveaway to one of you! I really need help when it comes to organization of my craft supplies because my house is small.
I would absolutely love this, been on the hunt here in Honolulu, HI and have yet to come across it lol! There are too few magazines out there that feature organizational ideas, storage ideas plus creative ways to use paper. After going back and forth looking for that specific craft item, this exhausted crafter would love to curl up with that wonderful bookazine!
I LOVE repurposing items and would love to see more ideas for using what I already have around me! My 2012 resolution is to improve my scrapping studio and this magazine would be perfect to help me at organized and have fun, too!
Can’t find this at my local bookstores, so will have to purchase from you or win it!! I have so many papercrafting supplies … in the closet, in boxes, in bins … if I could find a way to organize all my STUFF, in a way where I could see all my products, what a HUGE thing that would be!
I do have lots of supplies lying around and I find myself looking for them more than doing any crafts! I would love to get some additional storage solutions & can’t wait to get my hands on this bookazine!
Thanking you in advance and even if I don’t win I love my daily emails from you guys!
I would love to win this magazine because I need to figure out how to organize my supplies so I can use them all. I want to re-organize my whole papercrafting space and I know I would find fabulous ideas for this in this great Paper Crafts bookazine! I Always have a hard time finding the right ways to store things – and never rearky reuse stuff like cans from coffee og milk even shoe boxes could be used, but its only after I have thrown them out I think of that option. Thank you for the opportunity to win the magazine…I’ve been looking everywhere in my home town and its not carried in any of the stores!
I would love to curl up to this “bookazine” and gain all kinds of great ideas to tame my scrapbooking area!
They require solutions for storing bikes, camping gear, Christmas lights, winter clothes, outdoors furniture and many other bits and bobs. So if this sounds like you and you want to get your garage organised and use that space better, check out some of these great garage storage solutions. You need to consider what space you have available  what you are planning to store on them and the weight of the objects as well as what material or system you need. It would be best to ask professionals for assistance unless you have previous experience in this type of DIY project. This is a  poor use of space and can be easily straightened out with a sturdy utility shelf and a practical storing system.

This neat and practical storage solution will leave you surpirsed with time much time you can save when searching through the previous mess.
It not only helps save space and keep your things tidy but it allows you to cut time rummaging around for what you need. How this works is you take the empty jar lid and use screws to fix them to the bottom of a shelf, you can put as many jars as you want up as long as the shelf can hold them securely and you can still easily access each individual jar.
You can add baskets to hold more than a few things or some pvc piping to hang your brooms from. These designs, however, show just how creative one can be with what seems like the hardest space to deal with in a house.
But you can get creative and change things in your room to make it look bigger or to host much more stuff.The main problem for a small bedroom is the large area that the bed occupies. I have a craft room and love doing every kind of craft under the sun-and I need storage options!
I’m sure better storage solutions will help make my next crafting challenge sooo much easier!!!
I am interested in any and all organization ideas…my scrapbooking supplies are stored in plastic totes and the shopping bags in which they were purchased, but I am in the process of converting a closet for MY scrapbooking center! I am always searching for new and inexpensive ways to store and organize as I have a very small space dedicated to papercrafting!
I am a newbie and trying to figure out storage solutions is very hard, especially on a budget. I am a very disorganized person, but thankfully I have a husband who is very organized, LOL. I would love ideas on creative storage and also ideas on repurposing other things to utilize as storage.
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A nice way to display books, magazines, albums would be something I’d be interested in. And what better way for me to relax and take a break from the frustration than to curl up with yet another one of your amazing extra magazines! I have recently been purchasing tools and regular staples for my paper crafts so I am running a little low on funds right now anyway.
Due to such delight around one shed, the family extended the fun by building a fort, adding a cubby house and tree house. You can custom build them so that the lower part takes over the role and appearance  of what they replace.
I loVe the simple ideas that make you wonder why you never thought of that, like the ribbon storageictures above.
To win this magazine would be most helpful interns of funds and storage using what I already have, kinda like up cycling. The functionality of mini-shelves hanging on the wall is undeniable, they can serve for books and for cosmetics, documents or other decorative objects.One last thing you should consider.

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