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This Bella Vista storage facility is located on Lexington Drive, Bella Vista and services the Hills district. Our underground storage facility has a variety of room sizes, from locker size up to double garage size, with about 25 different sizes in between, making sure that we have a storage unit that will suit your needs.
All of our rooms are clean, bright, secure and undercover to keep you out of the weather and complimentary trolleys to move your goods into the storage room.
The facility is very modern with state of the art security measures in place to make sure that you can store with confidence. Our Bella Vista storage facility is located on Lexington Drive, Bella Vista and services the Hills district. Drive about 150m down the road and you will see a blue sign on the right for 28 Lexington Drive. Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill, Kellyville, North Parramatta, Rouse Hill, Seven Hills, Windsor. There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and the moving of United Methodist pastors.
The decision of who goes where is made by a group of church leaders called a€?the cabinet.a€? They begin meeting in the early spring and by May the vast majority of appointments have been made with all the appropriate notifications and preparations.
When the pastor of a small church has served for four years, it is a given that the chances for a move increase.
The Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist church covers a large portion of East Texas. When the movers arrived the next morning, I gave them the 4-1-1 on the treadmill, but the head guy seemed confident that he could get it out. Moving is very stressful.A  Fortunately, we had some help packing thanks to friends and family, but I was still packing when the movers showed up.
Whenever I leave a place, I always like to think I leave a part of me there.A  This time it took the form of our treadmill. Speaking of the yard, I was exploring the back yard on the first day and met my first NEIGHbor across the back fence.A  He has four legs and a long face, but was friendly! We’ll send the truck and driver your way – all you’ll need is a friend who owes you a favour to help load and unload. This past spring we waited for a€?the calla€? from the cabinet, but it never came, so we settled in for year number five.
Meeting new people and exploring a new part of the state is an adventure, but making your furniture fit a new house and the dozens of address changes are a pain. I took care to allow more time for braking, and I carefully avoided any sudden changes in steering due to the unpredictable shimmy that followed.

We now look forward to making this house our home as we get to know the friendly folks in our new community, who have already shared many of their delicious home-grown tomatoes with us!
I was raised in Methodist parsonages all over the Texas Panhandle, and thanks to my wifea€™s second career as a United Methodist pastor, Ia€™ve spent the past 14 years doing the parsonage shuffle again. This past spring we waited for a€?the calla€? from the cabinet, but it never came, so we settled in for year number five.A  The appointments all became official at the churcha€™s Annual Conference held on Memorial Day weekend in Houston. Working towards the deadline of moving day plus remembering the things that must be handled in advance (forward the mail, cancel the papers, notify doctors, etc.) causes anxiety.
Today, the preacher owns all the furniture, but the conference pays professional movers to move it.A  Thata€™s great, except that professional movers will not take any responsibility for liquids, so I still have to rent a U-Haul trailer to move all fuel, cleaning liquids, extra drinks, etc. At this point I realized that we would be heading north without the treadmill, but now what?A  I called NordicTrack and they assured me they could send a team out to disassemble the treadmill in a few days.A  I thought this might work since the house would be vacant for a week. The lawn mower I inherited is nice and fairly new.A  I tried to ride it around the yard, but it got extremely awkward since it has no seat. Your boat will be locked and stored in an outdoor security facility, where you’ll be given a security code and 365 day access from 6am to 9pm every day. With dry boat storage options in the Northern Beaches, Eastern and Western suburbs, Rent A Space has facilities across Sydney to help you with all your boat, vehicle and general storage needs. This property is situated in a convenient position, close to all local amenities, schools, shops, library, clinic, doctors, bus routes. Give us a call and book in early, as this is a popular service and books out quickly, especially on weekends.
There are only a couple of items that have thus far mysteriously failed to appear, and I am a€?this closea€? to having room in the garage for BOTH CARS! The next Sunday Beverly gave her congregation the good news; on Monday she started a new book study group, on Tuesday she got a€?the calla€?!
I was also painfully reminded by the aches and pains of my suddenly increased physical labor that this is the oldest Ia€™ve ever been! When the man from the moving company came to do our pre-move inspection, we discovered that the treadmill was larger than the door.
There are only a couple of items that have thus far mysteriously failed to appear, and I am a€?this closea€? to having room in the garage for BOTH CARS!A  The last house had limited storage, which necessitated the use of half the garage. No one seems as impressed with my accomplishment as they probably should, but Ia€™m proud nonetheless!
Whether it’s a lifeboat, canoe or another boat, selected Rent A Space stores have dry boat storage options available for a range of small to medium-sized water vehicles. All Rent A Space self-storage is invoiced month by month in advance, with the option to upgrade or downgrade from your existing unit at no extra cost.

One of the biggest plusses of this system is that (in theory) every pastor has a church and every church has a pastor. Due to an unusual circumstance in a church far, far away, there was an opening for a pastor and Beva€™s name was submitted.A  Five weeks later our earthly possessions were loaded onto a moving van, and we headed for our new home over 250 miles up Hwy. 69 from the left.A  I saw the large SNAP-ON truck head for my lane, but due to a vehicle in the left turn lane, he did not see me. He recommended that I partially disassemble it prior to moving day to facilitate its removal. This place has tons of storage, but limited closet space, of which the other house had abundance. Limited boat storage space is available at Rent A Space’s Padstow, Brookvale, Caringbah and Girraween stores.
When I realized that we would soon be attempting to occupy the same physical space, I firmly applied my brake, sat on my horn and headed for the ditch. Fortunately, I was able to slow down enough to let him on and ease back onto the road before hitting the ditch.
Double glazed window to the front aspect with views over rivington and winter hill.Bedroom 2 6'5' x 9'6'. The details shown here are for marketing purposes only and do not form the basis for a contract. Regency Estates and our staff accept no responsibility for loss due to reliance on these details. All measurements have been taken with the aid of an electronic measure and can be subject to error, we therefore recommend that interested parties verify the information before commitment to purchase. High profile newspaper advertising Advertising on all major internet portals such as Rightmove \& Fish4Homes. HIPS packs available within 4 days Virtual tours of your home online Floor plan service available THINKING OF VIEWING ?
Contact our helpful team who will be pleased to arrange a convenient time for you to view this home to suit your schedule.
If you would like to make an offer to purchase this property please call our sales team now who will deal with you enquiry swiftly.
We will need details not only of your offer but your financial arrangements to purchase and how quickly you seek to proceed with the transaction so that we may convey its information with the offer to our clients.

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