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For the interior pages I continued to keep things simple by having only two different layouts for the pages. The steep arches and intricate wooden construction was very impressive and we walked over and underneath the bridge to see it all. It was such a pretty setting with the bridge elegantly spanning across the river with the historic boats lazily paddling about. Next we headed to Miyajima (a®®a?¶) which is the popular name for Itsukushima Shrine (aZ?a?¶c?zc¤?).
The torii gate only appears to be floating at high tide which we were lucky enough to see when we first arrived.
There have been shrines on the island since the 6th century, however the current buildings date to the 16th century. I couldn't resist getting a picture with these speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil statues. Japan is full of warning signs so EJ had to get a picture with this cartoon sign warning that the deer on the island were dangerous.
We spent Saturday night in Hiroshima and the went to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial on Sunday morning. From Hiroshima we took a ferry to Mastsuyama to visit Dogo Onsen which is one of the oldest hot springs baths in Japan. To close the album I added this picture of cherry blossoms that I took on the trip for the final page. References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article.
This past weekend was gorgeous, so Frank and I spent most of our days outside working on the yard. I cleaned out the brush, tied back the perennials and roto-tilled the areas around the existing plants and the empty area up front. Below is what I was faced with on Saturday after we had brunch before I got it all cleaned up.
After getting everything tidied up I was tired, but made a run to Lowe's to get mulch and some other items so I could get busy on Sunday.
One of the things I wanted to do before planting anything new was lay down some sprinklers.
I cut lengths of hose from an old hose that I had and then it was simple to make the hoses using replacement couplers and a screwdriver. After I planted the rest of the garden and added mulch you can barely even see the sprinklers anymore. It didn't take much effort to hide the sprinklers, just a little advanced planning and I think it is so worth it. I finally got around to working on things removing the crazy waste of space cabinets and replacing the flooring in the back entry area over my Christmas break three years ago. I did decide that even thought I was keeping the cabinets I wanted to paint them white to match my cabinets in the adjoining kitchen.
When I decided to replace the flooring I discovered that the area was built up on a second elevated floor to lift the area level to the kitchen. While Frank and I were in Cartagena last month one of the coolest things that we did was take a tour of Cartagena Bay that was offered by our hotel, Casa La Fe. A favorite question during the bear market was: what will it take to bring mining back to life? Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes.
I await anxiously for you master piece banzai7 but until then here is one of the best pics of the circus that can be found 240km from my current position! I say arrest the Japanese government, the Japanese nuclear commission board and TEPCO board and hang them all. The Japanese Times Online was doing their man on the street interviews asking the usual inonocuous questions when a Japanese lady slipped one in on them. On a less humerous note, they are talking about a 40 year process to clean up and decommission Fukushima Daichi and they haven't even located the melted fuel yet. On a less humerous note, they are talking about a 40 year process to clean up and decommission Fukushima Daichi and they haven't even located the melted fuel yet. As of now, the Japan Amusement Expo is wrapping up after it's two days of operation and news of Tekken 7 have slowly been trickling out by people who got to play it online. The build showcased at the Japan Amusement Expo is the build going to be out in Japanese arcades on February 18th. It comes with 20 characters, 18 of which we've all seen from previous Tekken 7 Location Test builds plus new characters: Lucky Chloe and Shaheen. Newly added into the 'Pre-launch' build is the 'Training Mode' option which I'm sure combo makers in Japan will love. Once a battle between 2 players is finished in Tekken 7, there's a new post option screen added in the arcade version.
A minor addition but the character select screen has newly added red sparks and red haze flying through in the background. Most news about Lucky Chloe and Shaheen can be seen in the previous character walkthrough's by Harada and Hameko.
The tiger is some kind of spiritual summon and she can channel the pet into a projectile in the match. Japan Amusement Expo has just concluded but it won't be a long wait for more Tekken 7 related news. Wow, so based on the revenge match option, all the machines in one arcade are actually linked to each other? According to Simon Johnson, roughly 40% of the increase in privately held government debt over the past few years is due to the financial crisis caused by these mega-banks. Instead of taking back the money spent on these bailouts, the new "tea party" Republicans are instead trying to slash funds for the agency that warned our West Coast of the tsunami. What we are seeing, on our TV screens, is that dedicating resources to a government that works is the single best investment that we can make. Even though they think they deserve their millions in bonuses, no mega-bank does anything even remotely as noble as the people who study and prepare for the catastrophic events befalling our globe right now. As the debate in DC continues, remember what the Democrats and Republicans are agreeing to, in the form of spending cuts for us while banks continue to gorge on taxpayer subsidies and outright fraud. I don't know about bankers but feel inclined to point out that Japanese investors have withdrawn a lot of money this week to invest in rebuilding their country. On the organizing front I tidied up my collection of ribbons by winding them around clothes pins and storing them in baskets.
In getting some of my rooms updated I got a new rug for my living room and replaced my master bedroom closet light.
Outdoors I did some fall plantings of kale (they are still alive due to the mild winter) had the area behind my garage that was overgrown with blackberries cleaned up so that I can spruce that area up in the spring.
In getting some of my rooms updated I got a new dining table and new sectional and moved an old beloved table into the room.
Despite being really ill at the beginning of this past month I managed to get a lot of things done. I'm especially excited about what I got done on my back entry during the end of this past month and hope to wrap that up project in September. On the organizing front I came up with a laundry sorting solution from baskets that I hung up on the back of my closet door. Resolution 2: Finish Up ProjectsI was super productive on the projects front this month despite being really sick at the beginning of August. My biggest progress was in my back entry where I taped and mudded the drywall, primed, painted and hung beadboard and then built a storage shelf.
I should be home more in August so I have some big plans for next month and hope to make some progress on my back entry that I didn't get around to in July. Resolution 2: Finish Up ProjectsEven with my limited time at home this month I managed to tackle a few little projects at home. Inside the house I worked on a few home decor projects like finally using my Scrabble tiles to make some wall art and making a souvenir display from sea glass I picked up along the beach in Taboga, Panama. Resolution 2: Finish Up ProjectsI got a lot of gardening work done outside in May including new plantings in my front beds and clearing out my back bed. After doing a pretty good job on my 2012 New Year's resolutions of purging and organizing my home and finishing up projects around the house in January and February, March was pretty slow going.
Although I would liked to have accomplished more, I am happy that I did manage to get a few small things done in the time I had.
On the organizing front I finally got around to organizing my small tools which made a big impact in being able to quickly find things when I am working on projects.
I'm just two months into my 2012 New Year's resolutions of purging and organizing my home and finishing up projects around the house.
Having my blog has been a really good motivator for me and done a lot to help keep me on track with things. Although I faltered this past week I am still happy with what I've been able to get rid of this month. On the organization front I front I got my fabric in my craft room organized using things I already had.

With the top of my built-in gussied up with wallpaper it was time to get to work on making the bottom cabinet more functional by adding shelving. I aligned the level where I wanted my shelf to be on the left side of the cabinet and then applied a piece of painters tape directly underneath it which gave me a level guideline. To get the placement for the right side I put one of my shelf boards on the supports that I had installed, put the level on top of it and then adjusted the board until I got it level. After priming and adding two coats of paint to the shelves I was all set to start organizing my built-in cabinet.
On Sunday afternoon I finally got around to hanging up my medicine cabinet as part of my effort to put the finishing touches on my bathroom. I wanted to liven it up a bit so I used the same technique that I used for my built-in to add wallpaper to the back of the cabinet before hanging it.
I don't have much in the way of toiletries so I have plenty of room to keep things neat and tidy. I really like how the medicine cabinet looks compared to the small mirror I had before and now I can keep the deck of my sink clear of everything but my hand soap. We were both living in Japan at the time and we went on a little trip to Iwakuni, Miyajima, Hiroshima and Dogo Onsen over her birthday weekend.
I came up with a simple teal and gold color scheme that seemed to work well with all of the photos and then pulled a few items from my stash that matched: some teal cardstock, gold textured paper, gold flower rub-ons, gold punched borders, cream letter stickers, gold gel pen and a teal colored pencil. I added a wide strip of teal cardstock, using a hole punch and a slit so that I could lay it down around the button closure. I printed out the area from Google Maps, traced it with a gold gel pen and then colored it in with a teal colored pencil. On every page I added a strip of teal cardstock to set off the photos and then on some layouts I added a strip of the textured gold paper and a gold flower rub-on and on the other layouts I added the gold punched border.
The view of the famous "floating" torii gate is considered one of the three famous views in Japan.
The memorial is built around Genbaku Dome which was the only structure that survived the atomic bomb blast in 1945.
In addition to chronicling the events leading up to the bombing as well as the devastating aftermath, there were also a lot of expressions of hope and peace for the future like these displays of origami peace cranes.
We paid to have a small private room for changing which also included some tea and a sweet before we went for our lovely bath.
While Frank tackled the grass and some much needed garage cleaning I worked on prepping and planting the herb garden on the side of the house. I also flipped up each of the stones in my border to pull the weeds and grass that had grown up between them. It was such a mess that I was really discouraged when I started but I am so glad that I tackled it this weekend.
I had put out sprinklers last year but after I had laid everything down so they stuck out and looked a bit ugly. I used some small rocks that I had to weigh down the sprinklers to make sure they wouldn't shift around with the water on.
Then last fall I taped and mudded the drywall, added beadboard to the back wall and built a storage shelf. They were not my style with the 1980s oak look, but they were in okay condition and provided some nice storage.
I also used oil rubbed bronze spray paint to paint the hinges and added knobs to match my kitchen knobs. There was almost no headroom in the laundry room so I decided to remove the elevated floor and bring it back down to the original floor. Because the upper cabinets will now be a bit high over the lower cabinets due to removing the elevated floor I plan to hang a rod from them to hang clothes. In the morning we met our boat captain, J, in the lobby and Frank and I walked with him out to the marina about ten minutes away. Thank God for soybeans and Sapporo beer - that, and a cesium enema, and whole cities can be lit by people methane ! Reporters were only allowed in for the second time this week for a one hour tour and the NHK reporter was shocked at the jerry rigged nature of the containment.
I took the liberty of reporting every single finding I could get my hands on in English on my twitter but I figured that once it's over I should organize the information in one post here. Do not fret however if your character is not in initially however, the game will have time release characters which will slowly fill up the game's roster after some time, after the launch of the game. The option on the left is 'REVENGE MATCH' and will allow you to play the same person you were playing again.
During matches where characters fight a lot, you can notice a small amount of sweat collect on the characters.
This a small addition from the previous build's drab grey background character select screen. Harada has mentioned that these are still not yet *100%* final and can still be improved later down the line. To do the max damage with the RA, you have to time the button press after the hit in the animation.
The first is her in normal outfit (seen above) then the 2nd phase has her clothing change to all black, sprouting dark feathers and looking like a dark phoenix.
She has one where she flys up and shoots directly down then moves it upwards like Devil Jin's air lazer attack. Harada is doing a special 'Just before T7 Launch' niconico broadcast with Hameko on the upcoming Monday (Feb. I don't know very much about the Japanese budgetary situation, how much the clean-up is going to cost, etc. Yet, the Federal budget debate is centered on slashing spending on things that we actually need, things that, when a crisis happens, saves our lives. How many millions of dollars did NOAA save by giving us due warning and letting us protect property? Just cutting government programs sounds good, until your friend or family member is hanging on a rooftop somewhere praying for a rescue, a rescue that would have had to have been planned and pre-funded years before since helicopters can't actually be wished into existence upon demand. And the idea that one single dollar more than necessary is going to the banksters is a giant fraud in and of itself. If we saw something in, say, New York City, like a pandemic or a natural disaster akin to what is going on in Japan, I'm pretty sure that even these executives would change their minds, and wish that they had sucked up fewer of society's resources and allowed more emergency prep. I did manage to get a little more done this month and while it wasn't my most productive I'm doing my best. I didn't have much time to devote to projects since I was focusing more on cleaning, but I hope that November is a little better. My purging wasn't so great but I made up for it in spades by finishing up a lot of items around the house. For my kitchen I found a vintage table to replace the island that wasn't working for me and finally hung blinds in my dining room.
In my craft room I made a free standing organizer from a tall shutter that I found from the Ann Arbor ReUse Center. I found an old wood headboard for $25 and made it over for my guest room with some red spray paint. Between my vacation to Panama, a work trip and then a weekend away at a friend's cottage I was out of town a lot. My favorite thing this month that was checked off my to-do list was that after several years of pining for new dining room chairs, I finally found a great deal on a set of eight.
It definitely needs more work, but it is so nice to have space in there to work on projects now.
I have made some good progress in February and am feeling happy about how things are going even though it is still early on. After I've publicly written that I am going to do something it makes me feel accountable to follow through and actually get it accomplished.
I have a couple things that I want to do in my kitchen and then I think that the next room that I'll tackle is one of my first floor back bedrooms that I want to make into a study for myself. Just like hanging my medicine cabinet, this project also addresses both facets of my 2012 resolutions of getting organized and finishing up projects around the house. I measured and cut the boards to length and then held them up inside the built-in to get a rough idea of where I wanted them. I then put another piece of painters tape underneath the board to mark the level line and measured and drilled the holes in the same way that I did for the left side. On the top shelf in the left corner I have two cardboard bins that cost a dollar from Target. The leftmost basket has things that I don't use very often like suntan lotion, bug spray and nail polish remover. It feels good to have everything organized and by limiting myself to the space available it forced me to go through what I had and throw out a lot of things that I just didn't need. I had considered building my own but then I found this one for half off ($115) at the Birch Run Pottery Barn Outlet and couldn't pass it up. To figure out the placement, I put up some blue painters tape on the wall in the dimensions of the cabinet, adjusting it until I got it located where I liked.
I found cute little black and white cardboard bins for a dollar each at Target (I love the One Spot!) to use as shelf organizers.

It also helps me toward both of my 2012 New Years resolutions of finishing projects around the house and getting organized. That was four years ago and although I have been meaning to put some of the pictures together for her for a while this year I managed to get it done for her birthday. For an accent I punched a circle from an extra cream page from the album, added a flower rub-on and matted it with some of the gold textured paper. I cut arrow tags from teal cardstock, added the location names with letter stickers and then had the tags point at the locations we visited on the map. I love the stone border that I put in a when I made the garden, but it is really labor intensive to keep looking clean and neat. Also, the hoses that I had used were too long for the space so I wanted to make some hoses that were a custom length for the spacing of my sprinklers. I had other things to worry about, however, like evicting the racoons in the walls and getting electricty upstairs so I painted the cream walls green and left it alone for several years.
I still need to build a shoe storage bench in that area, replace the light fixture, add trim to the window and get everything painted, but I think it will definitely be a better use of the space than before.
Here is how the area looked in early 2008 after I had painted the walls but done nothing else. This means that I have some exposed drywall that is in very rough shape that I need to finish now. I also plan to add crown molding to the tops of the cabinets plus a few other things which I think will be fun. Sand bags piled up against the perimeter of the building to contain radioactive leakage into the sea, rubble still strewn everywhere as if the tsunami happened just yesterday. They will have none long before they get they to empty the spent fuel pools, find the melted fuel and contain it etc because cumulative dosages will be reached and exceeded by the existing labor force.
If there's anything I missed, feel free to send it to me through twitter or the comments below and I'll add it up. Before each match in Tekken 7 between players, a new 'choose side' screen appears that gives the player the option. This is more notice-able during times where the game slows down and zooms in on characters. It's not too apparent in the stage backgrounds quite yet but can be really easy to see during character introduction poses. However her's doesn't have the longer recovery animation on landing that Devil Jin has so it recovers like Devil Kazuya's air Lazer attack.
16) In it they'll go over the game, Harada will be interviewed on topics like the competitive scene (Evo 2015, Tekken Crash revival etc), making the series and answer questions from the stream.
I like the old guy, but he's not really popular, so it makes sense, Namco need to cut the roster. But I know that no one in Japan right now is worrying about the Japanese budget deficit, or whether there is any waste in the emergency services departments of local or national governments, or whether the emergency shelters holding millions of people could be provided any cheaper. We'll never know, just as the Japanese can't know how many hundreds of thousands survived due to a strong infrastructure and well-funded preparations.
But let's be clear, the dynamic that is starving our government of revenue is one that the Democrats created from 2008-2010, when they allowed and encouraged the big banks to feed on the government trough. Of course by then it'll be too late, and the best they'll be able to do is re-purpose some of their luxury helicopters to save their own hides. It is, however, making sure that if or when we need our government, if or when any of us are ever in the situation in which Japanese citizens find themselves, it won't be there. In my living room I did a make over on a little side table with some scrapbook paper and sprout spray paint.
I also did some blog organizing creating my Projects tab with thumbnails of projects as well as my Away tab with a clickable map of where I have traveled.
In April I hope to finish up the ceiling by getting it patched, sanded and painted and then adding some crown molding.
Also, while I was working on my bathroom I got everything organized in my built-in and new medicine cabinet. I put the supports in the holes on the right side and then repeated the whole process for the second shelf. One has some basic medicines and band-aids while the other has extras of things like razors and soap.
I then hung it according to the directions, screwing the metal cleat into the wall using wall anchors and making sure it was level. I have my disposable contacts in one, bobby pins and hair bands in another, earrings in another and so on. This has been circulating in the Japanese internet community for months, has garnered countless comments, and a lot of nodding, agreement, and knowing smiles. Now who is going to train to qualify for nuclear power plant operation when you know your career is going to be spent in a highly radioactive environment? At times like this, people are desperately hoping that someone can save their friends, family, and make sure that supplies move to people who need them.
And that was true during snowstorms in North Dakota, the floods in New Orleans, and the earthquake in Haiti.
This bipartisan corrupt racket, where Democrats help banks loot and Republicans give the bill to the rest of us, needs to end.
Work has been really busy plus with Thanksgiving and some travel thrown in I didn't get done as much as I would like. I had a lot going on in September at work and personally so I just didn't get that much done. I also put casters on the ottoman to raise it up a bit so I can use it as a step stool to reach the high shelves in my closet.
Out on my front porch I finished the make over that I started last month by adding some pillows and making decor items. Moving across the top shelf I have a little teal dish that I already owned holding my cleaning sponges and then all my bathroom cleaning supplies. Whenever I stay at hotels I always take the mini shampoos, lotions or whatever else may be offered to guests in the bathroom.
Though it’s not based on science or statistics, and certainly not on any polls, it represents, in the eyes of many Japanese, a larger tongue-in-cheek truth. Oddly, though the banks are sucking up enormous amounts of our budgetary resources, they don't own rescue helicopters, they don't track earthquakes, they don't study tsunamis, and they don't deal with radiation poisoning. Being one of Spain's most important and richest ports in the New World, Cartagena was an attractive target for attack.
Notable attacks included Sir Francis Drake destroying about a quarter of the city in 1586 and demanding an exorbitant ransom to leave as well as a 1697 raid by the French who plundered the city. Just cutting government programs sounds good, until your friend or family member is hanging on a rooftop somewhere praying for a rescue, a rescue that would have had to have been planned and pre-funded years before since helicopters can't actually be wished into existence upon demand. From its location situated on the Hill of San Lazaro the canons of the fortress could protect the whole bay. It also has a small marina and we made a quick stop for bottled water there.As we continued on we had some nice views of the skyscrapers in the Bocagrande area of Cartagena.
As we looked out to the Bocagrande channel it appeared to be a great place for ships to enter the bay. Looks can be deceiving, however, and the channel was blocked by the Spanish as part of the city defenses, first by sunken ships which were then later fortified by boulders.We sped south along the Bay for a while, heading to the southern end of the island of Tierra Bomba to visit the defenses that Spain had built to guard the Bocachica channel. We docked the boat in the small town along the water.It was a very hot day and as we walked with J through town most people were taking cover in the shade from the blistering sun. It was a little surreal to be walking in the tunnels and then have a bunch fly right at you because you accidently scared them. Frank got a few videos of them which were really neat.The tunnels design included a trap for invaders.
The idea was that they would enter the tunnels which would end in them exiting into a dry moat where they would be ambushed by Spanish soilders.
As we walked back through town, J pointed out a few old entrances down into the tunnel system of the battery.We got back on the boat and made the short trip to the nearby Castillo San Fernando de Bocachica.
Many of the locals were excited to try and sell some souvenirs to us while we were sitting down and I ended up buying a lovely shell necklace and bracelet.While we were relaxing in the shade and chatting with some of the locals, someone noticed that the boat had gotten loose and was heading out into the rocks.
J ran out to the water, swam to the boat and rescued it just in time.While lunch was being prepared we had some delicious small oysters that had been harvested right from the bay.
Frank and I each had a different type of fish and we tried a bit of each others.Rested and full, we headed off to see Castillo San Fernando de Bocachica. There was no power so some of the areas were completely dark and we just had to feel our way through. Not only were the holes from the original latrine for the fort there, but there was also a port-a-potty for the modern visitors to use. We also really enjoyed our time chatting with the locals at Bocachica and getting to understand them a little better.

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