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This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account. Handy Space is second to none when it comes to providing affordable storage units in San Antonio. Using storage units in San Antonio wisely begins with taking proper care of the items in your unit. Being smart with storage units in San Antonio also means arranging your belongings so that they’ll remain safe and free of damage. Furniture should always be set up in a storage unit in the same way that you would use it in your home. Computers, stereo equipment, and other electronics should be stored in their original packaging whenever possible.
Picking the right self-store facility is just as important as the other tips discussed in this post. Security measures like chain-link fencing, night lighting, access -controlled entrances, and on-site personnel during off hours.
Weather-resistant features like sturdy, watertight roofing, sliding steel doors, gutters, and a properly landscaped site.
A straightforward, easy to understand contract that spells out your monthly fees and other important details. A friendly, helpful staff that maintains regular office hours and understands how to provide good customer service.

When you consider all the above factors, we’re confident that you will choose Handy Space for your storage units San Antonio needs. We go the extra mile to protect your property from all types of threats, from severe weather and insects to trespassers and criminals. Although we keep our rates low, there are things our customers can do as well to manage their self-storage costs.
Start by drawing out a simple diagram of the interior, marking where you will place different types of belongings. So make the most of your investment by either stacking items one on top of the other carefully or by using shelves.
You should never turn sofas or chairs on their sides; this can wear fabric and damage the internal frame.
These include: ammunition, fireworks, alcoholic beverages, foodstuffs, corrosive or flammable liquids, bottles of soda, medications, and, of course, pets or anything alive.
We’ve built a well-deserved reputation for honesty and excellence during our many years as part of the San Antonio business community.
That’s because we offer an unbeatable set of benefits that set us apart from our competitors.
For example, we have bargain-sized units for those who need only a minimal amount of space for a few extra items.
We’ re always glad to help in any way we can, whether that means answering questions, explaining the terms of our service agreements, matching you to the right storage unit size, or providing on-site security through our residential manager.

We’ll be glad to give you a tour, listen to your needs, and work with you in any way possible. For example, you may want to store appliances in the rear left corner, furniture in the right rear corner, boxes of clothing and books in the center of the unit, and kitchenware towards the front and left. Shelving units need not be fancy; you can make perfectly good shelves with a few bricks and pieces of scrap lumber.
If you’re looking for a location that will treat you and your valued possessions with the respect and care you deserve, then look no further. We also offer covered, open-air spaces for those who need to store large vehicles like a camper or full-sized RV. Plus, we take a multi-layered approach to security that includes thief-deterrent fencing, visibility-enhancing spotlights, coded access gates, and sturdy sliding steel doors. Also, when paintings are stored one on top of the other, the combined weight can crack protective glass and even frames. With all these precautions, you can rest easy at night knowing that your belongings are safe. The idea is to have your belongings arranged so that when you need to retrieve some of them later, you’ll have no trouble finding them.

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