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About teleguru.inA telecom and technology site covers updates on telecom technolgy & industry, service providers, Mobile handsets, regulations, tariffs, how-to guides and tutorials. This easy-to-build case and stand protect your tablet computer so you can take it with you to the shop. My tablet has become a handy addition to my workshop, whether it's for displaying plans, watching a video on a new technique, or simply playing music.
This Woodsmith Plan is a downloadable PDF file that you save to your computer after you complete your order.
Providing complete coverage of the wireless industry, cell phone news, and future 4G technologies. Ironic that AT&T wants $15 for the 250 MB tier, when T-Mobile gives 200 MB per month for free, for any tablet in America that can access its network.
The option to protect your personal info and identity with our ProtectCELL DATA™ plan.

Ever think about what the full retail cost would be to replace your lost or damaged device? But here are the cold hard facts: over 30% of devices (about 1 in 3) get damaged and even more get lost or stolen.
The option to protect your device from physical and water damage while protecting its buyback value with our ProtectCELL DEVICE™ plan. But Apple was not agreeable to these revised plans which compelled BSNL to rename them as they can no longer use Apple’s logo and brand name. The tablet slips in and out quickly without affecting your ability to use all the features. The option to protect all the above, and then some, with our ProtectCELL COMPLETE™ plan. 98% of our devices are shipped within one business day after the request had been approved.

Or the option not to protect your data, device and identity and take your chances, which really isn’t much of an option at all. You can also try one of our insurance company competitors instead, but their payment plans can’t touch us. Once you get your device, make sure you send us your broken equipment in the return envelope we’ll provide you with so we can make sure it gets recycled or disposed of properly. But these plans can still be subscribed by iPad users of BSNL just like other users of tablets of different manufacturers. Shop at our online Rewards Mall, and you can pay for your plan with the money you save in no time.

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