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Commercial buildings, homes, barns, workshops, carports, animal loafing sheds, enclosed garage, animal shelters, patio cover, etc are now being built from steel as opposed to the wood structures of the past. Our steel carports are made from the best material to provide superior strength and outstanding appearance while requiring very low maintenance. A description of the different types of carports with pricing information can be found by clicking on one of the following links . You can start with the basic carports and add enclosed ends and sides to build a garage, workshop, barn, etc. We are dealers for Eagle Carports, Superior Carports, American Steel Carports, Tri-State Carports, Coast-to-Coast.
Metal Sheds Garden Buildings News Stories Buyers 'love converting farm buildings' - Farm buildings - such as barns, hay lofts and agricultural garages are particularly popular with affluent home buyers keen to undertake a big renovation project from beginning to end. Metal Sheds Garden Buildings News Stories Garden sheds 'can be used as a Santa's grotto' - A standard garden shed can easily be transformed into a Santa's grotto, one commentator has asserted.
Metal Sheds Online Sutton Green Garden Centre, Whitmoor Lane, Sutton Green, Guildford, Surrey. Metal Sheds Garden Buildings News Stories Garden shed thefts 'are rare' - Garden shed thefts are rare but owners can still take measures to ensure that they are prevented entirely, advises Greater Manchester Police.
Metal Sheds Garden Buildings News Stories UK industrial building heritage reflected in Olympic site - A new substation built on the site of the 2012 Olympics will reflect the heritage of the area's industrial buildings in its design.
Metal Sheds Garden Buildings News Stories Garages renovated into living space - Garages are increasingly being renovated into studies, bedrooms and utility rooms instead of storing cars as is tradition.

Metal Sheds Garden Buildings News Stories Over-50s warned over garden security - Older people must ensure they lock up their garden sheds securely over the winter months and take precautions to protect their gardens from thieves.
Square steel tubing is used instead of round tubes to provide the superior load bearing strength and provide a secure attachment of the sheet metal.
Mark Hughes-Morgan, writing in the Daily Mail, said that farm buildings such as these offer a wealth of opportunities for those who wish to be creative.
Crime Prevention Officer PC Phil Buck told Pendletoday that as evenings get lighter and the weather warmer, thieves may be looking out for insecure sheds, garages and outbuildings. Construction has been completed of the primary electrical substation for the site, built by EDF Energy in King's Yard on the western side of the Olympic Park.
Santander Mortgages revealed on May 21st that at least 1.1 million outdoor buildings have been converted into a living space and that most British homeowners believe this will add value to their homes. New research by Saga Home Insurance shows that 14 per cent of sheds and garages are left unlocked, while one in four don't bother putting away expensive equipment in their sheds over the winter months. It looks great and we'll definitely recommend your company to anyone we know looking to buy a shed. 7ft, 11ft and 14ft LongConstructed from 1.2mm thick galvanised steelReinforced Doors and Surrounds to resist forced entry. The whole experience of dealing with your company has been so easy and beyond expectations.
This unit will harmonise with your caravan - mobile home and it is waterproof, fire resistant and carries a ten year anti-perforation guarantee making the SafeStore 'Vanguard' the perfect match for all your caravan storage needs.

The Vangard consists of a 2 part back, a top, a bottom, 2 sides and double doors making it an easy self-assembly unit with step by step instructions included. You can keep your bikes locked away securely and out of sight and uses just a tiny area in your garden. Supplied with a superb Steel base-floor for extra security and to stop vermin getting into the shed.This Gladiator secure steel shed is complete with 10 years 'non perforation' guarantee ensuring a long maintenance free life and are vented to avoid condensation forming.
It has a full metal floor as standard which greatly improves the rigidity and security of the units. Your bike can be accessed from the end so the width taken up by the bike shed is minimal so can slip easily down the side of the house or flat.Secure Steel Twin Bike Locker ShedThis SafeStore unique Twin bike locker is the perfect way to protect two bicycles away from thieves. These superb, exceptional secure metal and steel buildings are available from this web site for delivery direct to your home anywhere in mainland Britain.The Gladiator is a large metal garden shed providing tough garden storage for large items of garden and play equipment. This superb secure caravan storage box is available from this web site for delivery direct to your home anywhere in mainland Britain.
Designed for a small space with the steel door on the end for easy access and can be situated in a small gap. Make your bikes highly secure ensuring that your bicycles are sitting waiting for you when you want your bikes.

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