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If you go, be sure to wander into the back forty, where all the granite, wood, posts, newels and stuff are stored!
I have a second hand store in Mexico and want to know if you have any action or special prices. Looking for short (10 ft or so) section of used culvert pipe (corrugated steel pipe), 3-4 feet diameter, round or arched. Demko Warehouse, we are demolition company and have been doing business in San Diego for 30 years. Anyone know where I can find some reclaimed barnwood, approximately 1 inch thick in 4-6 inch width, for a table project I’ve been hired to build. I can email some pics and a copy of the original invoice or better yet, we can make arrangements to meet at the jobsite.
We have a commercial space ( 4000 sqft) that was divided by the tenant with solid wood partitions in 5 different spaces. POSTING THIS NOW TO GET IT OUT THERE, NUMBERS BELOW ARE APPROX, BUT VERY CLOSE TO WHATS AVAILABLE. We can collect, sort, grade and recycle all your wooden pallets, wooden packaging waste and other forms of wood waste and reprocess them for a variety of uses.
We stock a wide array of pallet types, including many grades of UK standard 1200x1000mm & Euro 1200x800mm wooden pallets.
We currently reprocess on site the wooden packaging waste that we cannot use to manufacture 'New Life' pallets and turn it into Wood Chip. This furniture factory is located approximately a 40 minute drive from the Miguel Hidalgo International Airport in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

They work with major hotels, restaurants and haciendas.They also work with other furniture manufacturers, providing unique finishes, for export worldwide.
Alejandro Preciado contacted Pop+Dots, an experimental design studio in Guadalajara, to design part of the interior of his new gallery in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico called Casa Conceptos. The pieces of wood came from old furniture, shelves, and doors, and those, combined with the used fruit boxes, became the material used to create texture, shapes, and visual interest to the tall walls. I went there yesterday and they have an impressive stock of different types of wood in varying sizes. They salvage products, get stock overruns and take on used building materials on consignment.
Would like someone to gently remove and take away all the partitions, and door, at no cost to me. I WILL POST EXACT QUANTITIES & SIZES HERE IN AN UPDATED POST LATER TODAY AS WE ARE SIMPLY TRYING TO GET THESE OUT ASAP TO MAKE ROOM FOR OTHER ITEMS. The market for recycled wood products is constantly evolving and as an independent company we can channel our recycled products to the market that offers our customers the best solution.
Replicas y Originales Ornelas has been operating for more than 22 years and specialize in rustic furniture and accessories made from 100% old wood like parota and mezquite. Their idea was to take an eco-friendly approach to the spaces by using reclaimed wood bits to cover the once-empty walls. Artfully arranged, the pieces become a sculptural composition of components that have a history. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and writes about her life, inspirations and creative pursuits on her element75 blog.

The focus is on doors, windows and ironwork, but they have hardware, granite, ornamental tile and  reclaimed wood and whatever else is available. I am sure if I do something like this then it might look cluttered and stupid but then this is what we call experience and specialization. Would love it even more if they could sneak in a little reclaimed Barn Oak for good measure.
They also have some other reclaimed construction materials such as steel, stairs, washbasins, facade panels etc. If there are green builders, designers, or both in the area who are looking for this kind of resource we are looking to expand our warehouse.
The techniques that were used more than 100 years ago are still used to create our unique and original furniture. A few items this week are Bamboo flooring, Laminate flooring, Handicap rails, Dishwasher, Jacuzzi tub, Electrical strut, and Carpet squares. WINDOWS ARE WHITE VINYL WITH UV PROTECTED GLASS, AS IS THE 6FT EXTERIOR SLIDING GLASS DOOR.

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