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I took this shed apart and brought it with me to my new place and have decided not to put it together at my old house the shed was on a cement slab that I poured I have everything screws channels included no instructions make offer and come get it . Located in Lino Lakes, MN Royal Winchester shed not perfect, 1 roof panel has a hole but it doesn't leak, back roof edge cracked, doors are dented but still function. Look down in the list for my post with links to the PDFs for 2 different versions of the Shed instructions.
I baught a royal shed used and the directions did not come with it I got directions from the internet but the door on the shed I bought is different. The base channel and other parts are no longer available you will have to make your own just use metal angle or metal stud tracks usually found near the sheetrock at Home Depot or Lowes. I have a never assembled winchester with unopened hardware pack and owners manual in english and Spanish. I have this shed, including the 4 foot extension kit (10' x 12') neatly stacked and ready to sell. I have one of these sheds dismantled and neatly stacked, ready to sell to anyone who is interested.
I have had my royal winchester shed for about 10 years and its still in fantastic condition. After having a tree branch fall into the right corner of my shed, I've learned the parts are no longer available.
I, too, like my 8X10 vinyl shed, and was distressed when hail knocked some holes in several of the roof panels. Hi all, Royal is not building sheds any longer (as of about 4 years ago), but you can still get some replacement parts for them by calling 877-362-3409. Folks I have a Royal Winchester Shed 8' x 10' that was recently damaged by a treeI need to replace a few pieces on the roof. If you think your friend would like to know about this product please complete the form below. With quality shiplap tongue and groove cladding and a pent style roof, the Winchester 8ft x 6ft Shiplap Solid Sheet Pent Shed is as attractive as it is practical.
Please note: This product has a 10 year anti-rot guarantee provided it is treated prior to construction. I have quite a few replacement panels and trim available for the esquire model 10x10 now discontinued.

Extruded panels look similar, doors are now made up of vinyl panels in an aluminium frame and are slightly smaller, I measured one 5 minutes ago. The molds and old stock were sold to a US company but the stock of parts has run out and the other company has changed the shed design. For parts or a new shed you'll need to buy a used one. It has no panels like the one on the internet and has 4 slid on attainments foe each side of the door.
We had a golfball size hail storm here in Illinois and two of my roof panels now have holes. I had to move my shed and since it has been 10 years since I first put it up I am at a loss.
The company that made the sheds has gone out of business and a similar company no longer has any parts. This is the answer they gave me: The Winchester line unfortunately has been discontinued and is no longer available.
The FSC timber cladding is constructed around a sturdy 28mm x 28mm frame which combined with OSB roofing and flooring, provides a robust, long lasting structure. Rebuild your base then reassemble If the metal channels are in rough shape take a chunk to a steel place nand they can match it with something close. I no longer have the manual, but I vaguely remember channels nailed over the frame and the wall panels inserted into the channels. I want to make sure I have it together correct before I screw the hinds on does anyone know what model of shed had the door with no panels? I put up 2 sheds using the one from the link a couple of messages back and the jobs could not have been easier!
What I like about the shed is that the roof and walls are thick hollow panels, which is fortunate. I read somewhere else that the sheds have a 10-year warranty, so those of you with rotten doors should contact the company about warranty replacement doors. All rights reserved.Google, Google Play, YouTube and other marks are trademarks of Google Inc. We opted to design and install our own floor rather than purchase the optional one sold with the shed.The instructions were written clearly and easy to follow. As long as you lay out the metal channels properly and square to begin with it's hard to go wrong.

Since the holes don't go all the way through, a tech guy at Barrette Outdoor Living (they took over Royal when it folded) said that one solution is to disassemble the roof and flip the panels over. It has the same type of design of doors, but the building does look a lot different in design aside from that. If you want to take a look at that model, here is a link to where its located on our website.
This with mineral roofing felt helps protect the roof timber from weather damage.The single door is braced for additional stability and is fitted with a pad bolt.
That puts the holes on the inside of the shed, allowing some functional although possibly unattractive patching with duct tape or vinyl tape as needed. I was unable to take it with me when I purchased a home so I sold it for $150.00 on Craigslist.
The timber is treated with a factory basecoat ready for a topcoat after installation.This Winchester 8ft x 6ft Shiplap Solid Sheet Pent Shed is also available with a convenient installation option to save you time and give you peace of mind.
We currently use the shed for storing miscellaneous items from garden tools to seasonal decorations.
Just digging and grading the site for the foundation was very time consuming and the cost of the unit is prohibiting me from replacing it soon.
Spiders do get in through the cracks in the wood plank floor (again our design, not supplied by the manufacturer) but no other critters get in. We have put a lock on the door for security.Occasionally the building will shift enough that the lock becomes difficult to get through the holes in the shed door handles, but soon it shifts back and everything works well. We do wash it down each year with bleach and detergent to keep the dirt and mildew off of it, but otherwise it is very low maintenance. In fact we have just added a second unit down the hill from the first for more storage room!
The only problem we had in doing this was that it was VERY difficult to find someone who would order it for us. It took us almost a year and delivery of two inferior sheds to finally get the Winchester we had wanteda€¦nothing else would do.

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