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My name is Greg and in this blog post I’d like to give you some tips on working with a laser machine. I tried a lot of different wood types but I think alder wood is the best for laser engraving because it’s very dry. Laser cutting can be pretty useful if you want to make some nice invitation cards made out of paper or cardstock.
My favorite cutting applications are greeting cards, business cards and decorative items made from wood. Wood Carving, High Speed Engraving, Power Carving and Micro Sandblasting equipment, supplies and training for customizing and personalizing anything. Horsemen (and women) tend to be very particular (actually downright picky) when it comes to their horses.
Horses includes 285 Royalty Free Horse Designs – perfect for engraving, sandblasting and more.
Designs include horses, tach, saddles, trailers, stables, clothing, horse grooming, humans with horses, horse anatomy drawings, ponies, work horses, horses with riders and more. It has never been easier to find the perfect animal design for your project – simply insert the disc into your computer, open the image you want, size to fit your project, then print it out! Trotec woodworking lasers are optimally suited for laser engraving and laser cutting wood and timber, such as for example toys, decorative items, artistic craftwork, souvenirs, Christmas decorations, gifts, architectural models, and for wood inlays.

How does laser cutting and laser engraving of wood work?When cutting and engraving wood and timber with the laser, high processing speed and clean edges are particularly important. Wood cutting lasers from Trotec produce a clean laser cut and accurate edges, even when working on highly complex object shapes and sizes.
Does the wood burn during laser cutting?In the cutting clearance of the material, the laser will produce a temperature increase that is higher than the sublimation temperature of wood. I prefer working on wood and glass, because the precise engraving results you get are just awesome.
The software that comes with the laser lets you use any graphic as a template for the cutting. The tricky part is to correctly set the laser parameters according to the material you are working with. Most of the time I do my own designs, but from time to time I take a look at the Trotec website to find some samples and templates there.
Hot stamping using a die cannot produce such accurate detail, nor is it possible to switch immediately to a different motif. At the beginning it might be a little difficult to find the correct settings and you have to test them a couple of times. Using the laser provides the user with extreme flexibility and the ability to refine the woods in a very high quality. Consequently, there is only relatively low thermal stress on the material near the cutting clearance.

As soon as you have got some experience with the laser settings it will be very easy to set the parameters right. By accurate focusing and selecting the appropriate optics and by supplying compressed air, high-quality cuts can be produced.
The cutting edges with their brown color can often be used effectively in the design.Can any type of wood be cut and engraved with the laser?Since wood is a natural material, the laser user must consider various characteristics, such as e.
Hard wood, as an example of dense wood types, on the other hand, requires a higher laser power. Simply insert the workpiece and start the laser process. This saves time and money during the preparation of the material.
When milling wood, on the other hand, the boards must be clamped in position and must often be fixated by a vacuum.

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