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Garage building kits offer the do-it-yourselfer a quick and easy way to build a garage and stay on a budget. Log Garage Kits - Usually have either a stick built frame of 2x lumber, a pole-barn frame, or a post and beam frame, with wood log siding applied.
Steel Truss Buildings - Similar in construction to both the pole barn and the rigid frame steel building, these prefab garage kits use open-web steel trusses and columns for the structure. Relax in our holiday homes and weekend houses and let you family enjoy the atmosphere of natural pine. Provided, that your room is high enough, we offer you a solution to build a galleria, that would give you extra living area, with just a moderate alteration, if required.

The addtion to your flat, house or weekend house can be looked as a design feature, that gives a different caracter to your place.
In the 'up to date' version, we could make the floor from glass, instead of timber, and add a large window to the raised wall for light up the area, which would be beneficial in many ways. To get to the gallery, we manufucture a suitable, natural look timber stairs to specifications. For a smaller garage, you may be able to get by with just human helpers for the construction, but larger buildings will require lifting equipment for the trusses. Steel Arch Building - These garage building kits do not have an inner structure, but are made of sections of arched steel panels that are bolted together. Donec egestas, arcu sit amet egestas molestie, erat turpis vestibulum augue, id pulvinar tellus nulla eget est.

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