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The ash tree is actually a member of the olive family; there are several species of ash in North America, but the ones used in furniture construction are white ash and black ash. The grain pattern is similar to oak, with less “chatter” (the little lines between rows of open pores).
The wood is susceptible to fungal infections, so ash furniture should be used indoors only- preferably in the living room or bedroom, where it can’t absorb much moisture.
If you have an article that you would like to publish, then you may submit an article and it will be listed on this site. Mahogany is well known for its strength and makes for excellent kitchen cabinets because it doesn’t easily warp.
Even though dark red is not mahogany’s natural color it’s probably what you had in mind when you decided to refinish mahogany furniture.
Another approach that has been seen to work is one of the simplest of all and only requires light, oil and time. If you want the grains of your furniture’s wood to show, then the best wood stain to use would be exterior wood stain. Your wooden furniture and fences can actually age more beautifully through the use of outdoor wood stains. Some types of woods are generally better left unstained since their natural color looks best on them. To choose the best wood stain for your furniture, make sure that you take into account the finish that you are going to use and the job you want the stain to do. Penetrating oil stain, which is affordable and easy to apply, is the best wood stain for pine and softwoods. The best wood stain to use for your furniture actually depends on many factors, the first and most important being the type of wood that your furniture has. It is dense and very strong for its weight (in fact, ash is the wood of choice for baseball bats). White ash varies in color from very white to yellowish; the sapwood and grain lines are typically medium brown.
It accepts stain very well, but because it has such large pores, you’ll want to use pore filler if you hope to achieve a very smooth or shiny finish. Its reddish brown color naturally gave it a fine cabinet wood look that the queen couldn’t help but fall in love with. Butternut is another type of wood that is similar to mahogany, but it’s very hard to tell the difference. The natural color of mahogany is pinkish brown but you will almost always see it stained red to make it look more elegant. Bumps and dings should be filled with silex filler before starting the refinishing process.

Gel stains will apply more evenly and have been used with great results for a dark red color. The best wood stain to use on fences and outdoor furniture are those that penetrate into the wood instead of just sitting on it.
Some finishes, like polyurethane varnish, are not compatible with all stains so if you’re going to use this, you have to look for stains with which it is compatible. Some types of wood stain can be very good for certain types of wooden furniture and not so good for others. Ash is also flexible, especially when steamed, making it a popular choice for bentwood designs. Aniline dyes are another good choice for coloring ash, and will result in a subtler grain pattern than wiping stains. This guide will teach you how to stain, paint and refinish mahogany veneer and antique furniture. Ever since it was first recognized it has been associated with expensive taste and elegance. They are also very helpful in concealing blemishes and in pulling together two pieces of furniture. This means that instead of it being chipped or peeled, the color just fades as time goes by. This is because stains that merely sit on the surface do not protect the furniture from ultraviolet radiation.
For fences or furniture that have vertical surfaces, Sikkens Rubbol Siding Finish® is recommended.
Other types of woods, like new pine and those with undistinguished grains, are usually stained.  Still, there are some woods that look good stained or unstained.
Also, if you want your pine furniture to look natural, then you should probably choose semi-transparent stains instead of solid ones even if the latter lasts longer. There are also some types of wood that are best left unstained but there is really no harm in staining them if that’s your preference.
It is a good option for cutting boards and bowls because it has no discernible odor or taste. The objective is to recover the furniture to a beautiful reddish brown color that looks elegant and expensive. However, it is really up to you to decide whether you want to stain your wooden furniture or not. Sikkens® is one brand of wood stain that is highly recommended by experts all over the Internet.
Choose a stain that is transparent, something water aniline, to give mahogany furniture a deep rich reddish color.

The furniture will turn a nice deep mahogany red color before you even have time to finish with a lacquer.
However, they are not the best finish to use in outdoor furniture since they tend to wear off. This is because they are thicker than oil-based or water-based stains so they will drip less. If you want to test what the furniture will look like if unstained, use a finish in an inconspicuous spot and then see if you like it. This is probably the best wood stain to use for decks, fences, and other outdoor furniture.
The many different kinds of stains available in the market each have their own benefits for different types of furniture. If not, then you can stain your furniture even if they are made of mahogany, aged, pine, or any rare wood. Although interesting, this type of stain is best used only if you are a professional in refinishing. When it comes to oak, mahogany and pine, the best choice may be penetrating oil stains.  Organic stains can also be used, but this is only recommended if you are a professional refinisher. Many like to spray a dye about one part cordovan and one part mahogany to help darken the stain as well. Wood stains that are good for certain types of furniture may not be suitable for other types. If you have artwork that is made of wood, you can use semi-transparent stains that contain water repellants and preservatives. After dyeing cover the mahogany with a vinyl sealer wash coat and finish with a pigmented stain. Therefore, the best wood stain to use actually depends on the type of wood that your furniture is made of. Apply the pigment stain carefully so you don’t have to wipe later, the more clustered it is applied the more grainy and ugly it can get. Staining outdoor play equipment is also the best choice to preserve it even if they may wear out in the future.

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