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The Holy Spirit was manifested in a powerful way, moving hearts to humility, repentance and confession. A separated couple, with divorce plans in mind, decided to renew their marriage vows in a beautiful ceremony, expressing their desire to learn to live guided by the Spirit.
Administrators of the Cuba Union Conference and the local Delegations, pastors and some wives, participated in 40 hours of intensive training on the subject a€?Family Life, Pastoral Ministry, and the Ministry of the Holy Spirita€?.

Pastor Ruber Alvarez Alfonso (center, with wife), Youth and Family Life Leader, Cuban Union.
Rene has a Master of Divinity from Andrews University, and a Master of Education and a Ph.D.
Quispe is Director of Behavioral Education at Pacific Health Education Center, a Christian institution, where he teaches.A  He is a member of the National Council of Family Relations and he and his wife are both members of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

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