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Located in the TCU area of Fort Worth Woodshed has a cool location right on the Trinity river across from the Zoo and Colonial Country Club. Over All: All in all I feel woodshed is a great place to come drink a beer on a comfortable summer night and eat some of the tenderloin served cold. I live in Fort Worth these days and my significant other is all about food (cooking and eating). This is a sit down BBQ joint on the nicer end of most BBQ’s I’ve been too and by far the most modern.

One rib is fine even though I’m a big eater, not bc of its size but the rub sets in differently and is a bit strong in the long run. It’s funny because as I walked in it had more of a Dallas feel which in Fort Worth can be considered a bad thing. I showed him this post and he said “we are definitely going there once I’ve earned it” (meaning he’s trying to be healthy and shed a few pounds and this won’t help).
Unfortunately I will always prefer Southern crispy corn bread over that fluffy stuff, but I could make a meal of all these meats anyway.

Luckily I visited on a Texas August day when the temps somehow are about 80, that is NOT ordinary and I wonder how it would be to eat here in a deep heated sweat.
If your looking for a fancy modern BBQ place and don’t fancy flavor as much, Woodshed is the place.

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