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Offering big grilling performance in a portable package, the Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet portable tabletop gas grill is an ideal choice for families who like to What makes us better than the rest?
Bobby Flay protege Tanya Holland brought quality food to gritty West Oakland when she opened Brown Sugar Kitchen in 2008. Television personality Joanne Weir’s Mexican menu centers around chicken cooked on a spit over an open fire, plus the agave-nectar margaritas she perfected while writing a book about tequila. Napa starchitect Howard Backen partnered with entrepreneur Leslie Rudd on this cozy restaurant, where customers gather around fireplaces.
Gregory Denton and his wife, Gabrielle Quinonez Denton (formerly of Metrovino), just opened this Argentinean-inspired spot. Insider’s Tip While waiting for a table at Ox, customers can pass the time playing bocce on the patio. At this Mission spot, the chicken is brined in whiskey, the hams hail from Tennessee pig man Allan Benton and beers are made in stainless steel tanks near the kitchen. Sandwiches at San Francisco’s Cedar Hill are named after top barbecue towns, like Decatur, AL and Lockhart, TX. Pamela Schafer and Richard Park took over Big Nate’s space and remodeled it using old barn beams. Local resident and Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern loves this grill-focused joint, decorated with blinking Pachinko machines (a Japanese arcade game).
Matthias Merges, the former chef at Charlie Trotter’s, owns this Japanese restaurant specializing in small plates, like beef tongue and veal sweetbreads cooked over long-burning, low-smoke pressed charcoal. After selling his signature pulled-pork sandwich at local markets, Elias Leisring opened this bare-bones spot. Competitive pit masters Heath Hall and Brett Thompson use their signature combo of oak and hickory chips to smoke brisket, which they serve both on its own and as sausage.
The owners of this seafood shack harvest their own Chesapeake Bay oysters, serving them raw, in chowder or grilled right on the porch, with a side of tomatillo cocktail sauce.

The Inn at Easton’s Andrew Evans competed on the barbecue circuit before opening the Joint in 2010; he serves ribs, brisket and smoked-turkey-and-cranberry sandwiches. Mark Coates smokes pork on the truck, mixes in North Carolina-style sauce and serves customers a giant portion on a bun. Nicole Davenport, one of the few female pit masters on the competitive circuit, bemoaned the dearth of great desserts at barbecue joints. John Mueller is Texas royalty: He grew up in his family’s famous restaurant, Louis Mueller BBQ. The Franklin truck launched in 2009 to instant fame and moved into a small cinder block building last year. Tim Love’s sixth Texas restaurant, overlooking Trinity River, has custom-made spits, grills and smokers. At this tiny storefront, Cody Taylor and Jiyeon Lee prepare dishes inspired by Korean barbecue (ribs rubbed with gochujang, a spice paste), which they say “predates American barbecue by about 3,000 years.” 2243 Akers Mill Rd. Users of this site agree to be bound by the Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
Huge savings and free 24 hr shipping on many brands including Sure Flame, Delta Heat, Twin Eagles A comprehensive outdoor grill guide that will give you an overview of the kinds of grills available and things to consider when searching for a grill. We have fryers, cast iron skillets and other Outdoor Gourmet products to give Grill with ease and comfort with Frontgate’s freestanding grills and outdoor ovens a luxury solution to your summer grilling. When you are looking for a quality hot tub, spa, grill, outdoor kitchen or patio furniture, you want a company that you can trust. Here’s a coast-to-coast guide to the latest places, plus new spots that bring live-fire grilling into the kitchen.
Chef Philip Wang mans a giant wood-fired grill, cooking Cal-Med dishes like chorizo and mushrooms over polenta. They use an adjustable grill in the middle of the dining room to prepare dishes as delicate as maitake mushrooms or as primal as whole lamb.

At Itri, which opens this month, he will cook meats and seafood (including octopus) on a four-spit, Italian-made rotisserie and grill. The menu features barbecue classics, plus a few dishes with German inflections, like bratwurst with sauerkraut.
So she opened this homage to meat (pulled pork in a peach-flavored sauce) and sweets (German chocolate cake, in honor of Fredericksburg’s Teutonic heritage). The menu lists the type of wood used to smoke each dish; the showstopping beef shin is cooked over hickory chips. The tortillas are homemade from fresh-ground masa and the animals are smoked whole, then braised in a wood-burning oven. The world’s first, best and only true hybrid A comprehensive outdoor grill guide that will give you an overview of the kinds of grills available and things to consider when searching for a grill. Still, the French-trained chef can’t resist adding upscale touches, like the thick-cut pain de mie for her pulled-pork sandwich.
Charcoal Grills For the barbeque purist, only the smoky flavor of the Charcoal Grill will do. Our collection of grills including BBQ grills, electric outdoor grills and more is perfect for entertaining outdoors. With the right grill and cooking tools Abt Electronics has special shipping rate on the Weber Genesis EP-330 Natural Gas Black Outdoor Grill – 6631301.

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