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Providing a useful tool for the aspiring and professional woodworker, the Woodworkers Journal offers detailed guides, tips and advice for various projects. If you would like to receive every new cover of Woodworkers Journal by email as it is released in the UK, please insert email below. Educational and direct, this magazine is a handy guide full of helpful tips for woodworker’s tackling tasks of all complexities. Copy and paste the following HTML code and you will always have the most recent cover of this magazine on your site.
The new app allows Apple and Android devices to pair with the Bluetooth batteries remotely, and DeWALT says the app takes just a few moments to set up. From the Tool Connect™ App home screen, users can select an individual battery to view its diagnostics and change settings by tabbing through four pages:  Diagnostics, Actions, Info and Alerts.
The Actions screen allows the user to customize their alert preferences depending on what information they need and when they need it.
Finally, the Alerts screen provides a comprehensive list of all of the alerts that have been generated by the Tool Connect™ App and the compatible DeWALT Bluetooth® batteries. Contractors who must inventory multiple tools on a jobsite, and those responsible for cordless tool maintenance, should find this free app a handy way to keep better tabs on their DeWALT Bluetooth® battery investment. I recently purchased a Weatherking barn, and I would like to put on a sealer to protect it. Chris Marshall: I have not used UNAXOL, but their website suggests the clear sealer is actually a water-based wood lacquer. I built a garage door from the leavings in a cedar mill’s spalt pile (the place all the cut-offs from the process of making shakes and shingles. Within three months of summer sun, you could not tell I’d done anything to the wood, so I repeated the process. Since the applications are cumulative, being aggressive with initial applications will give lasting results. Of course, like all the other finishes mentioned, this type of finish, non-hardening oil, requires maintenance applications. The oil resists moisture, so the wood is less likely to take on moisture that can swell, or even freeze. I’ve seen too many fences, doors and other outdoor items finished with surface coats that expanded and contracted at different rates than the wood under them, so cracked and had to be removed, or painted over. Aside from the higher initial cost, it’s hard to criticize a table saw that detects contact with your skin in order to save you from a catastrophic blade injury. Critics of SawStop’s dominance in this market segment will surely feel that fair competition is long overdue. While at first blush, this system may sound similar to SawStop’s patented design, there are several significant points of departure worth understanding. Another difference between Bosch REAXX and SawStop involves the ability to re-use the cartridge. By comparison, a search of SawStop’s website will show that currently, its single-use blade brake cartridges cost $69 for a standard blade or $89 for a dado blade set, plus the cost of the replacement blade. The GTS1041A is programmed for up to 25 skin activations, although Wilson says the saw’s system is built for a lifespan well beyond that number. In that regard, Bosch intends that the LED light panel on the new REAXX Jobsite Table Saw will be easy to understand, because it’s loosely based on traffic light directives. Some initial media reports about the new REAXX saw suggested that the saw’s activation cartridge was borrowed from Bosch’s Automotive Group as crossover design, but Wilson says that claim isn’t accurate.
Bosch has been investing substantial resources into the REAXX table saw project for more than 10 years, Wilson reveals, but the essential saw owes some of its pedigree to Bosch’s award-winning 4100 table saw series. Given Bosch’s success in the jobsite table saw market already, Wilson says it was a natural category for positioning the new REAXX saw. Interestingly, Bosch is also willing to license the Active Response Technology to other saw manufacturers. Some may balk at the saw’s projected $1,499 price tag, but Wilson feels the cost is justifiable, considering the additional safety features and performance REAXX will provide, plus the inclusion of the stand and outfeed support. Wilson attributes the GTS1041A REAXX Jobsite Table Saw to “outside the box” innovation, which he says is typical for Bosch.
Learn more about the upcoming REAXX Jobsite Table saw, and watch a video of the saw in action, by clicking here. Safety measure I would think: can you imagine what 25 blasts can do to the mechanical components?
They do that so they can confiscate your saw and replace it with something you can actually handle, a NERF football. I think that if one person is careless enough to make contact with a table saw blade in motion 25 times the other tools on the job will probably have claimed their appendages and there wouldn’t be a need to send it in.
David, how many brakes and blades’ replacements does it take for SawStop to make up those $200?
And didn’t SawStop offer similar deal to the other manufacturers who scoffed at them?

Is there an easy way of drawing a “logarithmic spiral” without a doctoral in mathematics or special equipment? But here’s how we did it in the workshop long ago when we needed a spiral for a decorative carving. JET is targeting its new JOSS-S Oscillating Spindle Sander at woodworkers who are serious about sanding curves efficiently and cleanly.
Chinese or Taiwanese factories often put out many versions of what at first glance appear to be the same or nearly identical machines. When you buy a machine you are buying a business plan that includes a mix of advertising, product support, and whatever quality will be baked into the product by the actual manufacturer.
I’ve had the table model of this spindle sander and I like it so much I long for the floor model, but only because it came with larger spindles.
When I shopped for a spindle sander, I looked at the other offerings and this appeared worth the extra for the extra capability. Whether you need to cut, scrape, grind or sand your next woodworking or DIY project, Hitachi’s new CV18DBLP4 Oscillating Cordless Multi-tool could make the job easier. For starters, Hitachi builds this tool around a maintenance-free, brushless motor that develops up to 20,000 rpm.
Selling for $199.97 through Amazon and other Hitachi retailers, the CV18DBLP4 comes as a “bare” tool, without batteries or a charger.
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If so, please enter your email below and we will let you know if this issue becomes available and you can then decide to purchase it or not. It is informative with its tables, diagrams, photographs and imagery that take readers through step-by-step with various useful woodworking projects and new techniques. You can also scroll back and zoom through old covers, making this a great way of adding novel content to your blog or website. Now, its free Tool Connect™ Battery App, which communicates with these “smarter” batteries, is available on Apple’s App Store as well as Google’s Play Store.
Users can connect their compatible DeWALT batteries to their Bluetooth® enabled smartphone or tablet (by initiating the pairing process) and view the inventory of paired units on the Tool Connect™ App home screen. The Diagnostics screen indicates a battery’s state of charge, temperature and connection to Bluetooth®. These options include Alert if Out of Range, Disable if Out of Range, Alert at Low Battery Charge, Alert at High Temperature, and Alert at Charge Completion. From here, users can select an alert to view more details or clear some or all alerts in the log.
I have a chance to purchase four 5-gallon buckets of UNAXOL Clear Sealer and am wondering if this sealer can be used for outdoor protection?
But, since 2004, SawStop has been the only manufacturer from which to choose in the skin-sensing table saw market. And, Bosch intends not only to help more users avoid accidents, but also come out of the gate with an exceptional product to challenge SawStop’s Jobsite Saw, which launched in March.
The saw’s built-in computer uses a low-voltage, low-current electrical signal that’s imparted into the saw blade. For one, unlike SawStop’s cartridges that embed an aluminum brake into the blade when an activation happens, Bosch’s REAXX technology doesn’t damage the blade. After 25 activations, the tool becomes inoperable and must be taken to a factory authorized service center for inspection and service. The new GTS1041A will have a 4hp max-developed universal motor, featuring soft start, constant response electronics and overload protection.
And, while Bosch doesn’t currently build contractor or cabinet style table saws, those options may not be completely out of the question in the future.
It promises “cutting edge” technology with a design built to withstand the rigors and demands of daily jobsite use. Even if the manufacturer hadn’t programmed this in as standard I would take it to be checked just to be on the safe side.
I wouldn’t want to use a saw that could potentially fail at what it is supposed to do. It’s a little hard to believe that someone would accidentally put their hand in the saw 25 times. A quick check on the interweb machine tells me there are lots of videos and websites showing how to do this mathematically.
Powered by a 1hp TEFC motor inside the machine’s steel cabinet, the sander’s worm and gear drive turns the spindle at 1,720 rpm. Foreign manufacturers are almost universally capable of excellent quality… if the importer is willing to specify and pay for it. You will have to decide what level of quality is inherent, a difficult task since advertising, glossy paint, and vague promises are all you will have to inform you. It sports the latest popular features of other multi-tools, plus one that’s unique to Hitachi. It comes up to speed slowly, thanks to soft start, and Hitachi has outfitted the electronics with constant speed control circuitry in order to maintain consistent power regardless of load applied. First, you can select “standard” variable-speed mode and dial the vibration frequency from 1 to 5, which translates to 6,000 to 20,000 rpm. The receiver can choose from any of our 3,000 titles, and even have a single copy from each of their favourites without signing up to a subscription.

All magazines sent by 1st Class Mail UK & by Airmail worldwide (bar UK over 750g which may go 2nd Class). But also nurtures an independent streak to make sure that it teaches problem solving and not simply specific guides on particular projects, but also how to apply those techniques elsewhere to work outside the narrow scope of the magazines articles. This home screen allows users to remotely turn all compatible DeWALT Bluetooth® batteries on or off at once, monitor battery charge level, view Bluetooth signal strength, and pair additional batteries. I would choose a penetrating deck sealer, a solid- or semitransparent exterior stain or even good old exterior latex paint instead of lacquer, for an outdoor structure like your barn.
This fall, however, the brand options are about to expand by one, when Bosch’s much-anticipated GTS1041A REAXX™ Portable Jobsite Table Saw becomes available to the public. When human skin touches the blade, the electrical signal is altered in a way that creates a unique electrical “signature,” which is detected by electronic sensors. The saw will notify the user that it is within one activation of needing service when a blue light on the display panel begins to illuminate. Its cast-aluminum table is sized to rip up to 25-in., and a pull-out extension will offer 18 in.
On the other hand: any operator who activates the safety measures 25 times should be banned from working with such potentially lethal power tools. There’s integrated storage in the cabinet for all of these supplies, plus the table inserts for each spindle size and magnetic strip for stowing the wrench. And, a flexible, accordion-style baffle below the table creates a chamber for channeling dust effectively from the source. Soft overmolds on the tool and a slim profile should make it more comfortable to hold, and a tool-free feature enables you to switch between accessories easily. Or, select “auto” mode instead, and the tool will determine the correct level of vibration for the task at hand, based on the load you are applying to it.
You also get a bi-metal plunge cut saw blade, and Hitachi backs your purchase with its Lifetime Lithium-ion Tool warranty. Whether you are interested in tackling the ready-made projects within this magazines pages or just looking to enhance your techniques for your own work, the Woodworker’s Journal is absolutely indispensable for woodworkers of all experience levels.
These products are formulated specifically for the demands of outdoor wood — high rates of wood expansion and contraction, regular dousing with water, temperature extremes and UV degradation. Once the signature is received by the computer, it cuts power to the saw motor and initiates a pressurized activation cartridge.
The user must remove and turn the cartridge around, reinstall it, then reset the drop mechanism before continuing to use the saw. Bypass allows the saw to cut conductive materials like wet wood or nonferrous metal without initiating the Active Response Technology.
There’s also a spindle lock located under the table to make installing or removing spindles a one-wrench operation. The universal design of the accessory mount allows it to accept the majority of accessories available to multi-tools these days, regardless of brand. Regardless of mode, a low-battery indicator light informs you when to switch to a fresh battery. This feature makes it easy to shut down equipment at the end of the day to conserve battery life and deter theft. The cartridge drives the blade arbor below the table at a high rate of speed, stopping an accident short.
However, the entire reset process can be accomplished in around a minute, Bosch calculates. The saw is not designed for use with wobble-type dado sets or molding heads, and dado blades cannot weigh more than 8 lbs. A red light means the saw will not function until the user corrects an issue, and blue indicates that service center attention is required. Bosch includes its Smart Guard blade guard for added protection, a T-square style SquareLock™ Rip Fence and a Gravity-Rise Stand™ with 8-in. Draw two perpendicular lines and then set off each 90 degree quadrant into three equal divisions.
The table tilts 45 degrees forward and 15 degrees backward, and it can be locked at any point in between for precise sanding angles. For low-light circumstances, the CV18DBLP4 also has an LED task light that illuminates the tip of the accessory and the work area.
But its detailed projects, boxed safety tips on common errors and assistance in identifying appropriate materials only enhance this strength further alongside its value as a medium for suggesting interesting do-it-yourself endeavours.
And, when a tilted operation is finished, the table has a 90-degree quick index to return it to level again. Anyone with even a modicum of an interest in woodworking will thoroughly enjoy the Woodworker’s Journal and its creative woodworking guides. When done, use a rounded edge and change the segment lines from straight ones to rounded ones. Put this assembly down on a piece of paper, and use the pencil to draw a line as you unwind the string from the cylinder.

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