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Now living in the Lakes region of New Hampshire, Jim says, “I get much of my wood from a local sawmill.” Since there are no large lumber stores nearby, he also adds variety by purchasing wood online. He has also created both a Wishbone Floor Lamp and a Wishbone Standing Coat Tree – the latter in response to a show attendee who looked at the lamp and said it would make a great coat tree. Who knows, perhaps Jim will find more inspiration from those who attend the shows he’ll be participating in this year. A visit with tage frid - highland woodworking, This article first appeared in the winter 1991 issue of highland's wood news magazine.

Behold, the speed tenon - fine woodworking, Sure, the "speed tenon" is fast, but is it safe enough for the pages of your favorite magazine?
He specializes in furniture with a contemporary style, which he feels emphasizes the beauty of the natural wood grains and figures. To create this request, Jim uses flexible green wood that still retains its bending ability. The base consists of thin pieces of tiger maple interwoven in and out of base supports, then inserts into slots.

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