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There are two vises described in this article, first a tail vise and then at the end a front vise. Wooden screws are not very hard to make with the screw boxes and taps available from tool suppliers, and you'll save some money since boxes and taps are cheaper than steel screws. Before you build your tail vise, take a close look at how it's designed so you'll understand where the forces are transferred when the vise clamps down on work. But that doesn't complete the chain of force transfer on this particular bench design, which has the bench top in four sections so that it can be easily disassembled. Photo 1- Glue together the moving jaw, rear jaw, guide bar and front plate of the tail vise.
Make a turning blank for the screw by gluing together blocks for the knuckle as in photo 2. Photo 3- Turn the blank on a lathe to the exact diameter specified in the instructions with your thread cutting tool. A modern European-style workbench that has both a front vise and an innovative and easy to build tail vise. One of the great benches that should be considered by any woodworker thinking about building a traditional bench. An American classic right out of the 50's This folding ironing board style workbench is not very heavy duty but with a little beefing up would be nice project bench in a small garage. Pipe Vise Operating in essentially the same manner as a pipe clamp, this vise is straightforward and inexpensive yet remarkably adaptable.
Not only does he make some of the finest bench vises made anywhere, he has now added a workbench plan to his collection. The original version of the bench was created in 1875 but this slightly modernized version makes it a great choice for a woodworker looking for traditional and contemporary features. His bench is a something of a combination of the Holtzapffel Workbench with several modern twists from Veritas' best ideas added.

He's created a new workbench that will especially appeal to hand tool focused woodworkers.Follow the link to the article, plans and video tour.
With a few modifications this might be pretty handy as an assembly table with lots of storage below. Decorations: How To Create DIY House Decor.Are you looking for the DIY house decor for the Christmas, but do not know which way to go? Based upon a modern split Roubo style bench it features his terrific leg and tail vises plus several other unique features. Personally, I think that this bench is one the very best modern bench designs I've seen and takes into consideration every possible way of holding your work to the bench and will work extremely well for both hand and power tools. If you don't have room for multiple benches the solution is to build an adjustable height workbench.
One of the virtues of this design is that you can mount additional bases (available separately) in alternative locations, so a single head and pipe assembly can serve as a front vise, a tail vise or even a jobsite vise mounted on a portable surface. There is no need to worry since I have a few ideas for creating handmade decorations for your home so you will be ready to celebrate the Christmas.
The article and plans were in Fine Woodworking #153 and are available as a PDF download for paid online subscribers or via a free 14 day trial. I know of only three available designs, one involves using a dedicated and expensive metal base. And because the head can rotate to any orientation, it can be used to clamp against a bench stop for horizontal clamping or against the bench skirt for vertical applications. Without spending a lot of time, I am going to show you a few DIY house decor ideas for the Christmas and as a start, we have the gingerbread house.
There's a free plan available at Popular Woodworking, a 3D Model and a preview video and a great story of David Pearce's experience building one and a class report of building one at Kelly Mehler's School.
Charlie Kocourek has come up with a remarkable new design that incorporates some very clever ideas and torsion box construction.

The head has two through-holes for mounting your own custom-made jaw, which is driven by an Acme-threaded screw with 1" of travel for final tightening. Every single member of the family will enjoy baking and decorating a gingerbread house because this decoration is so much fun for the whole family. The plans are most impressive at 28 pages and are incredibly detailed and a complete hardware package is available.
A positive-locking clutch-plate mechanism holds the pipe, and can be disengaged for fast positioning by pushing a front release button or pulling a rear eye bolt that can be linked to a user-made foot pedal for hands-free operation.
It is possible for you to sneak a little bite of the candies, but if you do not want to waste a lot of money only to buy so many different kinds of candy, you might want to spend time considering having a gingerbread house making party.
You can ask every single individual to bring a few things and you will be able to pledge that everyone will have a great time after all.
By the time you find out that things are dry, pop the balloon, and pull it out through in the end. You could use the fabrics, the wallpaper scraps, or any other things in order to make or decorate the ornaments. It might be such a good idea for you to let the kids make or create their very own amazing and dear kind of keepsakes every single year as well. So, what are you going to do next, my dear readers?There are so many other ideas to try, but you have to stay tuned with me in the next article.

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