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Woodworkers can make one of the most versatile power tools in their shop even more useful with professional woodworker Kenneth Burton's plans for innovative jigs and fixtures.
The butt joint is the simplest way to join two pieces of wood, forming a seam along the grain.
How To Cut Compound-Angle Dovetailsby Chris GochnourAfter you’ve mastered the basic dovetail, you can try more complicated variations, such as the compound-angle type. With Cutting-Edge Band Saw Tips & Tricks, you'll learn how to build 15 jigs and fixtures that will turn your band saw into the most useful tool in the shop.

In our handy ultimate woodworking video series, George Vondriska teaches you some of the essential woodworking shop tips and techniques you’ll need to complete your next woodworking project.
Please upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to better experience this site. This joint is not used to increase the length of a board, but to increase the overall width of a panel. These essential accessories are easy to create with the complete step-by-step photos and instructions inside this book.No matter what you want to build, the techniques found here will make the construction process easier and the finished product better.

Learn your way around the workshop with storage insight, spend less time punching numbers into a calculator with math and geometry tips, and streamline the woodworking process with creative tricks for laying out your toolset and wood collection. You'll also find full plans for three gorgeous projects - all designed to harness the muscle of your new jigs and fixtures.

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