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Prominent New South Wales parliamentarian, Sir Terence Aubrey Murray (1810–1873) (bio here) purchased Yarralumla in 1837.
In 1859, Murray sold Yarralumla to his brother-in-law, Augustus Onslow Manby Gibbes (1828–1897 ) (family notice board here).
In 1908, the Limestone Plains area, including Yarralumla, was selected as the new Federal Capital of the Commonwealth of Australia.
People of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent should be aware that this weblog does contain images and names of people who are deceased. Australia's head of state, Peter Hollingworth, is so mired in controversy that he can no longer fulfil his duties. Whoever thought Australia would see a press release from Government House, Yarralumla, headed in capital letters: "Public statement by Dr Peter Hollingworth: Denial of rape allegation"? The Labor frontbencher and Melbourne lawyer received information late last month, before there was even a sniff of the scandal surrounding the Governor-General, that Hollingworth was involved in some clandestine legal action. Tanner's informant told him in vague terms about a court case under way, involving sex abuse allegations and the Anglican Church, and that Hollingworth had sought and obtained suppression orders. But there was no way to corroborate the information, which was hardly surprising, seeing the whole proceedings had been legally obscured behind suppression orders covering the complainant, the defendant and the details.
So, on May 1, Tanner submitted two brief questions, under parliamentary privilege, asking if there was indeed any legal action on, and whether suppression orders had been sought. The 470-page church report found that in one case in particular, that of John Elliot (jailed last year), Hollingworth had not only allowed the confessed child abuser to continue his work as a priest, but had presented to the inquiry an inaccurate reconstruction of events. May 1 was also the day the Prime Minister flew out of Australia for his triumphal postwar trip to the US and Britain. On Thursday, the travelling Howard was notified by Yarralumla that Hollingworth was about to reveal the details of the Melbourne court case - that he had been accused of raping a young woman nearly 40 years ago.
Howard's office revealed yesterday that it had been aware of the legal action since last December.
At week's end, everyone is waiting for the next step in the saga - the inevitable chat between the Prime Minister and the Queen's representative to determine how the damage being done to the vice-regal office can be stemmed.
Will it be an unprecedented standing down, the Governor-General vacating his office to allow his protestations of innocence to be fully tested by the courts? Or will Howard concede that his appointment of the former Anglican archbishop of Brisbane was fatally flawed? The decisions, based as much in harsh politics as constitutional niceties, could reverberate through the nation for decades. Hollingworth's decision to confront this latest crisis head-on has served only to further complicate matters. Dispensing their usual addiction to short, sharp picture grabs, the television news bulletins ran huge chunks of the Hollingworth video statement.
Not even the wild scenes of November 11 1975, the dismissal, approached this for vice-regal shock value. It is impossible to imagine words so far removed from the usual formalities of vice-regal affairs.
A constitutional expert, Professor Cheryl Saunders, argues the crisis is highlighting the inadequacies of our creaking constitution. Hollingworth is garnering new sympathy, based on the apparent flimsy nature of the charges against him and recognition that without a judicial verdict, he is entitled to a presumption of innocence.

Supporters allege a witch-hunt, claiming he is being hounded out of office by an array of enemies.
Taking the offensive, instead of sheltering behind court suppression orders, could work to Hollingworth's advantage in other ways.
Few charges are as odious as the claim that a man of the cloth had forced sex with a vulnerable woman. Speculation is mounting that Hollingworth, working in tandem with Government supporters, may "do a Pell", standing down from his office while the Jarmyn matter is sorted out. Constitutional experts say this course of action is legally feasible, although unprecedented in Australia's federal political system. And the wider conceptual issue: is it permissible to have the Queen's representative, to many the de facto head of state of the country, standing aside under any circumstances? Howard is staying his hand, relying on a carefully calibrated form of words that ensure there will be no "reverse Kerr" - the sacking of the Governor-General. The respected constitutional lawyer George Williams summed up the situation in an opinion piece published in the Herald on Tuesday (before the Jarmyn case erupted).
The incumbent was incapable of unifying the nation, his primary symbolic role, and his reliance on Howard to defend him made it difficult for him to be perceived as an impartial umpire. Government MPs point to his poor body language, his inability to command respect and his inadequate reading of the public mood. Hollingworth has found it impossible to carve out a new role or to come anywhere near matching Deane's popularity. Critics say Howard's decision to defy convention by appointing a church man - and at a time when the churches were mired in myriad sex abuse scandals - rather than the usual former political, legal or military figure to vice-regal office, has come back to bite him.
As for the rape allegation brought to light by Tanner, almost all players agree it is a distraction - albeit a sensational one - from the main issue of Hollingworth's suitability to continue in office. In the end, it is the child abuse allegations, and the Anglican Church findings that Hollingworth had erred in his handling of cases while archbishop of Brisbane, that are the bigger issue.
The real concerns, as Queensland's Premier, Peter Beattie, who tabled the report, succinctly put it on ABC television on Thursday night, are three.
The Governor-General gave statutory declarations to the inquiry swearing he believed the sexual abuse in the Elliot case to be an isolated occurrence. The report did not say Hollingworth had deliberately lied; it said he had reconstructed events to reflect what he would have liked to be true. The Governor-General's defenders, notably the Prime Minister, argue that the errors of judgement were related to his previous position.
Mike Seccombe and Michael Millett look at the damage being done to the office of Governor-General and to the Government.
However, it has pointedly refused to reveal any of the legal advice it has commissioned relevant to that or the other controversies swirling around Yarralumla. That regardless of his legal rights and wrongs, that Hollingworth is no longer capable of performing the task for which he was appointed? The Governor-General, a flag draped behind his right shoulder, stared unblinking into a hired television camera on Thursday as he recounted the details of a civil case in Melbourne that weeks earlier he had tried desperately to hide from public view. Simply put, it is ill equipped to deal with the issues thrown up by the Hollingworth affair.
What originally shaped as the final nail in Hollingworth's coffin, regardless of the outcome of the rape case, may, in fact, create an entirely different dynamic.

Calculated or not, allowing the case into the open actually makes it harder for Howard, if he is so inclined, to orchestrate a quick departure. Quitting now would undermine Hollingworth's protestations of innocence, forever linking him with the sad case of his accuser, the late Rosemarie Anne Jarmyn, no matter how the court proceedings finished up. There has been no previous situation where the credibility and character of the Crown's representative have been so challenged that it was felt necessary to remove him from office until the issue was resolved.
A special inquiry, such as that conducted in the Pell case, is worlds away from a complicated court case involving events four decades ago and a dead applicant. The main thread of concern running through the Government responses over the past week is Hollingworth's inability to perform the job required of him. In addition, long-term damage is being done to the institution of governor-general," Williams wrote.
Besieged and bewildered, he has become the almost invisible Governor-General, a virtual prisoner of Yarralumla. It is a hybrid position, invested with considerable power under the constitution but largely perceived through its ceremonial duties.
Hollingworth was appointed by Howard as a foil to his predecessor, Sir William Deane, who energetically pursued the task of acting as the nation's moral conscience. Neither he nor Howard has been able to build up a reservoir of goodwill towards the Governor-General since the child abuse allegations surfaced a year ago.
The case is 40 years old, it appears weak, the accuser is dead and the accused presents a comprehensive alibi.
The inquiry found there were repeated criminal acts, and that the then archbishop had been told so. At the beginning of the 1890s Frederick Campbell erected a  three-storey, brick house on the site of the former Yarralumla homestead.
That morning a damning report on his handling of pedophilia cases in his previous career as head of the Anglican Church in Queensland was tabled in the Queensland Parliament, after the Prime Minister, John Howard, refused to allow it to be tabled in the federal house.
There is a risk that the civil action could simply lapse, despite the intentions of Jarmyn's lawyers to press on despite her suicide two weeks ago.
If Howard assesses that either the office or the Government is drawing too much collateral damage over the affair, then Yarralumla can expect some fairly blunt advice about resignation. There is sensitivity to criticism that he erred in the appointment, testing the long-established division between church and state. Howard was distinctly uncomfortable with that role and sought out a replacement who would not duplicate it. The ceremony was held at Weston Park and the reception was inside the simply awesome Yarralumla Woolshed. I deny absolutely that I have ever raped or in any way sexually assaulted any person," Hollingworth stated.
Like Hollingworth, the Prime Minister believes there is a vendetta being run against the Governor-General. That no action is warranted for the still-swirling controversy of Hollingworth's mishandling of sexual abuse cases while Anglican archbishop of Brisbane?

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