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Booktopia - Woodwork, A Step-By-Step Photographic Guide to Successful Woodworking by DK Publishing, 9780756643065. From carving and veneering to jewelry boxes and custom cabinetry, Woodwork is the ultimate visual guide to every essential woodworking technique.Featuring an attractive range of finely crafted projects in easy-to-follow step-by-step detail, from household items to furniture,Woodwork is an inspiring book for woodworking enthusiasts who want to develop their skills, whether a beginner or more advanced woodworker.
On a show, a home renovation typically takes eight episodes, which I translated into about three months. We were prepared to later discover noxious, expensive problems: a leaky oil tank, perhaps, or asbestos in the industrial-looking ceiling tiles.
When we pried away sheets of photo-finished, 1970s paneling, underneath we found wainscoting made of real quarter-sawn white oak, painted white but otherwise intact. One little unpainted spot behind the living room radiator was the first tangible evidence that our house was once tasteful and well maintained. Curves and moldings proved trickier, however, so I began attacking these spots with increasingly smaller scrapers. I waged war on the paint this way for a couple of weeks, until I decided I needed even tinier instruments to get into the crevices. Armed with these miniscule tools, I started to scrape paint away from the curves, cracks and moldings of our living and dining room wainscot, a job that makes cleaning a bathroom with a toothbrush look easy.
Over the next few months I spent so much time with these little scrapers that I gave them names: Captain Hook, Baby Hook, and Twirly Whirl. The spot that inspired it all: Original, unpainted wood in a dark stain where the radiator once stood is visible in the living room amid a sea of white wainscoting.
Soon I began studying the stripped woodwork in public places (lots of it done pretty badly, I’d say) and reading up on it in my spare time.

I even found a New York Times article about a 70-year-old woman who spent decades peeling every bit of paint off the woodwork in her Brooklyn brownstone. Once she finished, she missed the challenge so much she looked for another house on which to work.
At first, the paint peels off in one big strip from the flat surfaces, then tools gradually work out the rest. After a while Rick got a little sick of hearing about Captain Hook and mantras and the paint colors our house had once been (white, mustard-gold, mint-green, and blue). During the 18 months I spent stripping woodwork, he repainted the porch, updated the electrical system, renovated a bathroom, chipped away the faux brickwork in the den and built a new fireplace mantel. As Rick crossed one project after another off the list, he grew frustrated with my slow pace. In the living room, Christina and Jack play beside the fireplace mantel Rick rebuilt, one of many projects he completed as Christina removed paint.Avoiding an Emotional Mushroom FactorAs we watched our dog eat the tangerine and vomit it back up, we realized that it wasn’t a good idea to continue the way things were going. The author uses a two-step stripping process—brush on stripper, then overlay a waxy paper—to lift away decades-old glossy white paint. We had devoted so much time to working on the house that we had no time to spend money on clothing, vacations, or eating out. That savings, combined with a larger-than-expected tax refund (thanks to deducting mortgage interest and property taxes for the first time), left our bank account a little plumper than we expected, so we explored a novel idea: hiring contractors to finish the job. Jack entertains himself on the mahogany porch floor, a project the couple farmed out to contractors after stripping the front door themselves.Unfortunately, we could only put this concept into practice a few times before the money ran out, but we did manage to have the exterior painted, the wainscoting stained, and the floors refinished. The house looks pretty good now, but more important, we live like regular people, with time on weekends for bike rides, watching movies, and having friends over for dinner.Of course, having dinner guests is a challenge given our as yet untouched appliances—a broken stove and a refrigerator that doesn’t close properly.

That’s why we have plans to renovate the kitchen, starting this year, but what Rick doesn’t know yet is that there’s one wall of painted, exposed brick that I’m just dying to strip. Those hot air things work so slowly (at least the one we have) that it hardly seems worth it.
Remembering that we would not have the access to the latest American products, is there anything you can recommend? Additionally, they have huge gaps between them in which filth is trapped and wind whistles up from the basement in winter.
They have been painted a yucky brown, over which I put black, but they look even dirtier now.
If some of that dust you were mentioning got inhaled, you risked even poisoning yourself, not to mention pets, husband, neighbors, visitors, etc. If I like it and decide to continue, I'll get 7 more issues (8 in all) for just $24.95, a savings of 48%.
If for any reason I decide not to continue, I'll write cancel on the invoice and owe nothing.

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