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The Year 7 Student Councillors have completed the first round of meetings and have fed back information to their form groups during form time. Following the first round of meetings the following students have also been elected to the Shenfield High School Council: Jack Pryor and Grace Pountney.
Access to general careers resource material as well the latest information received from colleges, universities, apprenticeships and jobs. This week has seen the start of the new school year and also the start of the senior school for our new Year 7. Some have made the transition from the Junior School whilst others have come from different primary schools or even from other countries. The first day is always daunting, but by the end of the day, Year 7 were throughly engaged with school life and moving happily around school as if they had been with us for much longer. These girls are a real asset to the school - lively, interested and full of good questions in their science lessons. Year 7s discovered the Geography of Enfield Town on last week's very successful urban trails.
On Wednesday, Year 7 students attended a Peer Support Day with their Year 10 Peer Support Leaders. YR 11 WORK PLACEMENT Work Placement for Year 11 life skills students begins on Tuesday 26 April.

Friday 11th September saw the return of the annual year 7 sleepover, with that now familiar blend of team building games, ceilidh, disco, film and pizza. Once again, our visit to the Lake District and the Newlands Activity Centre with Year 7 has proved to be a tremendous success. On Wednesday 10th June all of Year 7 took part in the History department’s annual visit to Conisbrough Castle and Roche Abbey. Contemplating Higher Education: After a workshop led at Chace by young graduates, Year 7 students visited Queen Mary University on Monday 15th June. Year 7 Chace students receive their prizes from Councillor Glynis Vince at the recent Book Awards. Year 7 students have been making delicious Fairtrade banana muffins as part of the Opening Minds project and selling them fresh from the oven at break on Fridays.
Dillon (Round Diamond), Chloe (The Leys), Danish (Broom Barns) and Lucy (The Leys) tell us how their first few days have gone being a Year 7 student at Barclay. Lucy, a€?chose Barclay because my family said what a good school Barclay is and I felt that it was an old school but really new, which may sound silly, but ita€™s a historic school with new modern facilities which are really gooda€™. Georgia and Tom are active within the music and art departments and Tom was part of the school production a€?Little Shop of Horrorsa€™ which he said was a€?hard worka€™ but they managed to a€?pull it together and make a brilliant showa€™.
Tom says that the first day was, a€?nowhere near as scary as I had thought it would bea€™, he was concerned about getting lost but said that, a€?teachers and older students were really friendly so they showed us the waya€™.

Finally we asked our pair what they thought of Barclay a€“ a€?I love ita€™, they both echoed. 7NH have maintained their position at the top of the league table over recent weeks, but 7SL and 7NL are refusing to give up and could still be crowned champions should any student above them be less than perfectly dressed, not have the correct equipment for that particular day at school, not participate effectively in form activities, not attend school every day or not be awarded a Student of the Week postcard.
Students should come to the X Block to get a letter from the Drama Department so they do not miss out on this fantastic fun day out!
Thanks go to all the staff who helped to run the activities and especially to the wonderful sixth form students who supported throughout the evening, night and following morning.
The students were able to explore the well-preserved ruins of one of Britain’s foremost Norman Castles, having tours of the walls, bailey and keep. They had hands on experience of a History lecture and an opportunity to learn how to browse through their extensive Learning Resources Centre.
Dillon agrees saying he found a a€?nice environment where on Open Evening the teachers seemed really good, which made me want to come herea€™.

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