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Nervous, young, ambitious, with some naivete, upstart reporter Barnes was desperate to advance her stature within the Washington Herald newsroom. Deeply dissatisfied about being stuck on Herald's metropolitan pages, filing stories such as the local fireman marrying the meter maid and new jogging paths in Rock Creek Park, Barnes was constantly on the lookout for an opportunity that could propel her into the realm of journalistic credibility. The occurrence that set in motion a chain of events, which would eventually lead to her professional break, came about quite unexpectedly one night at the opera in early January 2013 where she was on a date with a congressional staffer. Upon returning home, Barnes received an e-mail from a colleague containing the photo (that evidently got posted online in the meantime) along with a snide comment "If you want 'em to take you seriously, maybe wear more than a g-string?". Barnes then found out where he lives and came to his door, managing to get him to let her in based on their opera photo that she showed him.
When she first started submitting reports based on Underwood's leaked info, she began to alienate her coworkers at the Herald with her rogue and mildly arrogant attitude, and unintentionally steals Janine Skorsky's position as White House Correspondent. With the help of Skorsky and Lucas Goodwin, Zoe tries to uncover the truth behind the death of Peter Russo. As Zoe and her team continue to dig for information, she appears to doubt her own suspicions and brings up details that stand in the way of Underwood's involvement. Given the location of the final meeting, it is possible that Francis had intended to kill Zoe all along and that he only arranged the meeting to ensure that his contact info and text messages were wiped out from her phone. Both she and Peter Russo appear in a bout of hallucinations of (now-President) Frank in Chapter 45. Although Zoe is absent in Chapter 8, Kate Mara's voice is heard because she provides the "Previously on House of Cards" phrase for the episode. Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. After Russo disappears from the shower right from under the nose of Doug Stamper in the hotel room that he and Underwood used to set up Peter with Rachel, Christina finds him in his trashed apartment, drunk and drinking. Underwood meets with the Vice President and floats the idea of the VP replacing Peter on the ticket for governor in Pennsylvania. Peter manages to make it out of his apartment through the garage without the media seeing him and takes a drive to his ex-wifea€™s house and parks outside. Stamper has already been to the street where Peter dropped his phone and found it, then reported to Underwood that Peter is gone, and now they have no way of contacting him. Clairea€™s time with Adam has been a great trip down memory lane for both of them, but now she has seen the news about Peter and her attention is starting to wander back to Washington. Zoe has now begun a relationship with her former coworker at the Herald, Lucas, and opens up to him about the affair she just endeda€”without telling him exactly who it was with. Underwood drives Peter home and along the way Peter starts talking about making a statement the next daya€”and not just a statement saying that hea€™s withdrawing from the race for governor, a baring of his soul and a real taking responsibility for his actions. They arrive at Petera€™s apartment parking garage and park in his private stall, complete with electric door. He wipes his fingerprints off of everything he touched, uses Petera€™s finger on the push button to start the car and puts the drivera€™s-side window down. When Underwood returns to his home, he tells Stamper, who is still waiting there, that he walked home.
While the four of them are planning the strategy of announcing this unprecedented maneuver, a staffer comes into the room and whispers to the President.
Meanwhile the news is rippling around Washingtona€”hooker Rachel (who must by now be feeling a little guilty), Janine at Slugline, Lucas, who wakes up Zoe, shows it to her and says he has to get to the office. Francis and Claire emerge from their residence to a crowd of media waiting outside, and Underwood, the congressman, Majority Whip and now murderer, delivers a statement about the great loss this is for Petera€™s children, mother, friends and all those who loved and cared about him, including himself and Claire, the United States Congress and Washington. Well, if we ever thought that Congressman Underwood was a fun antihero to root for, we were wrong.
For the record I own a dodge charger which has the same ignition system as the Chrysler 300 that Russo dies in.
Just in time for the second season of the second season of House of Cards (Friday, what what!), The Observer was able to speak to showrunner Beau Willimon on everyone’s favorite love-to-hate-her journalist, Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara). NYO: How did your time working on the campaigns of Chuck Schumer, Howard Dean and Hillary Clinton inform your idea of what Zoe Barnes would look like as a new media blogger? Beau Willimon: When I was working on my first campaign, the Schumer campaign, the Internet was in its infancy. This is what we were thinking about, how to dramatize the media in House of Cards, as the BBC version couldn’t be used. NYO: So why isn’t Zoe sleeping with more Congressmen or aides, the way Janine admitted to doing early on in her career, in order to get access? BW: Well, whenever you are telling a story, you have to focus your dramatic energies on one character. BW: (Laughs) Can we also agree that deeply ambitious people, of any gender, will do anything to get ahead? You see it when she showed up at Francis Underwood’s house, and she takes off her scarf. NYO: A trend I’ve noticed is that in TV, journalists are almost never the good guys, unless it’s a show about journalists. Washington Herald reporter Zoe Barnes strikes up a deal with Underwood to publish information he leaks to her.
Directing all her charm, sexuality, youthful energy, and social skills towards securing journalistic sources in the D.C.
While entering the opera house, an older gentleman standing outside couldn't resist a quick passing glance at the young Zoe's backside in her tight-fitting dress - a moment captured by one of the photographers snapping away. Not knowing who the man looking at her derriere in the photo is, she looked him up, realizing he's a Democratic congressman from South Carolina, Frank Underwood, who's also the House Majority Whip. While Russo's death was officially ruled a suicide, the team of journalists correctly suspected that the Congressman's death involved foul play and that Underwood was involved.
She swiftly leaves the meeting and expresses a desire to be alone, or more importantly, isolate herself from Skorsky and Goodwin. While the meeting place is far more public, Francis is in disguise and hides behind a fenced structure.
During one of them, Frank and Zoe are groping each other on the couch when Peter appears at the Resolute desk.

So here goes: Congressman Francis Underwood kills Congressman Peter Russo in Chapter 11 of the Netflix series House of Cards. As distraught as she is about what has happeneda€”him falling off the wagon then going on the radio and nuking his political careera€”she tries to stay calm and help him. Naturally, the Veep is not immediately thrilled with the prospect, but after some cajoling and remarks about derogatory comments the President has made about him, he agrees to let Underwood run it by the Presidenta€”without saying that he talked to him first.
He calls his little girla€™s cell phone and talks to her, though her little brother says he doesna€™t want to talk to him.
She does and immediately heads upstairs and into Clairea€™s closet, finding a dress she saw her wear previously and trying it on.
Fortunately for them, the Police Chief who kicked Peter free back in January is still trying to cover his own ass in all of this, so he lets them know where Peter is. Adam can see this and tells her to just go home, that hea€™s tired of only being a brief respite for her from her husband and her life. She says that although this person had told her at the beginning that it would end with him hurting her, she A told him at the end that he hadna€™t but, in fact, he had.
Underwood asks to go up with Peter and work out what hea€™ll do tomorrow, but Peter again flatly refuses. Underwood then gets out of the car, grabs a baseball cap off of a hook on the wall and exits, pushing the button to close the garage door as he goes and leaving Peter, passed out in the passengera€™s seat, to die.
He also tells him that, no matter what he may hear coming up about this, they will never speak of it. It seems that Linda has persuaded the President that the idea of VP Matthews returning to Pennsylvania to run for his old governor seat is a good one. And, of course, Christina, who, in tears, asks a staffer to get her a train ticket back to DC. We can only hope he stops looking directly at us and talking to us because we no longer want to be in on his strategizing and his cute little asides.
Tutto l'abbigliamento, dalle tendenze della moda alle raffinatezze del su misura, con indirizzi e una guida completa al guardaroba maschile. In season one, you see her go to Francis and say “It was your wife who tanked the Watershed Bill. The entire history of humanity was agenda-based, in the way that language was used, the way that facts were organized and presented to the world, the ways that lies were presented and organized to the world.
She’s not meant to be representative, in a general way, of the media landscape in Washington. Can we agree that in the 21st century, women are still seen through the lens of their sexuality? She finally teams up with Skorsky after both had left the Herald; despite their professional competition, they respect each other's work ethic and have the same goals in mind. Underwood requests a clandestine meeting with her and prior to their meeting, she learns some crucial details that suggest Russo was murdered; he was found on the passenger side of the car in which he was presumed to be alone, killing himself via carbon monoxide. There, Zoe and Francis agree on the "fresh start" and she deletes all past text messages and contact information.
He takes the opportunity to permanently remove him lest he start blabbing all sorts of damaging things, as a political drama that was never pretty turns absolutely repulsive. She wants him to stop drinking and sober up so they can release a statement, but he shoves her aside when she tries to take his vodka bottle. She tells him to stay right there, but he hangs up, drops his phone in the street and drives off.
She threatens to keep it, but ultimately drops it off of her to the floor and gets dressed to leave. Stamper heads over to the police station and collects Peter, who has been let out the back door. She tells Adam that part of her still loves him, but that her past, present and future is with Francis. Lucas assures Zoe that he will never hurt her and, though she dismisses that as a promise that he cannot make, he earnestly repeats it.
Underwood says hea€™ll help him with that, but Peter refuses to accept his help, asking when his help has ever helped him. Underwood sees the bottle of booze Peter had under the seat and decides to let Peter have some and a€?start fresh tomorrow.a€? Peter is almost passed out already but drinks some more while Underwood talks to him about how he and Claire didna€™t have children because he didna€™t want to bring kids into the world to be miserable, etc. Something to do with Underwood having helped get her son into Stanford, which he admitted to her in an earlier meeting he had done to curry favor with her.
We’re not telling the story of a noble journalist whose only desire is to tell the truth. He is a man who doesn’t operate on the same spectrum of ethics that a lot of other people do.
We’re exploring characters with deep, unbridled ambition, and her story is not there to paint a portrait of the media. All I am saying is that it’s a tool that Zoe has available to her, and which she prides. Both believing that Donner had had a vasectomy, they had unprotected sex resulting in a pregnancy.
As a result, the object known as "Gamma" was deemed too far away to retrieve because Zoe's Venus suit was only certified to withstand Venus' atmosphere for a maximum of twenty minutes.
Unfortunately, Mintz discovered that Zoe had suffered second and third degree burns to most of her body. Both end up at Slugline and together they unearth the hidden details regarding Russo's DUI cover-up and his death. At a public park, Barnes meets with the newly appointed Vice President and is coerced to drop her suspicions idiocy and start anew, stating that her connection to a powerful figure would be increasingly valuable to her own gain. Still, she continues to inquire about Russo's death and reveals her knowledge of some key details, including Rachel Posner. Simply interpreted, the hallucinations can be described as a clear visualization of Underwood's underlying guilt and impending downfall. She leaves, telling him shea€™s heading back to campaign headquarters in Philly and to let her know when he decides to crawl out of the bottle and address what has happened.

He stumbles into a police station and tries to tell them that he should have been arrested for drunk driving back in January and wants to be nowa€”or at least for driving to the station drunk. Outside his home, Congressman Underwood asks her if they can simplify things between them, basically meaning exactly what she asked for beforea€”maintain their professional relationship without the sex.
As they head down the alley, Underwood appears and tells Peter hea€™ll drive him home in Petera€™s car.
He tells Underwood that the Presidenta€™s office has requested a meeting with him this morning. She also forced him to admit at that meeting that he wanted to replace Matthews as Vice President. Francis Underwood feigns extreme emotional distress and asks the President if he can have a moment and leaves the room to compose himself. E poi: curiosita, storie e personaggi dal mondo dell'attualita, del costume, degli spettacoli. I remember on the Dean campaign,  Joe Trippi was the major architect of this, we instituted a wireless bubble for the press bus. And they still do, people still look at The Times, The Observer, The Post, The Tribune, as a place to localize the discussion, what is important. In fact, he loses his job in part because he’s not willing to bend to the times, and he has an idea of what good journalism is.
They don’t want to admit that there are Zoe Barnes in their midst, or they resent that there are. When she asks Underwood about Russo being found on the passenger side, he quickly deflects her suspicions.
Francis now knows that despite their "fresh start," Zoe's in-depth knowledge of a number of details is a threat; he lures Zoe into running after him and waits for her to turn the corner.
She doesna€™t want to continue talking though because Petera€™s voice sounds funny, like it did on the radio, she says. He tells her that she had then better kill whatever part of her still loves him, or he will. He texts Claire, who has stayed and spent another night with Adam after all, telling her the news about Peter, and she gets up, dresses and leaves without another word to Adam.
But we were interested in a journalist who felt much more comfortable in this new, instantaneous, fast-paced age. She gets access through Francis, but ultimately she turns that access into influence, dispensing with the Herald altogether and moving into an environment where she could have impact and she’s not bound to the limitations that a print journalist in a prestigious publication would be. He finds them limiting, because they are a prescription for human behavior, that doesn’t allow you any flexibility.
Underwood admits to covering up Russo's DUI, but claims that the cover-up is the extent of his involvement and that his death was without question a suicide. To Zoe's surprise, Francis is there waiting for her, and he pushes the helpless Zoe in front of an oncoming train. Who felt no allegiances, either through nostalgia or prestige, to the old way things were being done.
By the end of their meeting, the embattled journalist is clearly leaning toward teaming with Francis again due to the fact that he is now in a much more powerful position and that her investigation is an uphill battle.
The calculated locale of the murder as well as the deleted contact information ensure that the death appears to be an accident.
Now we always have people writing in real time, people are tweeting about events, taking photos of them, and the media has to compensate. I remember as an advance guy for Dean, one of my major jobs was trucking around Iowa making sure we had a T1 line everywhere we went so our reporters would have somewhere to file. Atmosphere seeped in and the temperature inside the suit quickly rose to over 90 degrees centigrade. She was able to make it into the lander with Gamma, however she had fallen unconscious by the time the lander had returned to the Antares. Se que no hablara con ningun otro invitado y que probablemente se va a retirar antes de que Papi Spielberg termine su primera anecdota, o que Stephen King acabe de firmarme mi coleccion de la Torre Oscura, pero no me importa.
Por eso, el primer rumor sobre una serie con el nombre de David Fincher en ella, me basto para contratar Netflix y dejar entrar a la serie House of Cards en mi vida.La cadena de television en streaming se anoto su primer gran triunfo con la casa de naipes, solo con la primera temporada. La serie se convirtio en la primera produccion, realizada y distribuida exclusivamente a traves de internet, en obtener nueve nominaciones a los Premios Emmy, de las que gano tres: Mejor Direccion en una serie dramatica (Fincher, OBVIO), Mejor Actriz para Robin Wright y Mejor fotografia de una sola camara.La pregunta es ?lograra repetir el exito en la segunda temporada?
Poco se sabe de lo que trae la trama, solo una fecha, 14 de febrero y una formula probada, ya que tendremos a disposicion todos los capitulos de la nueva temporada ese mismo dia. Sin duda alguien les conto que el unico maraton que vale la pena, es ese que se pasa frente a un televisor, viendo una serie.
Punto para Netflix.No se ustedes, pero nunca habia estado tan emocionada esperando un dia de San Valentin. La misma frase la repite Frank Underwood en una de sus mejores escenas mirando a camara y el sentimiento de complicidad es instantaneo.House of Cards es una serie de depredadores, personajes gelidos y calculadores, que atraen y repelen a partes iguales, entrelazados en base al puro egoismo y el instinto de supervivencia. El ciclo de la vida con todo y hienas trepadoras vestidas de periodistas (a ti te hablo, Zoe Barnes).Es una nueva version de una serie inglesa estrenada en 1990, pero eso deja de importar cinco minutos despues de ver a Kevin Spacey en los zapatos de Frank Underwood. Si, es importante saber que es miembro del partido democrata y que al inicio de la primera temporada es despreciado para el cargo de Secretario de Estado, pero en realidad lo mas importante es tener claro que Frank es un omnivoro dispuesto a devorar todo a su paso. Las secuencias mas reveladoras de los engranajes de este matrimonio se dan en esas conversaciones en la ventana, en las que comparten ambiciones, secretos y humo de tabaco.
Ella tiene su propias armas para lograr lo que quiere y no dudara en golpear la puerta de Frank Underwood armada con un sosten push up y un escote en v, con tal de ascender en la cadena alimenticia.Por ultimo, resulta imposible deja fuera al secretario de Underwood, Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly), un lugarteniente implacable, brazo ejecutor de los intereses del amo y quizas el personaje mas humano e intrigante hasta ahora.?Que terremoto remecera la estabilidad del castillo de naipes en esta nueva temporada? Zoe se quedo con la capa puesta de justiciera al final de la primera entrega ?Le quedara el traje? Si llego hasta aca ?buscara ahora el sillon presidencial?Los trailers solo aumentan la ansiedad, mientras tanto, no queda mas que seguir contando los dias para tomar palco y volver a mirar como se inicia una nueva temporada de caza.

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