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Has anyone got any ideas on why on some of my turnouts the front wheels of the engine will begin the turn but the back wheel will keep going straight? I agree whith you when you say we need bullet proof track in Nscale and anyway in any scale. Some brands of turnout have already isolated live frog, especialy the new ones because of DCC. These modifications take no more than a few minutes by turnout but the results are amazing speaking of stalling engines. If you are making a ladder , you can solder all the turnouts togheter so the rail have a full continuity in the ladder. You don't need to have a high skill level to tuning these turnouts in oustanding electrical live turnout.
The reason I have not already used Kato Unitrack is the less than real look of it, however I am really discouraged with what I am dealing with in Atlas Product!!!

They also seem like they would be good for a kit bash to create a totally unique structure.
I am just getting into the hobby so its all new to me other than the fact that I have always loved trains.
If it comes to it though in the end I will replace the turnouts and go from there.Thanks again. I am very close to ripping all track up and replacing it with something else, not sure what yet?!?! I turned 70 yesterday and am gathering layout info and hardware and have just purchased Atlas N flextrack 2500 (100). I just want my first layout to work then I can move on to making the scenery and coloring it.
The instructions could be a little better, but the kits aren't that hard to figure out.

Aside from wheels or turnout being out of gauge, the cause could also be flanges, which are to deep or to thick. Watch closely, what the loco is doing, when it slowly moves over the turnout, to determine, exactly where the cause is.
The next one that I build I'm going to try and miter the corners to make it easier to hide the seam.

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