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There are many variants of these sold as Xmas trains; made by Fenfa and other chinese companies, and sold worldwide under different names.
I was going to remark that the proportions look kind of like "old school" toy trains, where gauge and scale were often surprisingly unrelated. I bought one with a similar track system,but here they sell them with 3 wagons and a locomotive…mine looks too big though. Our group purchased zombies from Wargame Factory's during the recent sale and survivors at Fall-In. Nope O scale buildings and vehicles work very well for 28mm minislinkmy buildings here are paper but still in O scale. I have acquired quite a few O scale buildings over the past few years for gaming: K-line, plasticville, ameri-towne.

We print all of our designs using an ordinary Inkjet Printer and we suggest Matte Photo Paper for best image quality. There is no overlap of brick patterns in Model Builder brick and Brickyard Brick.Brickyard runs on Windows 8, 7, Vista, or choose our Mac version. Opinions expressed here are solely those of the posters, and have not been cleared with nor are they endorsed by The Miniatures Page.
It is not very serious about scale but the engine, tender and wagon look well with 28mm miniatures; passengers cars are much too small.
I buy them damaged or missing pieces at train shows.If your figures are based on GW plastic style bases then the slightly larger buildings don't matter as much.
We have Lionel, Rail King, Plasticville and other manufacturers side by side on our tables with no issues.

Scale is subjective even from the same manufaturers, the door on one building looking just right for 28mm, but the next one with doors that tower over the minis.
While we are anything but purists, and overall cost will be a factor since Zombies will be, at best, a side period, it is my belief that where possible you should use what looks best. The hull is a single-piece casting - just snap in the wheels and the MGs, and it's ready to paint.

Lionel g gauge track
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