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Morgan Run is a 1,336 acre environmental nature area located in Carroll County, Maryland off of Route 97 south of Westminster. Unlike many other parks there are two-lane roads leading to Morgan Run’s ample parking area.
If you are a first time equestrian visitor, I now will take you on a virtual tour of the trails.
At last we come to that straight tree-line that we saw in the distance from the parking area. We are now in an old growth, oak wood and on that must have been an old farm lane at one time. Talking about biology let me mention that you will see some wildlife in the park but I would not say that it is teaming with wildlife.
While we are thus musing, you notice that the trail is now getting steeper and is somewhat washed out and curving to the right.
Our sixth leg begins at the "Hub." It is the most important land mark in the park and one that you should learn to recognize.
I will arbitrarily pick the first trail to the left of the one that we came out of and head north on a wide flat trail that is the eastern leg of that inverted U shaped trail that I did not take when we were cantering during leg five. We are now on an old farm lane which slopes downward toward Morgan Run, the stream that gives the park its name.
The trail that we have encountered is the other end of one of the ones that we ignored during the seventh leg. At the top of the hill you turn left on the same trail we were on during the seventh leg of our trip. I have written this for someone who has never been to Morgan Run and base it on the path that we often follow when riding there.
Yeah, just like that beaver that you claim to have seen in the backyard at our old house, which, by the way, is nowhere near a natural water source.
Be careful not to glance at the 15-year-old with a simple eye, thinking that it couldn’t be anything more than a signature Laphroaig.

You’ll notice that this time around, the Laphroaig has tipped its canister cap in friendliness to invite a sour but mild citrus carried into its peaty bouquet by a salty sea wind.
Scanning the palate’s silhouette, take note that the citrus sour carries on, although it is so distinct that it almost seems like it is attempting to keep to itself in one corner while the grill grease and singed wood wrestle in the other. The finish is medium – long enough to make you think you just smoked a Don Tomas, short enough to prove that its oily fingerprint isn’t too overbearing.
Now I know Nessie is a traveler, but I wonder if he’d ever consider resting for a moment to join me on the deck for a dram. The farm is covered in thick woodlands, though a larger number of the trees were fell to create new fields, they are still one of the farm defining features.
Smithfield farm is based on a real farm, The biuldings are replicas of biuldings found on the farm, The narrow lanes, tight gates ways are where they are in real life. Big machinery was never used on this farm, it was run for years with tractors no larger than 90hp, but its not small. All the storage facilities are for use with tip anywhere apart from the silage pits, this is to give you the opportunity to select where you tip your grains.
The estate has 107 fields, this sounds a lot but it gives you the opportunity to expand your estate to a good level.
Frank Sutton is your local dealer but he has not had chance to change the Previous Krone sign to John Deere.
The Auctioneers offers Seeds and fertiliser at a good price and will purchase pigs and wool and straw out of trailers to be sold in the auction hall. Take on an old courtyard in this peaceful valley and discover the varied fields of activity of a modern farmer. The Alpental remake was equipted with traffic lights because of blue baby, Map lights is required, it is the (highway code) Traffic signs. Last year I caught a glimpse of him trotting through the neighbor’s flowerbed, around our pond, and through the mouth of the trail that leads back to the river. There is a new BGA plant which has opened and is happy to take old silage and left over hay that is not normally saleable.

Most of the field on the the farm are currently grassland and are in need of being re-seeded and yeild are currently down.
1 farm is made for arable purposes, the second farm is made for Pig purposes and the final farm offers a selection of different livestock. You start off with no fields and you have to take out a small loan to buy some land this gives you something to work off. There is a small micro-brewery that likes to take top quality Barley to put into the beer they produce. After a moment or two, he continued on his way through and into the thickening woodland backdrop. There is a farm that takes feed grains like barley and wheat to sell on, they are not as fussy as the main mill. On our left is that second opening in the woods that I mentioned before and we will also ignore that. The mill complex likes the best grains such as wheat and maize and OSR which has been stored with the correct moisture contents. He cautiously considers himself to be a writer, poet, hymnographer, and of course, a connoisseur…well maybe not a connoisseur, but rather an “enjoyer”… of finer Scotch whiskies. There is also a vegetable plant that likes to purchase large quantities of potatoes and Sugar beet to sell to supermarkets.
Milk is sold manually using a milk trailer for your tractor and then goes to Arla and is made into various dairy products.

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