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My new book, From Plantation to Theme Park: The Story of Disneyland Railroad Locomotive No. After a longer than expected winter break, things are finally moving forward again on the On30 Big Thunder & Western. I've made so many changes during construction of the BT&W that I thought it might not be a bad idea to draw up a revised layout plan.
Finally after some doing I got found a track plan program which is easy enough for me to use. A couple siding tracks which face different directions - this makes the trains have to move further around the track which for some reason is important to me maybe because they seem further apart then. I still had some difficulty with the fine points of merging even straight track with the program. A 5 by 9 layout needs a footprint of minimum 7 by 11 and that nearly fills a spare bedroom. You are getting a lot of negative feedback on your proposed track plan, but necessarily so.

A double track main with two crossovers and the two reversing loops makes for some interesting running of the trains. Superbe, I agree with your observation, and should probably have noted that avoiding reversing loops is more of a personal preference.
I am not sure how much you have researched layout design, but plenty of folks try to stay away from the oval, and go with around the walls, or shelf style. Aside from the space requirement, wiring this layout for multiple train operation in DC is going to be a nightmare. I would suggest making some scale overlays to visually see the problems for both rolling stock and structures. In my lame defense I'll just say that my postal scale puts the decimal point in the wrong place. This will be less of an issue if you go DCC, but still you have to watch out for those return loops.
As you can see in the photos, scraps of 1x3 and 1x2 pine have been used as risers to get the desired track elevations and the highest point on the line is beginning to take shape.

For my last track modification to the original 4 x 12 layout, I want to reconnect the West end of the yard back to the Main Line.
Well, current plans will place the Knott's Calico Mine facade with its distinctive rock pillar and waterfall at the (temporary) end of the line above Rainbow Caverns. This means that when completed, trains will now travel from Big Thunder, through Rainbow Caverns and the Living Desert, and then upgrade to Calico.
Future plans still call for the line to eventually be expanded on to Cascade Peak, Bear Valley and finally to Grizzly Flats (Frontierland Station) and Fowler's Harbor.

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