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The new Liebherr PR 726 crawler tractor will have its world debut in September at the NordBau building industry trade fair in Neumünster. As with all generation 6 tractors, the new PR 726 Litronic also features an electronically-controlled drive management system with integrated ECO function. Liebherr offers factory-fitted automatic machine control units for generation 6 crawler tractors, which are available for the systems of well-known manufacturers such as Trimble, Topcon or Leica. Liebherr's PR 726 crawler tractor - the youngest addition to Liebherr's 6th generation machines.
The new PR 726 will also be offered in a special dozer version for landfill sites equipped with a pressurized cab, special seals in the cab and engine area, protective devices and covers, optional reversible fans and special landfill blades with trash tracks or striker bars. LiDAT, the data transfer and positioning system from Liebherr, supplies information, for example, machine location, operating and utilisation times, fuel consumption as well as service interval information.
The term "live" hydraulics, the word "live" meant that each of the hydraulic systems operated independently of the drive train and could be employed even while the tractor was not moving. Liebherr relies on selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology, which makes the use of a diesel particulate filter unnecessary and thereby simplifies maintenance for the customer.

This makes it possible for the operator to select between high performance and maximum economy. Whether the machine operator opts for a 2D or 3D control system for the intended deployment, both laser and GPS systems or controls with total station can be used without problem on the same machine. At the front, the choices vary between a universal 6-way blade, with folding corners as an option for easy transport, a straight blade and a semi-U blade for moving larger quantities of material.
The segmented  sprocket has a larger diameter with more teeth so that the operating life of the bushings and sprockets is extended.
Compared with the previous model, the maintenance intervals of the diesel engine have been doubled to 2,000 operating hours. This gives the fleet operator the ability to schedule service and maintenance more effectively.
In the case of power take-off, this meant that implements could be powered independently of the drive train.
The highly efficient combustion process facilitates low fuel consumption, sys Liebherr.Many main components of the generation 6 crawler tractors come from Liebherr's own production like the diesel engine and the common rail injection system as well as the electronic components and various hydraulic components.

To further simplify machine transportation, a semi-U blade with an overall width of 3 metres for a track width of up to 610 mm is also available. It involves the detection of various machine parameters and if required results in an automatic increase of the engine output. This swivel undercarriage with rotating bushings is particularly well-suited for work on soft, abrasive ground and considerably extends the service life in sand, for example. As well as responding more rapidly, the machines offer a tangible increase in pushing performance and dynamic response.This hydrostatic drive keeps the engine speed at a constant level. If used in areas with impact loads, such as on stones and rocks, the lubricated-for-life tracks are the ideal solution. All drive train components and the intelligent Liebherr engine management are optimally adapted to this speed, which makes a significant contribution to reduced fuel consumption.

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