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Model railroading is a fun and enjoyable hobby for both young and old, and now you can have even more fun thanks to Amtrak's 40th Anniversary inspired HO scale model trains. A big thank you goes out to Philip Shaw, John Swanson and the Northern Virginia Model Railroaders Inc. Back last August, we received the preproduction samples of some of the model trains we had produced especially for our 40th Anniversary and that are currently available for sale in the Amtrak Online Storea€”and accomplished model railroader Howard Zane graciously allowed us to photograph these models on his phenomenally realistic model railroad. Youa€™ll notice our miniature version of the 40th Anniversary Exhibit Train, with P40 #822 and F40 #406 leading the crew car Pacific Bend, Display Cars and 40th Anniversary Store Car, as well as Heritage paint P42s number 66 in Phase II and number 156 in Phase I.
We recreated a photo lineup with the three Heritage paint model locomotives similar to the full scale version we held on Amtraka€™s 40th birthday in Washington, D.C. We are still proud of the sneak peak at these awesome models, although some of the models had minor features that would not be the same as the production run. In addition to the Amtrak 40th Anniversary themed models shown here, we also worked exclusively with Walthers to bring you models of our single level equipment in the current Phase IVb paint scheme.
The Exhibit Train pulls into its next stop with a sizeable crowd on the platform to welcome its arrival. P40 822 leads the Exhibit train around a super elevated curve after emerging from a tunnel. Modern trains have come a long way since the age of steam and heavy weight passenger cars (as seen in the foreground). The HO scale model Exhibit Train negotiates a sweeping a€?Sa€? curve before pulling into the depot. No matter where the Exhibit Train travels, people always stop what theya€™re doing to take a look.

The colors on these models were matched to the real thing to provide the highest level of accuracy. Over the last six years, Amtrak has experienced 75 percent growth in ridership on its four Illinois routes totaling up to more than 2.1 million passengers in 2011.
Amtrak has been steadily making new upgrades to the line including state-of-the-art signaling, and significant technological and safety advancements. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
BroadsMan is a pseudonym for a gentleman of the Wendell Willkie school of womanizing with a substantial Brooks Brothers wardrobe and a large Amtrak rewards account. Trains remain good places to meet, game, and bang women – if it worked for Wendell (and for me), it can work for you. Once you’ve broken the ice with a particular woman you’ve met in the lounge car, and maybe had a couple of drinks with her, your next move is to invite her to visit your room in “first class.”  Choose carefully, because you two may be very intimate for the next 48 hours.
A roomette is not a roomy place for a tryst.  Yet it is several notches better than the backseat of a car and infinitely better than the toilet on a 777. If you’re in coach, don’t despair!  Getting overly amorous in your coach seats is discouraged since you’re surrounded by other passengers although there are blankets if you’re discreet and quiet after lights out.  Better, the coach cars have “dressing rooms” downstairs that are larger and cleaner than the rest rooms and can be used when the passion temperature is right.
With these exclusive models, you can run your own 40th Anniversary Exhibit train, Northeast Regionals and other popular Amtrak trains! Head over to the Amtrak store pick yours up today, as there are limited quantities of these models and they will only be available through Amtrak. By 2015, Amtrak will have upgraded the rest of the route to enable trains to run at 110 mph for 75% of the line.

You can consume your own private stash of  booze in your room, something that’s forbidden to coach passengers. We recommend you use it when communicating with fellow "thought criminals." You'll receive no more than one message a day concerning relevant news and articles.
You can even create your own fantasy consist and let your imagination run wilda€”another fun part of model railroading.
Just last week, Amtrak announced that it is revving up its high speed rail service between the two cities, which will top out at 110 mph. Louis Lincoln Service alone has doubled in that time period, making it a perfect line to begin upgrades on.
Water, ice, cups, juice and soft drinks are provided as mixers in your sleeping car so bringing a pint of vodka or rum is thinking ahead and can save money.  Remember to introduce your new friend to your car attendant.
Sure, it’s no 350+ mph MagLev super train, but it will reduce travel time by up to an hour.
For a 15-mile stretch, the train will speed up to 110 mph and will maintain 79 mph for much of the rest of the route. Louis usually takes over 5 hours, but the new service will shave off more than an hour of travel time. Regular high speed rail service on the Lincoln line is the first step towards establishing a high-speed rail network in Illinois.

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